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9 Cute Ways to Wear Leggings on a Date


So you landed a date with the cutie you’ve been eyeing for weeks, and there’s only one thing left to do: find the perfect outfit. Like many collegiettes, you may have a hate-hate relationship with, well, any pants besides leggings. Have no fear—we've come up with five perfect ways to wear leggings on a date. Read on for a cute and comfy outfit.

1. Dinner & Movie

Dinner & a movie

Red top



Maidenform legging



Heel boots



Pairing leggings with a tunic is a great way to make them a little more formal. Add a cross-body purse and your favorite pair of booties for a bohemian look! This outfit is perfect for the classic dinner and movie date.

2. Shopping

Leggings on a date



Splendid stretchy pants



Pointy toe flat



If you’re looking for something a bit edgier, a leather jacket can do the trick. A red purse makes this look stand out even more! This outfit is perfect for a shopping date—you’ll look super stylish while staying super comfortable.

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3. Dressy dinner

Leggings on a date

Oversized jacket



ASOS clothing




Ripped leggings give this outfit some spice. Pair them with a light wash jean jacket and some killer heels, and your date won’t be able to stop staring! This outfit is perfect for a fancier dinner, when things may be getting more serious.

4. Meeting the parents

Leggings on a date

Topshop sweater



Faux leather legging



Forever Link black flat



Topshop hand bag


Leather leggings make this outfit a bit dressier. With sky-high booties and a cross-body bag, you’ll look totally put-together! Your SO's parents are going to love you.

5. Concert

Leggings on a date

The zippers and leather panels on these leggings make them perfect for that concert you’ve been waiting for. A red top and sparkly booties perfect the look!

6. Picnic in the park

leggings on a date

Long sleeve top



Purple legging



Converse high top



This casual outfit is perfect for a more laidback date. The patterned leggings spice it up while the white shirt and Converse tone it down!

7. Lunch date

Leggings on a date

WithChic ombre top



Legging pants




Rebecca minkoff handbag


For a more laidback look, pair colored leggings (like these wine-colored ones) with an oversized sweater and tall boots. So easy, so trendy! This look is casual enough for a lunch date, but still super cute!

8. Coffee date

Leggings on a date


Zizzi straight jacket



River Island white pants



Charlotte Russe wedges shoes



Topshop man bag


This sleek outfit is perfect for a date at your local coffee shop. The white leggings and wedges make this look perfect for warmer weather. Ice cream, anyone?

9. Flea market

Leggings on a date





Jack rogers flat




Steve madden jewelry



We love these military leggings! With a cute crop top and sandals, you'll be sure to come across some awesome finds. If you want to make it dressier, add a necklace, too!

Whoever told you not to wear leggings on a date clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. With one of these fashionable outfits, you’ll definitely score a second date. Have fun, collegiettes!

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