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    From her memorable appearances on talk shows (cue that one Jimmy Fallon interview where she explains what ‘okurrrr’ means) to her award show speeches where she gets the audience cracking up every time, people just can’t seem to get enough of Cardi B. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper is also known for being (super) open with fans and sharing her relatable moments on social media. However, what's to love more than actual Cardi—a Cardi B meme, of course. Here are some Cardi B memes for every life situation (prepare to LOL).



    Yaaaa annoying for this 😩😩😩😩😂Leave five year old Belcalis alone 😤😤

    A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

    When someone is about to lie to you, but you're standing there already knowing the truth. 



    We hate you hoes @hennessycarolina “this is our playground now “

    A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

     When you and your best friend hear someone talking trash about you guys.



    Ya need to leave me alone 😩😂😩😂

    A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

    When you hang around a new friend for too long and start to become just like them. 



    Part 2.

    A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

    When you dressed up all cute to go to the party, but then see your ex with another person.

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    Everyone loves a good blazer. Whether you’re looking to secure that bomb internship for the summer or are just going out for a quick cup of coffee, a blazer can take your outfit from a solid 6 to a trendy 10, ASAP. It instantly dresses up whatever you could find in your closet that morning (laundry day is such a chore) and makes you look as if you’re a put-together college woman (hey, we can pretend, right?).

    Blazers have become more than a way to dress up your basic outfits—now they have become the outfits. With statement pieces overflowing the market this fall, now blazers have become the main attraction of any outfit. Want to strut down the street and look like the boss woman you are? Here are a few blazers that will accomplish that.

    Related: The Top Fall Fashion Trends Happening Right Now, According to Instagram

    Who said menswear is just for men?

    2018 is about not only breaking boundaries but shattering stereotypes. Our favorite celebrities—like the inspirational Lady Gaga for example—are doing so by pairing blazers usually made for men with their own interpretation. By reclaiming this fashions style so often made exclusively for men and making it into her own power move, Lady Gaga has shown women everywhere that there is no need to dress like your typical women. Dress how you feel.

    Want to explore the expanding trend of women in menswear this fall? Create the chic menswear look with these oversized culottes, gray turtleneck, and classic boyfriend blazer.

    Know that plaid is everything

    What was once the pattern of our dreaded school uniforms has now become the go-to pattern for any fashionista this fall: plaid. It’s an eye-catching pattern that is sure to complete any piece you wear. Because it’s such a busy pattern, make sure the rest of your outfit is understated in order to accentuate the plaid piece. Much like Bella Hadid above, maybe pair your new favorite plaid blazer with a graphic tee and simple pair of dark ripped jeans.

    Wear bold prints to catch everyone’s eyes




    A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on



    Go for a bold print blazer this Fall! It’s a staple piece that can be worn multiple ways and one that will never go out of style💗 . . . P.S. This @cinqasept blazer is on sale!! Shop the look on the app or 👉🏻 #liketkit #LTKstyletip 📸@dakotaburnsphotography • • • • • #statementpiece#cinqasept#streetstyle#realliferunway#fallfashion#fashionblogger#talent#currentlywearing#ootd#fashionaddict#wiwt#styleblogger#fashiongram#lifestyleblogger#thatsdarling#realoutfitgram#bloggerstyle#flashesofdelight#fashionstylist#ootdfashion#delightfullydeligne#fw18#justtryiton#boldblazer#samedelman#freepeople#jennybird

    A post shared by ERICA DELIGNE (DUH-line) (@delightfully_deligne) on

    If you’re looking to be a little more daring with your choice of blazer, it’s time for you to dress up and show off that attitude. Whether you’re seeking some sneaky cutouts like Priyanka Chopra above or you want an out-of-this-world print, fall is the time to exercise your last risky fashion choices before you have to hibernate in your favorite parka for the winter.

    If you want a risk-taking but still relaxed outfit to wear to your favorite brunch spot, try this autumnal blazer, white cut-out skirt, and simple bandeau.

    Feel velvety smooth

    As the cool fall temperatures hint of a dangerously chilly winter, you may want to bundle up against the cold but still look fashionable while doing so. Velvet blazers are the perfect solution to this conundrum. Not only will you be feeling warm, but you can also accessorize and dress up a casual outfit just because you’re wearing a velvet blazer.

