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9 Universities to Follow on Twitter


At this point in the college application process, you’re probably itching to learn more about the colleges you were accepted to. Luckily for you, there are more ways to connect with universities online than just through their websites! In fact, you probably won’t get a good feel of a university by one-sidedly interacting with its prospective students page.

It turns out that Twitter is a great way to connect with universities online, keep up with their events and programs and get a glimpse of life at these schools. Here’s a list of nine funny, informative and overall impressive university Twitter accounts you should follow!

1. Purdue University (@LifeAtPurdue)

Purdue, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, has a Twitter account that offers a great balance of original tweets, responses to students and retweeting others. Its tweets promote the university by announcing concerts, events, get-togethers and sports games. But what makes the @LifeatPurdue account different is its focus on campus life and helping out the current students. The account retweets students’ descriptions of the school, congratulates accepted students and spreads news of what’s going on around campus. While its tweets are still helpful and informative, the account mostly focuses on giving its followers a good idea of what life is like at Purdue!

2. Texas A&M (@TAMU)

Texas A&M does a lot of its own original tweeting, essentially acting as the school’s virtual cheerleader. Like most university Twitter accounts, it promotes games and events and cheers on students of the school. However, unlike other university accounts, Texas A&M’s does a lot of personal interacting with its students through ticket giveaways, competitions, social media campaigns and even some Game of Thrones trivia! Because the school conducts a broad range of research, its Twitter account has tons of newfound info and cool links to share with its followers.

3. University of Wisconsin-Madison (@UWMadison)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Twitter account has an equal balance of entertaining and informative tweets. Many universities make the mistake of simply blasting out links to articles and surveys, but UWM’s Twitter account steers clear of anything too boring. While the school does tweet out helpful info and important university-related news, it’s always relevant to the students and written in an easy-to-read way with links and fun photos. In the midst of helpful information, @UWMadison also retweets funny memes and silly thoughts like, “Is it Friday yet?” from its students. This account is helpful and functional for students, but it also brightens their days with funny quotes and pictures!

4. Syracuse University (@SyracuseU)

Because of its reputation as a great school for communications, it’s no surprise that Syracuse has an impressive Twitter account. The account promotes the university’s other social media pages, offers tips for students and connects alums with their school. You can definitely feel the school pride from this account! Syracuse’s Twitter account is one of the most active university accounts, almost always bidding their followers good morning and good night. Want to feel like you’re reading a live stream of life on a college campus? Check out Syracuse’s Twitter account!

5. Princeton University (@Princeton)

If you’re not convinced that Princeton is prestigious in itself, then its Twitter page will prove it. Princeton’s Twitter account is followed by some pretty important accounts, like the Washington Post and Condé Nast Careers. With over 96,000 followers to please, Princeton does a great job at promoting the school and its ideals. What differentiates Princeton from its competitors is its tweets about its professors’ innovative and highly impressive discoveries. On a daily basis, you’ll see professors winning prizes, publishing journals and speaking on panels. If you weren’t already impressed by Princeton, you will be after you click the follow button!

6. Harvard University (@Harvard)

Unsurprisingly, Harvard’s Twitter is as successful as the school itself! Harvard has more followers than any other university’s Twitter account. Harvard’s Twitter is extremely up-to-date and user-friendly (with short and sweet tweets and quick links), and the communication team behind the page is always interacting with its followers. The account live-tweets Harvard basketball games, shares photos of the campus and surrounding area and boasts about students’ and teachers’ accomplishments.

7. The University of Missouri (@Mizzou)

When you glance at Mizzou’s Twitter page, it looks like you’re reading hundreds of different conversations. Along with the regular sharing of photos, posting helpful links and broadcasting events, Mizzou’s Twitter account has great relationships with its followers. In some way, you could say the account acts as the school’s customer service line, responding to current and prospective students’ questions and comments in a friendly, engaging and helpful way.

8. Marquette University (@MarquetteU)

Marquette University, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has its own unique approach to Twitter. While it shares links, interacts with professors and other schools and updates its students on school happenings, the account also uses Twitter to promote itself in a new way. Instead of just boasting, “Hey, we’re great,” or paying someone else to say it, @MarquetteU keeps track of who tweets positive reviews and feedback about the school by favoriting said tweets. If you’re looking to see what great things people have to say about Marquette, just head over to its list of favorited Tweets to see the endorsements!

9. Rhode Island School of Design (@risd)

While RISD’s Twitter account is helpful and informative, it certainly doesn’t get boring! RISD’s page looks just like a design school’s page should, with backgrounds of student work, an artsy bio and retweets from other art organizations. In addition to updating students and informing them about events, RISD’s Twitter account does a great job of sharing what’s going on at the school, like big art projects, exhibitions and impressive student work.

If you’re looking for a way to learn more about a school and life on campus, Twitter may just be the thing you need! Check out the Twitter pages of the schools you’re thinking about attending—you may learn something new!

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