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15 Signs You're the Stress Eater of Your Friend Group


It's time to come to grips with the fact that you're the stress eater of your friend group if these 15 things are true.

1. When you get home at 2 a.m. from a night out, you're the first one to crack open the fridge.

2. You prolong the conversation after dinner so you can procrastinate and eat dessert instead of going back to your homework.

3. When you're having a cozy movie night in, your friends roll over candy wrappers while laying on your bed.

4. During finals week, when everyone else is enjoying their egg whites and avocado, you're pigging out on pancakes and bacon because that's your brain food.

5. When you take a break from stressing about your schoolwork and go out to lunch, your friends take half of their sandwich home because "that's dinner tonight." You're staring at an empty plate that used to be filled with fries and thinking about what you're going to order on your pizza tonight.

6. You have to make weekly trips to the grocery store because you run out of food much quicker than your housemates.

7. Your excuse for barging in the door and heading for the Ben and Jerry's is "It's been a rough day" or "I'm just so stressed—I need this!" or "I took two tests today—I deserve this!"

8. You never understand the phrase, "I was just so stressed I couldn't eat."

9. You plan your studying around meals.

10. You reward yourself after certain homework accomplishments with the best trophy: food. 

11. Even better, you place candies periodically through your textbook to reward yourself for reading…and sometimes say, "Screw it, I'm hungry," and eat them all immediately. 

12. When people try to plan group project meeting times near meal times, you're like, "Will there be food there? Otherwise, I'm out." 

13. During crazy, stressful times such as midterms and finals, you can't distinguish between hatred of group members, panic for an upcoming test or just straight-up hunger. 

14. You take eating-your-feelings-away to a whole other level. 

15. Stressed spelled backwards is hungry, right? 

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