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8 Killer DIY Gifts for Every Night of Hanukkah


Looking for that perfect gift to give your sister, bestie or mom for Hanukkah this year? If you want to give something meaningful, fun and unique, you have come to the right place! Check out these eight wonderful DIY Hanukkah gifts for each night of celebration. 

1. "Oy Vey" Burlap Pillow

The Sits Girls shows you how to make this easily customizable burlap pillow. From monogramming to bedecking your pillow with a popular expression, the possibilities are limitless! 

2. Coffee Mug Candles

Need a cozy gift for Hanukkah? These DIY mug candles by Sweet Cayenne are simple and sweet. 

3. Tube Bead Necklace

These necklaces from The Lovely Drawer are a must give this year. Both simple and stylish, they're the perfect accessory for all. Bonus: they are homemade so you can reserve all bragging rights. Hey, you made something that looks like it could run for $30 in a store! 

4. Bottle of Wine with a Custom Label

Celebrate one night of Hanukkah by gifting a nice bottle of wine to a family member or friend. Put your own sentimental twist on this classic by adding a personalized label. Free printables and instructions on how to attach can be found at Evermine

5. Gold-dipped Jewelry Tray

This is just the right gift for the girl who's always misplacing one of her earrings…and her watch…and that favorite bracelet of hers! A Fabulous Fete even adds some personality to this tray by partially dipping it in paint. We have to make one for ourselves too, right?

6. Star of David Wreath

This Avenue Lifestyle wreath is great for hanging around the house during the holiday season. Make your pal's dorm or apartment just a bit more festive; plus, she can take it home with her when winter break rolls around for the whole family to enjoy! 

7. Blanket Scarf

Fall may almost be over, but scarf season certainly isn't. A blanket scarf, in addition to being super trendy, will keep you warm in the winter months that are coming soon. Make your own—and one for a friend—with tips from Mom Advice

8. Painted Platter

Looking for something to give the hostess in your life? These trays are a simple DIY! Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to finding ideas and instructions.

Happy Hanukkah, and may your eight nights of celebration be wonderful, sweet and now a bit more sentimental!

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