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9 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas


Now that you’ve received a ton of holiday cards and (hopefully) gotten everything on your wish list, it’s time to focus on the next big holiday: New Year’s Eve. And, unfortunately, NYE parties are pretty hit or miss—people are either dancing it up until 3 a.m. or quietly sneaking out the door once the ball has dropped. If you’ve decided to throw a party this year and are looking to say goodbye to 2013 in style, Her Campus has got you covered with nine fun ideas to amp up your get-together.

1. Dinner Plates with Clocks Underneath

What better place setting to have for a party counting down ‘til 2014 than a clock? You can pick up cheap clocks and glass plates at the dollar store and set the clocks underneath the plates before your guests arrive. Be sure to mix and match colors or clocks to add variety!

2. 2014 Resolutions Chalkboard

Have a 2014 Resolutions chalkboard hanging up when people walk in the door where they can write their resolution at the beginning of the night. Later on it will be fun to see what everyone is looking to accomplish in the coming year!

3. Dress Up as Your Favorite Thing From 2013


New Year’s Eve is a perfect excuse to dress up, so why not do it as your favorite thing from 2013? Have your guests come dressed as their favorite person, event, thing, etc. from the past year. If you’re having a big party, it will give guests who don’t know each other an instant conversation starter!

4. 2013 Singles CD

Ask your guests to submit their three favorite songs that were released this past year and put together an awesome playlist for your party. It’ll have everyone dancing late into the night!

5. New Year’s Bingo

Make Bingo cards with funny or cute things that happened to you and your friends this year for a quick and funny game to play with everyone. Write down all the experiences and put them in a bowl, and when you pull one out and read the experience out loud, have people mark it on their bingo card with a piece of candy! This is great for a small party or a bigger get-together.

6. Party Favors as Decorations

For a quick and easy way to spice up your place, use 2014 party favors as decorations. Head over to the dollar store to pick up all the hats, sparklers, crazy glasses, banners, and noisemakers to instantly put people in the party mood.

7. Midnight Snack

Depending on how long your guests stay to hang out and sip on drinks after the ball drops, you can send them off with a yummy midnight snack to enjoy on their way home. It can be anything from candy to cookies. Mini cinnamon rolls wrapped in plastic with a bow tied at the top are a fun and different snack to give out!

8. Photo Balloons

Another great way to reminisce over 2013 is to have guests send you their favorite picture from the past year. You can tie each picture to the end of a long balloon string and set them throughout the party or over your dinner table.

9. Confetti Filled Poppers

If you’re a fan of confetti at midnight (and really, who isn’t?) try out this DIY décor idea. Use a roll of toilet paper and wrap it in tissue paper. Then, with a sewing needle, pull thread through the end of your popper, which will be the bottom. Add confetti, and tie the other end of your popper with fishing line to hang from the ceiling.

Happy New Year!

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