    Want to try this trend out? Grab this blazer, a pair of light-washed jeans, a simple white tee—and a beret, if you’re feeling like taking another fashion risk.

    Go business chic at the party



    Asi tal cual insuperable en shock fucsia 🔥 the famous #blazerdress en este impacto de mujer @lisandrasilva !

    A post shared by Nicoletta Valentina 💕 (@nicolettavalentina) on

    The ultimate power move? Wearing the blazer to the party. Reclaim this office chic look and hit the town with your friends while looking like you run the damn place. A blazer dress will give you the right amount of attitude and confidence to pull off such a bold style move.

    If you want to wow at your next party like the superstars above, throw on this chic red blazer dress, glitzy body chain, and sexy red heels.

    If you're trying to maintain a semblance of professional chic while still taking fashion risks this fall, these blazers above will help you achieve that goal!

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    Last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Flowers Grow Out of My Grave," brought about the most bittersweet flash from the past. After Meredith successfully operated on a young girl whose family had set up a Dia De Los Muertos display in her hospital room, she asked if she could take a look at their alter. One of the family members walked her through their departed loved ones and told Meredith that she shouldn't be sorry for their loss, because they were there with them now. The woman gave Meredith a Marigold, which is said to help guide our ancestors' spirits back to us. Meredith put it behind her ear and as she made her way out for the night, with a Spanish cover of Chasing Cars in the background (Thanks, Satan), her voiceover discussed her experience with losing people she's loved and all of those she’s lost popped in, almost like they were checking in on her. Cue the ugly sobs from every single viewer as George and Ellis walked around corners, Lexi stood behind the nurses station, Doc trotted down the hall with Meredith and Derek and Mark stood side by side in the ER.

    Let's not pretend—it’s a rare day when Grey's doesn't make us cry, though some episodes are better at it than others. Below are some of the most heart-wrenching moments of the series.

    When Casey the firefighter died from severe burns from a wildfire, his wife by his side

    When Meredith realized that it was George

    When Dr. Bailey stayed with Omar, who was stuck in isolation while his wife, Giselle, died of the plague

    I couldn​'t find a clip of this one, so look at his face and think back to Dr. Bailey pressing her hand against the window and demanding he put his hand against hers to stop his panic attack.

    When Meredith drowned, and Derek pulled her blue body out of the water (honorable mention: when all of her friends sat outside her room waiting to see if she’d live)

    When Rosie died and her husband regretted the DNR, jumping in to start CPR, but he couldn't be the one to let her die so Dr. Bailey took over, but she couldn't do it either so Derek took over and finally let her go

    When Meredith told Derek that it was okay for him to go 

    And when Penny tried to apologize for Derek's death, and Meredith told her that he was her "one," the patient that would haunt her for the rest of her career

    When Jessica was dying of Tay-Sachs, and her father spent most of her last hours trying to find a way to get them to Mexico for experimental treatment before Bailey got through to him that it was time to just hold her

    When they played back the wedding video and Mark said, "Oh, well that's easy. Lexie Grey." 

    When Adele was diagnosed, and begged Richard not to write her off as a burden because of her Alzheimer's

    And then when she died and Richard didn't want to ruin Bailey's wedding, so he and Meredith cried alone in the back

    When Percy was dying, and Bailey screamed hysterically as she begged them to turn the elevators back on

    Actually just that whole episode - when Meredith saw Derek get shot, when she pleaded that the gunman take her life instead, when Cristina faked Derek's death, when Meredith miscarried... this whole episode had a whole series' worth of pain and suffering

    When Jackson promised to believe in God if he would just save April

    When Izzie finally listened to Denny's voicemail

    When Ellis told Meredith that she was anything but ordinary and encouraged her to live

    When Sara was pulled away from the ambulance that her husband was trapped in, and Meredith came to the realization that for so many people, all she would ever be was the face that gave them the worst news of their lives

    And when Arizona proposed to Callie and then promptly almost killed her

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    Let’s face it: it can be easy to get caught up in our daily hustle and bustle of work, school, and everything in between, leaving us to forget about the bigger picture. This bigger picture includes doing good for yourself, others in your community and the world, which is a sentiment that can easily be forgotten. That’s why Her Campus and bareMinerals teamed up for the Power of Good Tour — to promote the message of helping ourselves, our communities and the world around us through even the smallest acts of kindness.

