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10 Things Every Tone Deaf Girl Knows To Be True


There are two types of people in this world—those who can sing, and those who can't. Typically, someone who is tone-deaf has a hard time recognizing the difference between musical pitches. As one could imagine, this leads to some pretty interesting sounds when a tone-deaf person starts belting out their favorite tune. But that doesn't mean those who can't sing don't still love doing it, even if their dream of being a globally famous rock-star was crushed early on in life. If your singing skills are less than dazzling, chances are you'll be able to relate to these all too well. 

1. Your friends wouldn’t necessarily classify the sounds coming out of your mouth as “singing.”

It’s more of a loud wailing, honestly.

2. You have no concept of musical pitch

What even is “pitch?” Isn’t that, like, something you do to the batter in baseball?

3. The acoustics in the shower were made for you

The noise from the shower counteracts the terribleness of your voice.

4. Your friends have no problem telling you how bad you sound

However, strangers usually try to say something nice about your voice out of politeness, or pity. Probably both.

5. Sometimes, people think you’re trying to be funny when you’re singing

But you know very well your voice is no joke. The reality is that this is just naturally how your voice sounds.

6. Karaoke is both a godsend and a nightmare

Depending on how you look at it. On one hand, it’s the one of the few socially acceptable settings in which you can belt out a tune and get away with sounding like a dying walrus, besides your empty house or shower, of course. However, it could potentially be both a disastrous and humiliating event depending on how many people there, or who specifically, is watching.

7. Despite sounding less than stellar, you still love to sing

This is the ultimate struggle. To sing, or not to sing and save yourself from humiliation and embarrassment. That is the question.

8. In fact, you’ve considered becoming a professional shower singer

Why not round up other singing-challenged people you know and form a band? Tone-deaf girls unite!

8. You’ve perfected the art of singing into your hairbrush

Because that’s as good as it’s ever going to get. Plus, that audience of zero in your room can’t judge you.

9. You’re a pro at lip-syncing when it comes to a group rendition of “Happy Birthday”

This is the safest way to approach the situation.

10. “You better leave me alone or I’ll start singing” is a serious threat

This is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal. When someone’s getting on your nerves, you know just when to whip out the ‘singing’ card. That’ll send them running before you can even reach the first chorus of T Swift’s ‘Bad Blood.’

It’s true you’ll never make it as the next Adele. So what? In spite of your not so great voice, you still love to sing. Whether it’s during karaoke, in the car, or you’ve been relegated to your shower, you can’t help but crooning to the songs on your phone’s playlist. Quoting the wise Miley Cyrus, “we can’t stop, and we won’t stop.”

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