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7 Cool Ponytails to Wear During Finals Week


Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on—sound familiar, collegiettes? Duh! It’s the laidback beauty motto (okay, maybe except for that last part about no make up). We’ve already given you a cornucopia of looks fit for going out. But how exactly do you keep your mane stylish when you're forced to stay inside, with finals in your very, very near future? To help you figure it out, we're talking locks made for study sessions: Easy and chic. Below, seven fresh ways to wear a ponytail on days when you're dealing with second-day hair or don't have time to do much more than pull it back and call it a day.

1. Inverted Ponytail

Start by evenly distributing a pea-size of Verb’s Ghost Oil ($14) to make your strands mega-glossy. Then make a low ponytail and create an opening between the hair near the base. Move the ponytail up, over and down through that space. It's that easy.

2. Loop Ponytail

Get the look by first pulling your hair into a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic at the nape of your neck. Fold the ponytail into a loop and use another elastic to hold it in place. Pull out a one-inch strand of hair from the loop and wrap it around the base to conceal the elastics. This version of the ponytail has comfy written all over it so don’t be afraid to get messy with it!

3. Classic Ponytail... But Better

Adding new touches to the classic ponytail never gets old. All you need for this one is a strip of leather, an elastic and a twist tie. Line up the strip with the elastic and attach them with a twist tie. Then tie away! 

4. Bubble Ponytail

The bubble, or tiered ponytail was spotted at our last CFW NYC but you don’t have to be sashaying down a catwalk to wear the look—it’ll also fit right in during study group. First, tie your locks into one ponytail. Depending on your hair length, create as many bubbles as you’d like using clear elastics, leaving the tips untouched. When you’re finished, spritz R+Co’s Outer Space Flexible Hairspray ($29) for a textured effect.

5. Twisty Ponytail

A ‘do that can be worn either while library-ing away or while livin’ it up, the twist ponytail calls for just two things: a hair tie and U-shaped pins. Divide your hair into two sections—one large and one small. Tie the larger part with an elastic then tightly twist the small part away from your face. Wrap the twist around the ponytail, secure it with three pins and watch it unravel to yield the perfect relaxed ponytail.

6. Sky High Ponytail

Lightning fast to create, the ponytail that sits comfortably atop your crown is an at-home hairstyle must. 

7. Wraparound Ponytail

This one is similar to the twist ponytail but even simpler to achieve. Gather and tie your hair into a low pony, leaving a two-inch strand out. Then, wrap the two-inch strand around the base of the ponytail and secure it with two bobby pins. 

With these tips and tricks, you'll look totally pulled together—even when you're surrounded by a frazzled mess of textbooks and papers. What other ways do you wear your hair during finals week?

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