    When it comes to making a positive impact in your world, it doesn’t have to be done through any grand gesture, but simply through good-hearted choices. Here are three easy ways that you can embrace the #PowerofGood:

    1. Gift someone a compliment

    Never underestimate the power of a compliment — it can easily brighten someone’s day or pick up someone who’s going through a rough patch.  We all know that receiving an authentic and kind compliment is one of the best feelings, so don’t be afraid to pay that feeling forward! Just a few kind words can make a big difference.

    2. Lend a friend a helping hand

    Know a friend struggling with passing an exam for that tough class? Offer to study together or even tutor them if you see them getting nervous for the upcoming test. Just offering your assistance is sure to make your friend feel less anxious about the class since they know they have someone by their side.

    3. Perform a random act of kindness

    Experiencing a kind act of service from a complete stranger is one of the most wonderful ways to spread goodness around. Try paying for the coffee or meal of the person behind you — it will be sure to make their day and perhaps spark inspiration for them to do the same to a stranger. Even something as simple as telling a stranger “good morning” can make a positive impact. It’s really that easy to bring the power of good into a stranger’s life!

    Don’t be afraid to step out of the day-to-day routine to do something small yet extraordinary. You’re sure to make someone’s day just a little happier through embracing the #PowerOfGood.

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    In case you need one more reason to get your a** out and vote tomorrow, Her Campus has created two new.GIFs to add to your Insta story before and after voting. We all know the classic “I Voted!” photo, but now you have two more options to add to your perfectly curated post to show all of your friends and family.

    Snap your best selfie, search Her Campus in Gif and tap your choice of the two. What better way to encourage your friends to get to the polls than having a cute and flashing sign pointing them there?

    First, for all of your followers that need that extra push, there’s now a “fucking vote” .gif sticker — which is the perfect amount of persuasion. I mean who can say "no" now?

    via GIPHY

    Secondly, we have the classic, post-vote glow. Quickly take a bunch of selfies, choose your favorite and add this gif on top to make sure everyone knows what your power stance is for.

    via GIPHY

    You have one more day to make it count, so get out to the polls with your girl gang to take that perfect post-vote selfie (and double check that it's legal in your state before you try any kind of ballot selfie!), and while you’re at it influence everyone else on your social media to make sure they fulfill this responsibility. Happy selfie taking!

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    We’ve all heard it before: “when you eat good, you feel good.” But did you know that eating well can help your complexion look better too? Dermatologists have found that a healthy, well-balanced diet can lead to a significant reduction in acne and keep your skin fresh and youthful. Many dermatologists suggest regularly consuming fresh, nutrient-rich foods such as leafy greens, berries, and salmon, can lead to significant improvements in the quality of your skin, whereas diets high in sugar and trans-fats often are the cause of problems like acne, oily skin and clogged pores. So what nutrients should you be feeding your skin?

    Vitamin A has healing powers

    Found in leafy greens, bell peppers, and fish, vitamin A serves several purposes in improving your skin. Not only does it provide your skin with antioxidants that help regulate the skin cycle and keep your pores clear, but it also assists in collagen production, which helps heal dry, damaged skin and prevent wrinkles. This nutrient also helps keep your skin hydrated, which will give it a fresh, youthful appearance.

    Vitamin C fights off free radicals

    Oranges are probably the most well-known source of vitamin C, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only source! Eating just one medium-sized kiwi can give you a full serving of vitamin C for the day, and provide your body with antioxidants that can help heal sun-damaged skin. Vitamin C promotes collagen production, just like vitamin A, and some studies suggest it can assist in boost the skin’s defense against free radicals.

    Related: What To Eat To Beautify Your Hair, Skin and Nails

    Vitamin E will hydrate and renew your skin

    Found in nuts, seeds, and green veggies like broccoli, vitamin E helps protect the skin from free radicals and repair damage. If you have dry, flaky skin or acne scars, vitamin E can help with that too — it promotes the regeneration of new skin cells, lightening scars and can help cells restore lost moisture. As an additional bonus, it can work with vitamin C to provide protection against UV light.

    Omega-3 fatty acids can turn back time

    Because Omega-3s are fats, they’re able to help protect the membranes of your skin cells and strengthen their barriers, keeping moisture in and toxins out. Improving moisture content of the skin will also help reduce the chances of wrinkles, and give your skin a smoother, fresher look. [This would be another great place to put an expert source (once to get them) because this will help back-up this resourceful info.] Many people who consume omega-3 fatty acids regularly also found that it can help reduce inflammation and redness of the skin, as well as treat blemishes and eczema!

