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The 7 Types of Hook-ups You’ll Have in College


Arguably one of the best parts of college is being surrounded by thousands of campus cuties there for the picking. Talk about having plenty of fish in the sea—it’s like our own sushi buffet. Some hook-ups are downright awesome, while others may be cringeworthy and something you plan on keeping on the D.L. for, well, ever. However, there are certain hook-ups most of us can’t help but be guilty of.

1. The “Friends With Benefits” Hook-up

This is as classic as it gets: You guys are buddies, and that’s never gonna change. But at one point or another, you realize how attractive he is. And how cute his smile is. And dang, he has a nice butt!

When it’s just the two of you, you have such an amazing sexual chemistry. And the second you’re back with your friends, it’s like nothing has changed (and you didn’t just spend an hour making out on the couch; your hair just looks like that because it’s windy out).

Watch out for the signs that it’s not working out anymore, though. You may have to decide whether you want your friend or your hook-up buddy more.

2. The Sober Hook-up

Nothing says, “I think you’re attractive and I like making out with you” like a sober booty call. It’s almost an entirely sexual relationship, but that’s totally fine by you. Whether it’s a quickie after class or a phone conversation that basically goes, “You free?” “Yeah.” “Wanna have sex?” “Yeah,” it’s fun, convenient and downright primal. There’s not really much to your relationship other than that, and you’re both entirely aware of and okay with that.

The sober booty calls usually only last for so long until you realize hooking up in daylight with someone you have no feelings for just isn’t cutting it for you anymore.

3. The Drunken Hook-up

This one is much more common than its sober counterpart. It’s 3 a.m., you get the “Heyyyyy. You out?” text and it’s game over… or game on, depending on how you want to look at it.

You probably don’t talk to this person at all during the day. You could really care less about how the other’s day went. And you’re not even sure what he or she is majoring in. But you know this hook-up buddy has a good body and is good at using it, so the late-night calls and texts are welcomed and expected. You just head out from wherever you are and get your groove on, because what is college without the occasional drunken booty call?

4. The Potential Boyfriend Hook-up

This isn’t just any hook-up. Something about him is different, kinda perfect and basically everything you ever wanted out of a man. The only problem is you’re not sure if he’s looking for anything more than a casual hook-up, and you’re scared of ruining things. So you act like you don’t have feelings for him and ignore the butterflies you feel every time he laughs at one of your jokes. Usually this goes on for a few more months until it slowly fizzles out and he moves on to someone else. Sigh.

5. The (S)ex Hook-up

Maybe you and your ex broke up a long time ago, or maybe it’s only been a few weeks. But regardless, you know it’s never going to work out between the two of you. But you also know that you guys have GREAT sex. It’d be a real shame to give that up, right?

Just be careful that things don’t get too complicated. For the most part, this either reignites a relationship, which will most likely end for the same reasons it did before, or you both realize you’ve been pretending you’re still dating and it’s really not working. But it’s fun while it lasts!

6. The Hot Stranger

You’ve both been guilty of daydreaming in class of what the other would look like naked, and you’ve definitely both caught each other checking the other out. Or maybe you pass each other on the street every Wednesday on your way to Starbucks. Either way, you finally get around to hooking up, and it’s probably pretty average. He’s actually kind of jerk. Or, he’s really strange and you can’t get over the stuffed animals on his bed staring at you while you do your thing (*shudders*). Or maybe it really is as great as you thought it would be! Either way, it’s usually a one-night stand, and that’s basically what you expected.

7. The Awkward Morning After

You wake up the next morning and avoid opening your eyes for as long as possible so you don’t have to acknowledge what happened last night. Maybe it was an insanely awkward or horrible experience. Or maybe the person lying next to you should really not be lying next to you (aka your best friend’s ex-boyfriend). Regardless, it’s an unspoken agreement that your night together is better left a secret to the world as you both slowly try to forget.

These hook-ups are never fun, but these happen to the best of us. Just don’t make a habit out of these, because it’s oh so awkward passing each other on campus and giving the courtesy head nod. But you’ll just say the initial post-hook-up “hi,” like ripping off a Band-Aid, and most likely spend the rest of the semester acting like it never happened.

Casual hook-ups are a part of college—probably one of the most fun parts! Sure, there are some that we would probably rather pretend never happened, but the ones that are mind-blowingly awesome are well worth it. No regrets!

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