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The 9 Best April Fools' Internet Pranks of 2015


Unless you're a jokester year-round, April Fools' is probably one of those days that you try to remember is coming up... until you end up forgetting. Then, before you know it, it's April 1 again and you've already fallen for the latest hoax. But don't worry, you're not alone. We've already fallen for one too many jokes today, and the day isn't even over. Here's a round-up of the best pranks from around the Internet:

1. Amazon's throwback homepage

If you ended up on this mega retailer's website today, you probably noticed that it had a vintage feel, and by that we mean it resembled a website you would visit on your parent's PC more than a decade ago when you had to struggle with dial-up Internet access. Joke's on us, Amazon!

2. Motorola's leather-bound selfie stick

Based on how quickly the phone tool became a cultural phenomenon, Motorola's selfie stick seemed legitimate, at least for a few seconds of the commercial. Maybe we sensed something when the actor compared crafting the "useful accessory" to the sun when it "turns rain into a rainbow," but we chose to ignore it and finish out the heartfelt - yet hilarious - ad.

3. Teach For America's Facebook announcement that Zayn Malik was their newest member

We’re excited to welcome Zayn Malik, who has accepted our offer to join the 2015 corps after announcing his departure...

Posted by Teach For America on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


This one seriously got us... Who knows what Zayn Malik is up to post-1D, anyway?!

4. Her Campus' announcement about the launch of HerMoms.com

Okay so we had a little (or a lot) of fun fooling you with this one! We're willing to bet that the last thing you'd want is for your mom to have a go-to site for advice on how to get a hold of you and how to find you on social media... Don't worry, we'll keep you safe.

5. Petco's dog selfie-stick

If companies are able to fool us left and right with all things selfie-sticks, we're clearly way too obsessed with this phone accessory. There's no doubt in our minds that some pet owners would have shelled out $49.95 so their dogs could have their own selfies. The only question was, how would the photo be triggered? An owner-controlled remote? A woof? TBH, we wish this were real.

6. Turkey Hill's ice cream headache prevention helmet

Brain freezes are a real problem, especially when you love ice cream as much as we do. So it was a real letdown to find out this ingenious "invention" was just nothing more than a hoax. 

7. Cupcakes and Cashmere's Coachella crown tutorial

Emily Schuman, who writes the successful lifestyle blog Coachella Crown, has always been up for April Fools' Day jokes. That's why we weren't surprised by the prank - we just loved seeing what she came up with this year. The craziest part about her over-the-top DIY floral crown? We'll probably see some Coachella-goers rocking it anyway.

8. Samsung's BLADE Edge

Dubbed the "ultimate cooking companion," the BLADE Edge would've been one of those products that seemed really cool, but was 100 percent unnecessary... unless having a kitchen knife that doubled as a cell phone would be useful to you. Seriously though, the finger-detecting sensor on the blade sounded handy.

9. Tesco's Bouncy Aisles

Tesco may be an English-based grocer, but we all know the struggle of reaching for a top-shelf item at the supermarket no matter which continent we're on. This is seriously something we were bummed wasn't real. Guess we're going to put off grocery shopping (and other adult world tasks) even longer...

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