    Related: 4 Ways Your College Lifestyle Is Ruining Your Skin (& How To Fix It)

    Zinc can boost skin regeneration

    Although people only need to consume about 8-11 mg of zinc per day, that small amount packs a powerful punch in the fight against acne and wrinkles and can help heal acne scars. Oysters are extremely high in this particular mineral—just two shells provide a full daily dose. If oysters aren’t to your liking, don’t worry: poultry, nuts and whole grains are also rich in zinc and are easy to work into your diet.

    A healthy diet alone won’t bring you perfect skin overnight, but it can definitely go a long way towards achieving your goal of having healthy skin, as well as help you have an overall healthier lifestyle.  Indulge in comfort foods like cookies or chips every now and then, but keep your focus on healthy foods that have had minimal processing and are rich in the vitamins above, and you’re sure to get the beautiful glow you want. And remember, don’t focus on getting skin that looks exactly like someone else’s — your skin is yours, and it’s beautiful in its own unique way. Focus on developing a diet that makes you feel good inside and out.

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    Two months after rapper Mac Miller was found dead in his Studio City, California home, his cause of death was ruled an accidental overdose. 

    The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner released a statement Monday that Miller’s death was accidental and caused by a mixed drug toxicity, USA Today reports. The coroner found a mixture of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol in his system. 

    According toPeople, the coroner's report revealed that the rapper was found on his bed “kneeling with his face resting on his knees” by his personal assistant. The assistant called 911, moved Miller to the ground, and performed CPR until paramedics arrived. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

    The home was reportedly “swept clean” of any drug use evidence before police arrived, according to TMZ. But the report stated “a white powdery substance, non-prescribed medication, prescription medication, and a rolled 20 dollar bill with white powder residue were collected from the scene and booked into evidence,” according to Yahoo

    Miller’s assistant later told the cops that he’d “been in good spirits and had many positive, ongoing projects,” but the assistant revealed that he “struggles with sobriety and when he ‘slips’ he consumes them in excess.” The musician had “several recent ‘slips,’” and the most recent was three days prior to his death. 

    Miller was hanging out with friends and watching football reportedly before his death, “that's why this is such a shock,” an anonymous insider told People. “Everyone who he worked with was aware that he was delicate, but thought it was because of the new album, nerves, nothing like this.” Back in August, he released his last album Swimming, where he talked about his lifelong battle with substance abuse.

    Last week, fans and celebrities honored the late rapper at the tribute concert, “Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life.”  Chance the Rapper, John Mayer and Travis Scott performed at the concert, and a charity was launched for youth “arts and community-building programs” called Mac Miller Circles Fund. 

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    The United States national Olympic committee announced on Monday that it will revoke USA Gymnastics status as the sport’s national governing body. After years of complaints over how USA Gymnastics has handled sexual assault complaints, The New York Times reports that the national committee will remove the organizations authority and take over operations for the time being.

    “This is a situation in which there are no perfect solutions,” USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland said in a statement. “Seeking to revoke recognition is not a conclusion that we have come to easily. In the short-term, we have to work to ensure that USAG gymnasts have the support necessary to excel on and off the field of play. We are building plans to do just that.”

    Hirshland also wrote in an open letter to gymnasts across the United States that “you deserve better.” 

    “You might be asking why now? The short answer is that we believer the challenges facing the organization are simply more than it is capable of overcoming in its current form,” she wrote. “We have worked closely with the new USAG board over recent months to support them, but despite diligent effort, the NGB continues to struggle. And that’s not fair to gymnasts around the country. Even weeks ago, I hoped there was a different way forward. But we now believe that is no longer possible.” 

    It’s unclear how the USOC will manage operations.The process for decertification is lengthy and often regarded as the “nuclear option”. According to The New York Times, USOC would have create a review board, hold several hearings, have a report issued, and then the board would have a final vote. This basically means no outcome is guaranteed. 

    According to AP News, USA gymnastics issued a statement later saying it was looking at the committees letter and “evaluating the best path forward for our athletes, professional members, the organization and staff.” 

