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12 Weird Things All Journalism Majors Do


Contrary to popular belief (or, if you're a journalism major, what your entire extended family tells you every holiday), journalism is not dying. If anything, it's just evolved since the introduction of social sites like Twitter and other multimedia tools. That being said, being a journalism major can be odd at times -- mostly because you're completely obsessed with everything the profession has to offer. If you're majoring in anything communications-related, you can definitely relate to the following:

1. Constantly debating about the Oxford comma

three comma club

AP Style forbids it, but that doesn't mean you have to like it. 

2. Treating deadlines like they're no big deal

24 hour turnaround? HA, easy.

3. Obsessing over LinkedIn

Networking is bound to help you out one day. 

4. Favoring one type of CMS

Why can't publications all use the same one?!

5. Treating the AP Stylebook as the Bible

You'll never be able to memorize the entire thing.

6. Sending more emails than texts

People complain about having to double text when you've emailed a source for an article three times to follow up.

7. And making more phone calls, too. 

You're way too busy for in-person interviews, and phone is the next best thing.

8. You have a love-hate relationship with InDesign & Photoshop

But it looks ~so~ good on a resume.

9. You prefer a 10-page paper over a test any day

Writing > studying. DUH.

10. Treating social media like another job

RealityTVGIFs social media big brother frankie grande bb16

Instagram isn't just a platform -- it's life. 

11. You're always preaching about the sexist depiction of female journalists in film & TV

bill hader amy schumer trainwreck and one time created hayley thanks bill

Trainwreck? Amy sleeps with her source. Scandal? Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Lillian sleeps with the President. More portrayals like Rachel McAdams in Spotlight, please. 

12. Having to constantly defend your major

YES, I'm sure this is what I want to do with my life. 

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