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7 Ways Being a Homebody Could Ruin Your College Experience


Are you the one that always says no to your friends when they ask you to go out? Are all of your weekends spent watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn as your companion? While there are positive and negative aspects to going out and staying in, here are seven reasons why sometimes it’s necessary to get out.

1. You could be missing out on opportunities to meet potential BFFs and SOs.

We’ve all heard stories about people meeting their best friend after going out. They might be the one that saves you from the creep eyeing you up at the frat party or the one from history class that asks to grab late-night junk food at the closest greasy spoon. Either way, you could be missing out on a potential BFF.

And while not every girl is looking for a relationship, you could still be missing out on meeting that certain someone that gives you butterflies. If you don’t leave your room, you may never cross paths with the cutie that’s always exploring the campus and beyond.

2. You’ll have time to think about all of your upcoming assignments (and you’ll have no excuse not to do them!).

Who thinks about their impending chemistry lab or English paper when they’re out for a night on the town or partying with friends? Exactly. When you stay in, a relaxing night of watching Gossip Girl turns into a stressful night of watching Gossip Girl quicker than you can say “Van der Woodsen.” The little voice inside your head tells you that since you’re staying in, you might as well be productive. While getting ahead on schoolwork is not a bad thing, it’s the weekend; you deserve a break, girl!

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3. You’re missing out on exploring the area surrounding your school.

Whether your school is in a college town or a big city, the area is begging to be explored. Most college towns have cute bookstores, thrift shops, parks, cheap restaurants and adorable cafes. Cities are full of endless activities. Most city websites have upcoming events that don’t cost too much, like art exhibits, pop-up farmers markets, seasonal activities and more. If you’re staying in every weekend, you won’t have the experience of adventuring outside the confines of your campus.

4. You won’t have the “I can’t believe I did that” memories.

Most of us have heard crazy stories from our siblings or parents from when they were in college. We have waited for the day when we could make our own crazy memories. If you’re a constant homebody, you’ll never have memories of the nights you spent dancing on tables, cheering on your college team, having hilarious conversations with your Uber driver or eating fried everything at 2 a.m. At least you’ll be caught up on sleep…right?

5. Your cute clothes will only be seen by you and your closet.

If you’re a fashionista, this one hits home. You bought so many cute crop tops, pencil skirts, cutout dresses and platforms over winter break; you need somewhere to wear them, and class probably isn’t the right place. Hanging out in sweatpants and a hoodie is nice, but think about all of the gorgeous pieces and swoon-worthy heels you have in your closet just begging to be shown off.

6. Going out burns more calories than laying in bed.

Most of us don’t do CrossFit workouts if we stay in on the weekends. Likely, the only exercise you’ll be doing is one crunch to sit up in bed and a few steps…to the kitchen and back. Sometimes you have solo Beyoncé dance parties, but once in a while, it’s good to dance somewhere other than your dorm room. Going out with friends usually involves walking, dancing, cheering, lifting (shopping bags, of course) or any combination of the four. Bonus: If you steer clear of too much alcohol, you might not have the urge to nosh on that greasy slice of pizza at the end of the night.

7. You learn how to adapt to new situations and help others.

Whether you choose to go to a club, house party or frat party, you’re bound to face new situations. You’ll learn crazy dance moves, how to handle your liquor and maybe how to win at flip cup. You may also learn to help fellow collegiettes avoid potentially dangerous party situations or just stupid decisions. These learning experiences are inevitable in college, whether you go to a party or just hang out with friends.

We are fed the notion that college isn’t truly college unless every weekend is spent doing exciting things around campus, drinking, partying and having casual hookups. These are certainly common themes across most college campuses, but sometimes it’s nice—and maybe even imperative—to stay in your room and relax. But as we’ve seen, it’s not always a bad thing to go out and let loose for a weekend. The ultimate college experience can be summed up in one sentence: Do what makes you the happiest and best version of yourself. Whether you’re a homebody or a party girl, cheers to you and whatever makes you happy. 

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