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11 Things That Never Change About College


Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, whether you go to a huge university or a small college, you’ll notice that some things about college never change. While it’s not normal to see people sleeping in public or listen to a person you can’t understand for an hour and a half in the real world, these oddities make up every girl’s college experience.

1. Getting lost on the first day of classes

You’re excited for this psychology seminar, but it seems that either you've accidentally stepped into Narnia or they added this part of campus while you were gone for the summer. Now you look like a freshman with your map open on your iPhone.

2. The latecomer

This class is only an hour long, and this guy is waltzing in 30 minutes late with coffee in hand. He also tends to be the one who leaves 30 minutes before the exam period is over. You’re tempted to trip him on his way in.

3. The sleeper

This guy is there for every lecture, but he’s in his third REM cycle by the time you’ve gone over the syllabus. Why does he even bother?

4. That couple

Your entire group of friends been secretly wishing that they would break up ever since their eyes locked across the room at orientation. You would love to date that guy, but you're pretty sure you're already slotted in for bridesmaid duty five Julys from now.

5. Your personal ubiquitous stranger

Seriously, is this person following you? You might as well introduce yourself now, because you see this person in class, at the dining hall and just walking around campus all. The. Time. It's either destiny or stalking. We'll go with destiny...

6. The incomprehensible professor

Whether he or she whispers, shouts, speaks with an accent or mumbles to the floor, you might as well not even go to lecture, because the only thing you can understand from this person is that your Facebook News Feed isn’t refreshing fast enough.

7. The hot TA

Everyone is counting down the seconds until the semester is over so they can ask this guy out. Hot and applying to med school? Yes, please!

8. That class no one can get into

Whether it’s wine-tasting, puppy-petting or social dance, every school has that one class everyone wants to take… and no one can actually get into. Good luck in the lottery next year, ladies.

9. That time of year when everyone is sick

That one sick person sneezes in the dining hall, and suddenly your entire school has caught the plague, usually in the dead of winter during finals week. Perfect.

10. Your Party Friends

There are those people you see every time you’re out—and nowhere else. “Oh my God, it’s you!” “Oh my God, it’s you!

11. You're always glad to be back

Whether your parents have been driving you crazy or your summer job bored you out of your mind, it's always good to be in the land of unlimited dining-hall food, neighbors who are also your friends and class that is (usually) kind of, sort of optional.

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