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15 Things Only Jewish Girls Will Understand


As girls we all have things in common, but us Jewish girls tend to vibe in a special way, often tracing back to the similar upbringings we all have. We all starve through the high holidays, or feel bad if we don’t. We all have mother’s that overfeeds us but still somehow make us feel bad for making poor health decisions. We even find that we know an excessive amount of the same people. However there's so much more, so we compiled of list of 15 things all Jewish girls understand.

1. How good manischewitz is

2. Playing Jewish geography

3. The importance of bagels

4. And really just brunching in general

5. The appreciation you will always have for Matisyahu

6. As well as using Yiddish words completely out of context

7. Reminiscing about the best summers of your life at camp

8. Or telling everyone (and we mean everyone) how amazing birthright was

9. Returning with 3000 bracelets from Ben Yehuda St

10. As well as a clear stance in the shwarma vs. falafel debate

11. Eating Chinese food on Christmas

12. Taking your non-Jewish friends to your family holidays

13. Bar Mitzvahs

14. Or any of the prayers that include fun gestures and banging on tables

15. Constantly being on the lookout for a nice Jewish boy your bubbie will approve of

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