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14 Things Only Messy Girls Understand


Being organized is…tough, to say the least. When you're a messy girl, you know where all your stuff is, even if it doesn't look like it. You know exactly where your keys are—in the fridge, on the second shelf—or that your black boots with the fringe are on the top shelf in your closet, right behind the brown boots without the fringe and next to the top you wore three Halloweens ago. Your room is basically a trainwreck, and you're really not sure if there's even a floor in there anymore. Nobody gets it, but it's your mess so it's okay. Only messy girls will relate to these struggles. 

1. Despite the mess, you know exactly where everything is

Everyone else thinks it's a trainwreck, but you know where to find everything. 

2. Sometimes you forget that you own certain things

TBH, where is that one flannel shirt?

3. But the joy you have when you find all your lost stuff is like no other

It's like going shopping except in your own closet. 

4. Cleaning your room is hellacious

It can take an entire week, and you won't be able to open your closet without causing an avalanche. 

5. When you do clean your room, you're easily distracted by the stuff you find

OMG! A Teen Vogue from 2006—drop everything. 

6. Whenever you can't find something you just buy a new one…and probably lose it again

Couldn't find that flippy black mini skirt so I bought another flippy black mini skirt. 

7. When you're in a hurry, you can never find what you're looking for

My keys are in the fridge, my left boot is in the oven, and who even knows where my purse is. 

8. You have to go through 100 shirts to find one that doesn't have a stain

Oh, this white shirt is so cute and it goes with your denim skirt, but it has a weird stain on the boob. 

9. Your stuff is EVERYWHERE

Literally stuff in the basement, upstairs, in someone's car, at a friend's house, in a different state. 

9. People are lowkey grossed out when they come over

And you're there like #sorrynotsorry.

10. You can't make it through a meal without spilling

Your friends mock you constantly and have made a game of seeing how long you can go with a stain on your shirt without noticing. 

11. Your family is constantly telling you to pick up your stuff

And you're like, "New phone, who dis?" 

12. When you do clean up, it only lasts for like a day

And then everything is a mess again. 

13. No matter how much you try to organize, everything is still messy

Spent so much money at The Container Store, but stuff is still everywhere. 

14. Your family and friends have staged multiple interventions at this point

Even though you're an adult, you show no signs of getting it together. 

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