    The current governing body has faced harsh criticism for how it has handled sexual assault complaints, including hundreds against former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.  USA Gymnastics has also struggled to find new leadership. According to CNN, Kerry Perry was appointed as chief executive, but quickly forced out after she chose elite coach and gym owner Mary Lee Tracy to a high-up development position. Tracy previously defended Larry Nassar. 

    Former congresswoman Mary Bono was appointed interim chief executive last month, but she resign four days later. Bono was associated with the law firm that advised USA Gymnastic during the Nassar scandal.

    Even the USOC has faced criticism for not responding quickly to the sexual assault cases. The decision to decertify USA Gymnastic was praised by gymnast Rachel Denhollander, who first came forward with Nassar’s years of abuse. 

    Others thought it was simply a ploy. “Today’s announcement by USOC seeks only to deflect from their total failure over decades to protect the gymnasts in their care,” said Michelle Simpson Tuegel and Mo Aziz, who were Olympian Tasha and Jordan Schwikert lawyers against USA Gymnastics and USOC, to AP News

    It’s unclear how the USOC’s decision will affect gymnasts or what will happen with USA Gymnastics in the upcoming months. Hirshland wrote that the committee will ensure that every gymnast, coach, trainer and club owner gets the organization they deserve. 

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    Good morning Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds — we’re all only human, after all. 

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.) 

    Major TV Networks And Facebook Stop Running Racist Trump Ad

    Fox News, NBC and Facebook announced Monday that they will no longer air the Trump campaign’s racist anti-immigration advertisement that portrayed the migrant caravan traveling through Mexico as a violent threat. 

    NBC received backlash for airing a shorter version of the ad during the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers football game. The network announced on Monday it would be removed. 

    NBC’s Will & Grace star Debra Messing tweeted, “I want you to know that I am ashamed that my network aired this disgusting racist ad. It is the antithesis of everything I personally believe in, and what, I believe, our show is all about.”

    Facebook also pulled a shorter version of the ad stating that it went against policy. It policies state that content and ads can’t contain shocking, sensational, disrespectful, or excessively violent content. 

    “This ad violate Facebook’s advertising policy against sensational content so we are rejecting it,” a Facebook spokesperson told Buzzfeed News. “While the video is allowed to be posted on Facebook, it cannot receive paid distribution.” 

    President Trump first shared the video on his Twitter a week before the midterm elections. The video features Luis Bracamontes, who had been convicted of killing two California deputies in 2014. It continues to show Bracamontes trial and sentencing, where he says “I’m gonna kill more cops.” The ad then reads, “Democrats let him stay.”  Images of the migrant caravan are shown making its way through Mexico, and it falsely tries to tie Bracamontes to the caravan. According to the New York Times, there is no evidence the two connect. 

    CNN refused to air the ad because of it’s racism, the New York Times reports. 

    21-Year-Old Driver Said He Huffed Chemicals As He Hit Girl Scout Troop

    A 21-year-old driver hit a Girl Scout troop who were picking up trash in a ditch next to the highway over the weekend. The black pickup truck veered out of the lane and struck five pedestrians. The driver and his passenger fled the scene. 

    Five hours after the accident, Colten Treu along with the passenger turned themselves in to the Lake Hallie Police. Treu later admitted to the Wisconsin Police that he was “huffing” chemicals at the time, according to Buzzfeed News

    The crime resulted in the deaths of three members of the Girl Scout troop including 9-year-old Jayna Kelley, 10-year-old Autum Helgeson, and 10-year-old Haylee Hickle. Sara Jo Schneider, 32, was also killed. She was Haylee’s mom. Another 10-year-old girl was taken to the hospital for injuries, but is currently in stable condition. 

    Treu faces 13 potential charges, including four counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle, according to Lake Hallie Police, who release a statement to Facebook

    These Voting Memes Are Getting Us In The Midterm Feels

    You know they say a lot can change in two years. I mean just ask Twitter.

    Voters have stormed Twitter to share just how they feel about today’s midterm elections in comparison to how they felt casting their ballots in the 2016 presidential elections. It was certainly a time when we all weren’t in a state of firy terror.

    The ‘Me voting in 2016 vs. Me voting in 2018’ meme has exploded on social media, and I’m living for it. You basically take two completely different images then mash them together, and the more drastic the better tbh.

    Don’t worry though I’ve gathered up some of my personal favs to get you inspired.

    What to look out for...

    You guys, the day is finally here! This is probably the most important midterm election right now. You've registered to vote, researched the candidates and measures on the ballot, and your obvi excited. So let your voices be heard, and go vote!

