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17 Signs You Grew Up in a Female-Dominated Household


Growing up in a house full of women has its perks—the endless clothing options and the supply of love, advice and compliments. But it isn't always fun and games. Here are a few signs you grew up in a female-dominated household. 

1. You're still bitter about those one or two males in the family who are constantly praised. 

I'm calling you out, Scotty. 

2. You feel overly comfortable talking about your period in public. 

"Does anyone have a tampon???" 

3. You're used to having your period sync with others'. 

You have never seen estrogen levels as high as they are in a house full of women on their periods at the same time. 

4. You have no boundaries when it comes to borrowing clothes.

Half of your wardrobe was originally someone else's.

5. You value your shower time.

Back in the day, getting the bathroom all to yourself, without being rushed, was a miracle. 

6. You have more pearls of dating wisdom than you need. 

 So much WISDOM.

7. Laundry stresses you out. 

This is why we just wore each other's clothes. 

8. You love a little competition. 

9. You can compliment people as quickly as you can insult them. 

You have to be quick in a house of witty women. 

10. You are a great negotiator. 

Mainly because you had to find a way to get your way.  

11. Your girl friends always loved coming over to your house.

Because your mom was a part of the crew. 

12. Your guy friends were always intimidated.

"Don't you have a brother?"

13. You have no problem speaking your mind. 

How else would you get your point across with so many opinionated women around?  

14. You keep the women in your family as your closest advisors. 

15. You know how to compromise. 

Fighting for the remote prepared you for any debate. 

16. You have high expectations for men. 

It just comes with the territory. 

17. You'll always have a special appreciation for strong women. 

Because growing up around so many of them made you a strong woman. 

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