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5 Fashion Trends That Came Back in 2016 (That Maybe Shouldn't Have)


This year saw the return of top trends from the past—much of which maybe should've stayed in the past. The '90s were great, but did we need a resurgence of all of the '90s? Here are some of the worst trends that made a comeback in 2016:

1. Mom jeans

Sure, we can all name a few people who can pull these off. But most of us? Let's just say there's a reason they fell out of style. 

2. Socks with dress shoes

This is just unnecessary. 

3. Jellies

Jellies were nothing short of the best when we were kids. But did we forget that they're literally made of plastic? Like, they're a great thing to wear if you like sweaty feet and chafing... which nobody does. 

4. Clunky shoes

In true '90s fashion, can we just be honest here? These shoes may seem more comfortable, but they are hideous.  

5. The fanny pack

...or, we could just carry a normal bag.

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