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8 Ways You Embody Luke Danes By The End Of The Semester


Oh Luke. Sarcastic, grumpy, yet oh-so-loveable Luke. Gilmore Girls just wouldn't be the same without him. No matter how peppy, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you start off the semester, you turn into a different person when you have a bunch of club meetings and school work.  It's understandable that you're a bit more cranky amidst all the chaos and cramming. By the end of the year, you basically become Luke Danes in all his pessimistic glory. 

1. The pure frustration you feel when you find out you have three exams, four papers and two projects all on the same day

The struggle is indeed real. Deep breaths, in and out. 

2. When people ask how you are

Oh I'm just peachy, thanks for asking. Life is all sunshine and roses currently. Am I being sarcastic? Why, I wouldn't dream of it!

3. When you get together and have a complain-fest with your friends

It's no secret Luke can find plenty to complain about. After all, misery loves company. And by the end of the semester, when the work is piled so high and you're convinced your professors are out to get you, you can't deny that it feels good to know you're all in the same, sinking boat. 

4. Even the little things start to drive you crazy

Your friend hasn't texted you back in awhile? How rude! Your roommate didn't make their bed? How dare they allow you to look at that eyesore!

5. Any and all expectations go out the window

Pass my exams with flying colors? Very funny. At this point, you're not expecting any miracles. 

6. You become stubborn to a fault   

Even when you reach your breaking point, you're pretty reluctant to admit you need help even when it's beyond clear you do.

7. You have no problem telling someone else when they look like they're about to snap

I don't have a problem, but you clearly do.  

8. You eventually realize that the semester won't last forever

The year must come to an end. Summer will be waiting for you, so you might as well power through the pain and try to make the best of your time left at school. 

Despite the daily hardships Luke faces and his overall grumpy demeanor, even Mr. Danes recognizes that life is all about improvement. Every collegiate deals with end of the semester struggles, but like Luke, you will not give up until you've made some sort of progress, while simultaneously handling your business with grace, a glass half-empty view, and a whole lot of sarcasm. 

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