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15 Things Only People Who Are Outspoken About Politics on Twitter Understand


If you've been tweeting up a storm about the latest in politics and the Trump administration, you realize every day is an opportunity for your voice to be heard and your opinions to be broadcasted. For you, Saturday Night Life and John Oliver aren't just comedic entertainment. You fully understand the power of media to fight the Twitter trolls and engage in online debates. Here are 15 things you'll only understand if you're used to speaking up about politics on Twitter.

1. You have a voice and you aren’t afraid to use it

2. Following Twitter accounts with opposing political beliefs is as frustrating as a bad episode of The Bachelor

But just like The Bachelor, you can't stop watching.

3. The news doesn’t sleep and neither do you

4. You’ve mastered the art of getting your point across in 140 characters or less

Even though it's a struggle.

5. Twitter trolls are a real thing and you couldn’t care less if they hate on you

6. In fact, Twitter trolls only add fuel to your fire and give you more of a reason to speak up

7. “Twitter Trends” is open on your computer browser all day, every day

8. None of your friends need to ask how you feel about an issue; they’ve already seen your tweet about it

9. Twitter wars can get ugly

10. While most others complain about political posts clogging up their Twitter feed, you thrive on it

11. Sensitive or scandalous issues don't scare you

Yes, I'm basically Wonder Woman.

12. You on Twitter during a White House press conference is like a kid in a candy store

13. Whether you love him or hate him, President Trump's Twitter account is an essential source for content

14. Your political outspokenness is bigger than Twitter 

You are that family member at Thanksgiving dinner who ends up in a heated argument with Uncle Frank every. single. year.

15. When people tell you that you should probably tone it down

Lol, like that's an option.

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