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A Definitive Guide to Hillary Clinton's Best-Ever Pantsuits


She's been the First Lady, a U.S. senator and Secretary of State, but will she be the next president? As much as we'd like to know the answer right away, only time will tell if Hillary Clinton will make history by becoming the first woman to serve as president. But despite the current uncertainties, one thing remains true: the lady sure knows how to wear a pantsuit. So before the race starts to heat up, let's take a moment to reflect on her signature look throughout the years.

August 2013: The American Bar Association's annual meeting

For someone receiving the ABA's highest honor, Hillary sure looks cool and collected in this Tiffany Blue suit. How stylish is the shawl lapel?!

July 2012: In France meeting then-President, Francoise Hollande

Our belief is that a pantsuit should be two things: crisp and polished. Hillary totally achieves both of those with this preppy ensemble.

August 26, 2008: The Democratic National Convention

For us, too much orange usually spells out a pasty disaster, but Hillary rocks this bold and attention-grabbing ensemble! In our book, she definitely went down in fashion history as the woman who mastered head-to-toe orange after this appearance.

June 17, 2001: Chelsea's graduation from Stanford

Normally a bright yellow suit worn by mom to graduation would be a hard no, but once again, Hillary pulls it off flawlessly thanks to the tailored shape and that adorable straw hat!

January 3, 2001: Senate swearing-in ceremony

Hillary dazzled in this textured cerulean number, which was designed by Oscar de la Renta, who often dressed her. She was probably also gleaming because she was making history as the first First Lady to have ever run for and secured a seat in public office, no big deal! 

November, 2000: During the New York Senate race

If Cinderella were to take on public office, she'd look like this. Seriously, how stunning does she look in this powder blue woven suit?

September 1995: The U.N.'s Fourth World Conference on Women

So we can't actually confirm this is pantsuit rather than a skirtsuit, but regardless, Hillary looked spectacular at this momentuous event. She's definitely channeling a bit of Jackie Kennedy in this strawberry pink jacket!

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