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15 Things Every Sorority Girl Says During Rush


Costume changes, choreographed dances and memorizing lines— rush has more practices than a high school musical.

Rushing a sorority is a flurry of going from house to house and trying to impress the sisters, but from the sisters’ side? Rush is a carefully calculated routine of smiles, conversation starters and rotations. Here are the 15 things you’ll definitely hear a sorority girl say during rush.

1. “I didn’t think I’d ever join a sorority either!”

Yeah, okay, we’ve all said this one to the girl who didn’t quite look like she wanted to be there—even if we didn’t mean it.

2. “I really found my home away from home!”

Except our real home doesn’t have parties, catered food and 30 girls to compete with for the showers.

3. “These girls really are my sisters!”

They drive us crazy, just like real siblings do. 

4. “I’ve found my best friends and my future bridesmaids.”

Who else will hold your purse and your hair back in one night?

5. “It was so great meeting you!”

It’s great meeting everyone during rush—we are trying to find our future littles, after all!

6. “You guys, I just found my little!”

We’re going to say this on the first day of rush, and the second day of rush…

7. “We have good relations with all fraternities and sororities on campus!”

Our relations are all anybody wants to talk about—but this is the one week we CAN’T!

8. “We love getting ready together before all of the cocktails and mixers!”

Code for: I party with my sisters before, during and after functions.

9. “We really shouldn’t be talking about going out, but…”

Booze and boys are off-limits during rush conversations, but if you’re not going to drop it…

10. “We’re gonna get fined for that!”

Let a girl carry trash outside the house? Fined. Booze? Fined. Boys? Fined. Rush songs could be heard outside? Fined. 

11. “Me too!”

You like going to football games? Me too! You like underwater basket weaving? Me too! No matter what you say, I’m going to be relatable and lovely because I want you to like me as much as you want me to like you.

12. “What were you involved in in high school?”

Ah, the opener. Hopefully we’re going to hit it off when we both realize we played volleyball and I’m going to tell you about our intramural team and it’s going to be great.

13. “Our whole chapter is really close; I could tell you every girl’s first and last name.”

Umm… is that Brittany? Ashley? Maybe that’s Hannah…

14. “Why did you decide to go through recruitment?”

Another great opener question! Why are you here? Tell me about how you want sisterhood and fun, and I’ll tell you anecdotes about my sisters and the fun we have.

15. “Our chapter is actually really affordable!”

Yeah, you’re clearly going to spend a fortune—if not on the actual sorority, then on the T-shirts, food and spirit jerseys.


A weeklong marathon of smiling, repetitive conversations and no booze or boys? Do it for the littles. 

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