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    A Monday press release from Reebok announced Cardi B as the new face of Reebok. Sources from Billboard say the brand described Cardi as "a world-class entertainer... a mother, a style icon, a pop culture magnet and -- above all else -- a fearless individual." For the partnership, Cardi will promote Reebok's Aztrek sneaker, a revival of a classic 90's look. The shoe launch comes perfectly timed for the peak of popularity of chunky, vintage-inspired sneakers.

    Reebok Aztrek SneakerReebok Aztrek Sneaker ($90),

    This isn't the first brand partnership for the Bodak Yellow rapper. She previously partnered fast fashion retailer Fashion Nova, even dropping a line about the brand in her song She Bad. In 2017, she appeared in a series of videos promoting a line of Steve Madden shoes and sunglasses.

    Cardi isn’t the first A-list celeb to score a deal with Reebok, with past brand ambassadors including Ariana Grande, Gal Gadot and Gigi Hadid. Full details of the Cardi-Reebok collaboration are yet to be released, but according to WWD, the rapper will not only promote the sneaker but a line of Reebok apparel as well. The company aims to use Cardi's bold personality and fearless nature to boost brand image and gain popularity. 



    If you dont know, now you know. 😏 REEBOK! #Aztrek @Reebok @ReebokClassics #Reebokpartner

    A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

    The collab comes amidst the seemingly never-ending Cardi versus Nicki fued. After their iconic fight at NYFW in September, the two have continued their debate through social media. We can't help but wonder if the Aztrek will become the unofficial Team Cardi shoe? 

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    The day before midterm elections at NBC's offices in 30 Rockefeller Plaza is exactly as manic and magnetic as you'd expect. Lots of bodies, lots of screens — there's eyes on all the races you've been hearing about non-stop all summer. Considering the sheer number of nail-biting races going down across the United States that will very likely determine the direction of the next two years (at least), it's no surprise that their team is hunkered TF down and ready to report it all as it happens. 

    Her Campus was able to snag a bit of this time away from some veteran journalists — Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell and Political Director and Host of NBC's Meet The Press Chuck Todd— on Monday afternoon to talk about their work, their advice to young journalists (covering midterms, politics and beyond) and WTF they've been seeing during this much-hyped first midterms season under the Trump administration. 

    This interview has been edited & condensed.

    Her Campus: First of all, we wanted to hear your 'There and Back Again' stories. How did you get started in political journalism? What got you to where we're sitting right now? 

    Andrea Mitchell: The first story I wrote was for my home-town newspaper, I was the school reporter when I was 12, in sixth grade, and I had my byline every Friday — "This is what's happening in the schools." It was in my blood. I just loved writing.

    And then in college I ended up running the college radio station. In 1964, I was just starting out and they sent me to New York to do radio broadcasts for the 1964 election. Would you believe? And so politics has always just been a part of my life. Our parents were very political. We just talked and argued at the table from all different directions. I just think what you're doing now in college is so important because it becomes part of you. It's in your blood. And the elections you cover now will be the elections you always remember.

    "I just think what you're doing now in college is so important because it becomes part of you. It's in your blood. And the elections you cover now will be the elections you always remember." - Andrea Mitchell

    Chuck Todd: So I guess my origin story would start with: I just wanted to get into politics. I sort of stumbled into the journalism aspect of it. It was more of I came to Washington and went to look for schools to apply to in DC because I wanted to be in DC. I knew I wanted to do that. How? I don't know. I ended up in this incredible internship with something called The Hotline and it was a trade publication or, as I like to call it, 'the Internet before the Internet.' We were aggregating when that wasn't a term that anybody talked about. We called it "covering the coverage." And at the time if you wanted to see The Des Moines Register in the same day —it was a big deal in 1992 — we could do it for you. We have these crazy things called faxes. And we got information instantaneously from newspapers who sent us faxes or "bulletin boards"— or you dialed in. I still have these sort of brain pains from the weird fax noises back in the day.

    [Makes Donkey-like fax machine noise] It sounds like Eeyore.

     But there's big lessons I took away from it. Number one: Don't be a snob about technology. Every once in a while now I'm, as I'm getting more gray hair going "Ah! Snapchat, blah!" But then, you know, wait a minute: The reason I got my big break is because people at the Washington Post were snobs about the Internet in 1995. Some kid who was 23 years old got to do political analysis for a website called Politics Now because the big brains thought "No, I want to be in the front page of a newspaper. Why be on the Internet where it's nothing but libertarians yelling at you?"

