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19 Things Only People Who Are Passive-Aggressive AF Understand


Being passive-agressive is a blessing and curse. On the plus side, you always look calm, kind and supportive, and people can't get enough of you. Little do they know that inside you're a salty bitch who never lets go of grudges and wants to watch the world burn. If you embraced conflict, you know life would be so much easier…but you can't. Being passive-agressive AF is just your style. 

1. You mask your resentment with a smile

2. You can’t ever have a meltdown because your image is too important

3. If someone confronts you through text message, you pretend you never saw it

4. There’s no such thing as a direct answer

5. Even though you avoid confrontation, you’re always feeling salty

6. Your name is written on all your food to keep your roommates from eating it

7. You’re basically the queen of passive-aggressive notes

8. Revenge is your middle name

9. You’re subtly bitchy, but deny it

10. Which is why you relate to Taylor Swift, the most passive-aggressive person in the world

11. You keep changing your Netflix password so your friends can’t use it

12. You only give roundabout compliments

13. You keep score, especially with the people you love most

14. You bump the back of people’s seats in movie theaters if they’re bothering you

15. Nobody understands the art of manipulation like you and Regina George

16. You’ve 100 percent left someone out of plans on purpose

17. If someone near you is chewing loudly, you chew louder

18. You tweet melancholy quotes so all your friends indirectly know just how upset you are

19. When you do ~finally~ reach your aggression limit, you explode

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