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7 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Emoji


How did we communicate with each other before emojis? Gone are the days when we couldn’t express how we were feeling through a text. The emoji-obsessed can now translate that love into their wardrobe with everything from hair clips to tank tops. Below, we’ve rounded up 7 ways to incorporate your emotional little buds into any ensemble.

1. Tank top

Feeling particularly confident? Hair flip girl totally gets it! This crop top from Fresh-Tops ($38) is for the ultimate sassy gal who knows she’s got it and is ready to flaunt it.

2. Beanie

The next time you ace a huge exam, throw on TGIFresh’s beanie ($24). Good grades = bragging rights.

3. Dress

The poo emoji is secretly everyone’s favorite, right? This Poo Emoji Dress from Betabrand ($106.20) is a little pricey but totally worth the laughs that will ensue. And the shirtdress silhouette makes for a comfy and functional addition to your closet.

4. Purse

Got a hot date? Show your SO exactly how you feel with Nasty Gal’s crossbody heart-eye bag ($45). Maybe just don’t pull this one out for a first date.

5. Necklace

Join the debate about what the winky face might imply by playing it risky with this dainty necklace from Etsy ($48)!

6. T-shirt

Make your expertise for foreign languages known with this super casual Etsy tee ($20).

7. Hair clip

Bow and Drape’s line of emoji hair clips ($18) will add instant quirk to any outfit… and make your friends hungry!

How would you style your favorite emoji, collegiettes? 

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