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15 Things You Should Know About Dating a Girl with a Double Major


She may spend more time in her advisor's office than at your place, but that doesn't mean she loves her advisor more. If you're dating a girl with a double major, there are probably a few things you've already figured out about how to make it work. Trust us when we say there's a lot more to know about her. Here are 15 things you should be ready for if your girl has taken this on!

1. Her schedule is literally insane

College is busy enough with one major, but a second major completely changes the game. Some days, she will literally plan out every second of her day because that’s the only way to get everything done.

2. She won’t always have time for you

That busy schedule means making time for you and her friends is a challenge. She’s juggling a double course load, student organizations, sleep, family, friends and you. She won’t be able to spend as much time with you as she would like, but that doesn’t mean she cares for you any less.

3. You won’t see her out at the bars every night

You probably won’t see her out at the bars every weekend either. Juggling two majors means having to choose between getting her work done and going out with her friends—and if she’s ambitious enough to choose a second major, you know which option she’ll choose nine times out of 10.

4. She’ll be stressed out a lot

Chances are her course load is about as stressful as it gets. She won’t always be in the best mood, and the stress will get to her sometimes.

5. She needs you to be her support system

There’s nothing wrong with being your girlfriend’s biggest cheerleader. After a long day of classes and homework, all she wants is a shoulder to lean on or a pep talk to keep her going.

6. She hates when people ask why she’s doing this to herself

Honestly, she probably doesn’t have a good answer most days when she’s struggling to make it through the week. Another question she’d rather not answer is what she plans to do with her majors, especially if they don’t appear to coincide.

7. Her bank account will take a hit

A double major means a whole new set of classes to fit into four years, which means a higher tuition rate and more books and supplies to buy. She might have to work extra hours to make ends meet, or she may be extra frugal with her money and ask to stay in more.

8. Her planner is literally her best friend

With a schedule like hers, if there’s one thing she can’t live without, it’s her planner. Without it, she would forget half of her responsibilities. Don’t make fun if she literally takes it everywhere.

9. She’s passionate about her majors

Chances are she’s not double-majoring because she feels obligated to. She’s double-majoring because she’s super passionate about at least one of her majors. One may be a “safe” major but the other is likely what she loves most, or they both are.

10. She may choose Netflix over you

Or your date night will turn into a Netflix and pizza night. Some nights she might just be too tired to do anything but snuggle up in bed and watch Gossip Girl. But hey, you’ll definitely earn brownie points if you go see her anyway and keep her company.

11. She’s lucky if she gets six hours of sleep a night

Gone are the days of a cozy eight hours or more of sleep every night. Most nights, she gets around five hours of sleep. Beware—sleep deprivation may bring out the worst in her.

12. She lives off of coffee

She’s pretty much addicted to the stuff by this point. She’s used to staying up late to study or finish up homework and turns to coffee to keep her awake in her morning lectures. You’ll for sure bring a smile to her face if you surprise her with coffee just the way she likes it.

13. She may not be able to graduate on time

Some majors share requirements, but some are too different to rely on dual-credit to graduate on time. She may be on a five-year plan, which could affect both of your futures.

14. Don’t ask her to pick a favorite major

That’s basically like asking a mom to pick a favorite child.

15. She’s a badass

Anyone who decides to take on a second major and still manages to make time for everything else in her life is pretty badass. So give yourself a pat on the back—you’re dating a rock star.

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