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6 Times We Were Actually Proud of America in 2016


As we look back over the sea of violence, protest and chaos that was 2016, it is easy to wonder if ANYTHING good happened in this year. Even though we're still mourning the losses this year has brought us, there are a few things we can actually celebrate.

1. Major wins at the Summer Olympics in Rio 

    The Olympics were groundbreaking in every way this year. So many records were broken; Michael Phelps became the most-decorated Olympian in history; African American athletes rose to the top; and women, in general, won big. This year, America came away with the most medals and we can certainly relish in that victory.

    2. The Underdogs, the Unexpected, the Finallys


    Have a wonderful [W]ednesday!

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    The Chicago Cubs won the World Series after 108 years of loss. Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for Best Actor for the first time, more than 2 decades of an incredible acting career (and 6 nominations later). So, yeah. Truly anything can happen.

    3. Standing up to the status quo


    Sick of business-as-usual, we have yelled, called people out, voted and taken to the streets in protest in pursuit of a better future. Maybe in 2017, we will figure out how to work together.

    4. Beyoncé's Lemonade

    This WORK. OF. ART. reminded us of why Bey is queen. Her effortless elegance—even in a confrontational message—is beauty at its finest.

    5. Harriet Tubman made the new $20 bill

    If this year was big in anything, it was a huge year for leaving legacies. One legacy important not only to Black history but also the history of women and freedom in general, came in the form of a lady named Harriet Tubman. Once a slave, Tubman was chosen to grace the front of the $20 bill as an icon of the liberation. Interestingly enough and a true story, the icon once staged a sit-in at a bank, asking for $20 to release her parents.

    6. Stranger Things

    This universally-binged show taught us the right way to live in a state of chaos, without forgetting our friends. Perfect timing, Netflix. We can't wait for Season 2—anything can happen. At least we have one good thing to look forward to in 2017, right?

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