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23 Signs You’re the Alison DiLaurentis of Your Friend Group


Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse than mean girl Regina George, Alison DiLaurentis flew onto the scene and rocked our worlds! Underneath her golden locks are mental files full of secrets. Behind that pretty smile is her weapon of a tongue, ready to manipulate anyone who crosses her path. There’s much to hate about this queen bee, yet there’s no denying how captivating, clever and gorgeous she is.

You may be quick to think, “I could never be like Alison!” But before you jump to conclusions about being more of a Spencer, Emily, Aria or Hanna, you may want to check out these 23 surefire signs you are not only the head honcho of your friend group, but you’re the Alison D!

1. Sugar-coating isn’t even a thing in your eyes

2. You don’t just change your look every now and then, you change your whole identity!

3. You consider lying to be an art form

And you've perfected said art. 

4. You have no problem with spilling the beans

5. If you didn’t know all of their deepest secrets, your friends may or MAY NOT be your friends

6. You’re not even fazed anymore about people constantly trying to hurt (read: kill) you

7. You’ve ruined perfectly good furniture without even batting an eyelash

8. You don’t even need a resting bitch face to be the HBIC! 

Your smile is much worse! 

9. You’ve got plenty to hide

10. But you generally don’t have time to keep up with all of your prized possessions

11. You’ve assigned your friends roles

12. And you have a legion of loyal followers

Who are all dressed to perfection, might we add! 

13. You know a thing or two about stroking an ego

14. And you’ve handed out threats like they're compliments!

15. You have been known to lend out a favor or two

But not for free of course....

16. You’re nothing without something to hang over someone’s head

17. Your friends are swooning over your man candy older brother!

18. You’re considering “liar” as your first tat! 

Just waiting on Mom and Dad to give you the green light.

19. You always tell your girls what you’ve heard through the grapevine

20. You tend to think you’re untouchable

21. You can’t help but remind your friends what all you’ve done for them

They're beyond ready for you to retire that bit, ugh!  

22. You should have considered majoring in drama

23. But most of all…everyone fears you and still wants to be you!

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