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How to Constantly Remind People You Studied Abroad


Remember that time you studied abroad? Oh, how you miss it so!

But wait, it doesn’t have to be over just yet!

There are ways to relive your abroad experience every day (and to relentlessly remind everyone around you about that experience)!  

You can begin each day with a croissant spread with Nutella, just like what you always ate for breakfast when you were in Paris.

Because—as you’ll tell everyone—your love for Nutella is boundless now that you’ve been to Europe. 

Follow that up with a mid-morning cappuccino—even though no one in America will ever be able to master cappuccino art like those Italians!

And, of course, a day won’t be complete without the afternoon tea you’ve become accustomed to since you spent time in London.

Be sure to drink wine constantly,


as Europe has made you a wine connoisseur and wine is now a very important part of your life. 

Only order foreign beer when you’re out on the town (How could you ever drink a Bud Light again after experiencing European beer?).

Once in a while, “accidentally” ask about prices in Euros instead of dollars, as in, “How many Euros does that cost?” because you’re just so used to talking about money in Euros.

And be sure to mention afterwards how great it is to not have to convert Euros to dollars anymore.

Slip some of the slang you picked up abroad into conversation, since it comes so naturally to you now.

Frequently complain about how all your shoes got ruined by those European cobblestones.

Wear that scarf you bought from a street vendor in Spain as often as possible, so when people ask where it’s from, you can say, “Oh, I got it in Europe.”

Tell everyone about how much more fun the clubs were abroad.

Complain to anyone who will listen about having to do “actual” work now that you have “real” classes again. Unlike when you were in Europe.

It may be over now but, lucky for you, you’ll always have your memories of your time abroad…

…and Instagram, so you can throwback to your abroad experience each and every Thursday with: “Ugh, missing abroad life so much! #tbt”

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