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How to Handle Your First Semester of College, as Told by Blair Waldorf


If there was ever a moment to ask yourself WWBWD (What Would Blair Waldorf Do?), the first day is of college is definitely it. Whether she was ruling Constance from the steps of the Met or making NYU and Columbia her own, B always managed to take hold of the school scene with confidence, awe-inspiring style and a little bit (okay, a lot) of scheming.While we can’t all waltz to campus with a BFF like Serena or a #MCM-worthy boyfriend like Chuck Bass , Blair definitely supplied us with enough advice to channel our inner Queen B.

In order to avoid being another queen’s minion, here are some secrets that Gossip Girl wouldn’t tell you (but we totally will) on how to channel your inner Blair and be oh-so confident on your first semester on campus. 

1. One does not simply rain on Blair Waldorf's parade.

Don't let any summer regrets hold you back from letting your personality and potential shine.

2. If you don't have a Blair minion-level goal list (complete with a binder), you are probably doing first semester wrong. 

Set goals for your first semester and know what your expectations are for yourself even before your first day.

3. Don't let the Chuck Basses and Serena Van der Woodsens of your campus hold you back.

Once you have set those goals, don't let anyone or anything stand in your way of achieving them. 

4. If Blair could get used to Brooklyn, you can get used to your new campus. 

Even if you are a little nervous at first, just know that everything is going to work out. 

5. As B told Little J, you have to be cold to be queen. 

Not everyone that you meet is going to want to be your friend, and that's all right. Kill them with kidness anyways. 

6. To be honest, Queen B was so much fiercer when she was reigning all on her own (sorry, Chuck)!

If college meant parting ways with your SO, know that you don’t need a guy  in your life to realize your full potential

7. A day was truly wasted if Blair didn't figure out a way to make her ideas her reality. 

College goes by quicker than anyone wants, so always be ambitious. Don’t sit around and think about joining that club that you’re interested in, just go for it!

8. "Incapable" and "Blair Waldorf" were never used in the same sentence.

As a freshman, people might underestimate you. Exceed expectations and show everyone just how fabulous you are

9.  Remember when Chuck had to run Blair's fashion show because of her sleep deprivation? Try not to get to that point. 

Your schedule might be busier than you’re used to and there are going to be times when you feel slightly overwhelmed. It’s possible that all-nighters will become very familiar to you, but make sure that you set aside a little bit of time for yourself as well. 

10. You can make a Columbia out of an NYU if you need to. 

While total domination with scheming and minions is probably not the best way to approach your first semester, making your school your own and figuring out where you fit in is a must.

11. And if you learned absolutely nothing else from Blair Waldorf just remember...

But leggings are still totally fine. 

Good luck with your first semester, collegiettes!

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