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Finals Week, as Told by 'Game of Thrones'


Brace yourself: finals are coming, and suddenly the phrase, “You know nothing, Jon Snow” has never been more appropriate in your entire life. But have no fear; the characters of Game of Thrones are here, and they're going to help you through your exams and right onto the Iron Throne (except your Iron Throne is made of As).

So, it’s finals week, and it’s easy to feel like:

But hey, at least the school gives you an extra day off for "reading," right?

It’s alright; you need a day to de-stress from all of the hard work you’ve done this semester.

When your parents call to tell you that you should probably start studying, you’re like,

But when you grab your books and a few dozen cups of coffee and start studying for the exam you have the next day, it's like,

It's a little rough at first, but once you get started, you're unstoppable.

Inevitably, someone emails you for your baller study guide, and you're like,

More often than not it’s someone who never goes to class, so you pity him like the peasant he is. 

About halfway through your all-nighter, you’re like: 

"It's all your fault, books! You and your words."

Because you’re starting to feel like the world is telling you:

You know nothing, [insert name here].

And you're beginning to come to terms with it.

Until you realize that you need an 85 or higher on this exam to pass the class.

Some know-it-all from your study group tries to explain the information to you, and you’re like:

Even though, more often then not, you do not, in fact, know how to do it.  

You start to get hungry while you're studying, and all thoughts turn to pizza.

So, you cave and get it delivered to the library, and when it gets there, you're like: 

People start asking you if you think you're going to pass your exams, and you're like:

Your friends start asking you how you've been awake all this time.

You get a little tired, so you decide to take a nap. Finals week is the perfect time for a nap...

Moral of the story: Don't nap for too long or you'll... fall to your death?

After drooling on your books (hey, we've all been there), you finally emerge from the library like:

"Is this what daylight feels like?"

So you get into your exam, and you’re like:

You've got hours of fake studying under your belt and a false sense of confidence. Better than nothing! 

Your professor starts handing out exams and you start feeling like he sort of enjoys this...

And you wish you could be like: 

You get stumped on a question or two, so you just start guessing.

"I'll just put C. It's always C."

And at times you feel like:

Sometimes you’re even like: 

"No, really - I need to know!"

But by the end, you walk up to your professor and you drop your exam like: 

And you leave the room like: 

"Don't hate me cause you ain't me." -You, on your way out the door.

Until you realize that you have another exam tomorrow.

Better get back in the library! 

But don't worry - just take a look at Richard Madden and Kit Harington some more, and it will be all better! 

Look! A real knight in shining armor! He's coming to save you from your finals, ladies! 

And he's - I'm sorry, I got a little distracted...

Happy finals! Now go take what is yours with fire and blood! 

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