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35 Reasons Why Love Is in the Air This Spring


As the semester winds down and the sun finally begins to shine, we can’t help but notice that love is in the air. It may not have hit you yet, but you can’t deny that you’ve noticed a lot more handholding and not-so-private displays of affection on campus. You could be next! The end of the semester is the best time to enjoy your DFMO, fling, FWB, or knight in shining armor. Here’s why:

1. You were getting sick of winter. Who wants to make snow angels when you can have water-gun wars instead?

2. Spring fever is catching, and suddenly everyone is more excited about everything from sunny days to soft-serve to Saturday night make-out seshes.

3. Going out for ice cream is a classic first date, and it just felt wrong trekking out for a cone clad in snow boots and mittens.

4. He might no longer have an excuse to give you his coat when you’re cold, but he can still show his chivalry by letting you cut him in line for the ice cream truck.

5. He might even buy you that ice cream, which would be convenient given the sorry state of your bank account after a semester of late-night Chinese food orders and fro-yo excursions.

6. Walks in the park may be clichéd, but they’re a heck of a lot more romantic than snowed-in dinner dates in the dining hall.

7. Walks in the park are also much more private than dining hall dates. Expect handholding and even, if you’re lucky, kissing. It just didn’t feel right sucking face surrounded by one hundred of your classmates and their lunches, anyway.

8. Everyone likes a girl who can throw a Frisbee, and you just caught the attention of every male on the quad with your champion skills.

9. Guys have finally ditched their flannels for T-shirts, and now you remember why you nominated them as Campus Cuties in the first place.

10. Singing in the car with the windows down shows off your Aretha Franklin-esque pipes, and the boys are bound to notice. Prepare for some serious R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

11. Even if your voice is more like Rebecca Black’s, you’ll definitely still turn some heads. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

12. There’s nothing more feminine than flowers in your hair. If it worked for the Love Generation, it’ll work for you, too.

13. The only thing that beats flowers in your hair is flowers in your vase... brought to you by a beautiful boy. With springtime on his mind, he might finally take the time to stop by the florist.

14. Sundress Day 2014 is on the horizon (or has already arrived for you lucky collegiettes outside of the Northeast), and nothing feels better than that first day of freedom from jeans.

15. Sundress Day also happens to be many guys’ favorite day of spring, which means they’ll be in good spirits. He won’t be likely to say no to anything, least of all, going on a date with you.

16. When you’re not wearing a sundress, you’re rocking your Daisy Dukes and your Ray-Bans – and you’ve never looked better.

17. Speaking of which, it’s finally shorts and skirt season: the time to show off that fresh warm-weather bod you worked so hard for. What Freshman 15?

18. April showers bring May flowers, and not a minute too soon: the rain was doing something awful to your hair, and there’s nothing “come hither” about a bad case of the frizzies.

19. You just schooled everyone on the volleyball court, including that cutie from your econ class. Suggest a private lesson.

20. End-of-semester barbecues are the best way to meet new boys. Burgers, beverages, sunshine, and party tunes? What’s not to like?

21. Music festival season is upon us! Coachella may have passed, but there’s still time to stumble upon your very own indie sweetheart at Sasquatch!, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and many others.

22. Now that Game of Thrones is gracing our televisions with its presence once again, you and your guy can have a quality date night that both of you will enjoy.

23. It just so happens that Game of Thrones’ John Snow is very sexy and a fictitious romance is still a romance, right? Right.

24. Nothing’s better than lying in the sun for a while with your main man next to you on the grass. Literally nothing.

25. Now that you no longer have to consider the awkward in-class encounter with a hook-up (since classes will soon be over), you’re free to act on any and all secret crushes you’ve been harboring this semester.

26. With summer around the corner, some couples are bound to be calling it quits, be it over distance, graduation, or any other obstacle. Silver lining: now there are that many more cuties on the market for you to charm!

27. You’re also moving on. The end of the semester means saying goodbye to all of your least favorite ex-hook-ups from classes and hello to all of the toned, tan man candy now wandering the campus. Here’s hoping they’ll be more mature. 

28. Soon you’ll be moving to a new city for your internship, which means you’ll be entering a whole new dating pool. Time to get noticed!

29. You might even meet someone at your internship, and while office romances can be dicey, there’s nothing wrong with chatting up a guy who actually shares your interests (for once)!

30. In the meantime, you’ve got work to do. Study dates. Lots and lots of study dates.

31. Finals week is stressful. What’s the best way to relieve that stress? Cuddle sessions.

32. With the worst of your work behind you, you can finally get some beauty sleep.

33. Sleep not only erases the dark circles under your eyes, but also makes you a cheerier person (and we all know that crabbiness doesn’t exactly inspire any crushes).

34. Now that you and your boy-toy no longer have to worry about term papers and final exams, you’re free to flirt to your heart’s content!

35. Seniors are scrambling at the end of the semester and there’s no time left for beating around the bush. You’re hot. He’s hot. Just date already.


Whether you already have a special someone by your side or you’re looking to meet new men, now’s the best time to be a beautiful collegiette! Grab a guy and enjoy the sunshine!

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