    Well, in 1995, that is what the Internet was —libertarians yelling at you. But it was my big break and it taught me don't be a snob about technology and it's probably the number one piece of advice that I've given.

    HC: Damn, Be Nimble. So, to bring us back to today. You guys are in the middle of midterms season right now — or in the middle of the end. While you've been out in the field and working on your midterm coverage, do you have any stories, any moments that stand out or feel like This is 2018This is covering politics in 2018?

    Andrea Mitchell: Well, just about any Trump rally basically because it's so brutal and the language is so tough. It's just amazing to hear this coming, you know, at a rally. And being called the "fake media"— that really is alarming because it's dangerous. There are people on the line — our correspondents, our camera crews, all of our people, our interns, out of the country and college folks who work for us, whom we rely on so heavily, and they're out at these rallies and there are people there who are screaming invective. When I see the images of the people behind the president, and some of them are young people, with this hate-filled rage. What is possessing them? What is making them so angry at fellow Americans who just happened to have a different point of view? That's the argument that really drives me crazy.

    So I love seeing college political activity, both activism to get out the vote, people rallying for different candidates and also writing and working on press reports in the media.

    Todd: I would just say this: I'm gonna 'glass is half full'-it a little bit on the larger picture of this Trump-era that we're in. I'm blown away by the amount of engagement we suddenly have. You know, for decades the idea has been that we were kind of apathetic. I'd have people that I looked up to who would say "oh boy, we don't have political activism like we had in the sixties and we don't have political activism when we had. You don't know what it was like unless you were there in this year and this year in 1968 or nine."

    I will say this: I do think this is a point in history where we're re-engaged as a civil society. Again, it's noisy. There are times where I think we're doing it without a safety net. There is no safety net on this one. But there is this aspect — and Andrea, I think you agree — we as voters, we stumble into the right thing. It takes us a while to figure that out. But I've been blown away by any engagement.

    Mitchell, Todd at NBC News' offices in NYC

    Let me give you one anecdote that, to me, was sort of peak 2018: So I'm going to do something we called Meet The Voters and all of the sun-belt this year is my whole obsession. I think this is the new swing area of the country. My joke is Orange County to Orange County —Orange County, Florida to Orange County, California.

    I'm in Tampa. I'm in a gun store with its own range,  where people come in and so it's pretty clear we want to meet and talk to people who care about the second amendment, who are very passionate about it. We're outside Tampa, so you know, if a person agrees to go on camera, he clearly very much cares about his second amendment rights. And I asked him, what's your message with your vote? And the first thing he says to me is "clean up this red tide." 

    And it was just sort of this moment where you realize:Voters don't always wear their jersey. In fact, most voters don't wear their jersey. We know they eventually vote their jersey color, there's no doubt, but the issues that hit him [vary]. There are gun owners who care about being able to fish off the coast of Florida, just like there are tree huggers that want to be able to fish off the coast of Florida. It was just one of those reminders that there are still some things that we may not agree on— guns, maybe — but maybe we can agree on the environment over here and create this coalition. And then we may not agree on this, but that — that's the way democracy works.

    "It was just sort of this moment where you realize: Voters don't always wear their jersey. In fact, most voters don't wear their jersey. We know they eventually vote their jersey color." - Chuck Todd

    Mitchell: Even today in Georgia, in Marietta, Georgia, one of our creek correspondents was interviewing some voters and she talked to this one woman who said "My big issue is education. That's why I really liked Stacey Abrams." Then she had this guy who looked like a Good Old Boy. Really frankly, if you were to type-cast the way he looked. And he said I hadn't decided... how he's going to vote yet. She asked "what issue do you care about?" He said "I agree with her. It's education. Georgia and was 48th out of 50 in recent ranking and we've got to work on education."

    It blew me away because I would've thought the economy jobs, anything else, the border, maybe, but education was his big issue.

    Todd: That's the reminder.

    Mitchell: Don't typecast voters.

    "The caricature that the two parties have created, sometimes the caricature that some of our friends on cable television have created, ain't America." - Chuck Todd

    Todd: The caricature that the two parties have created, sometimes the caricature that some of our friends on cable television have created, ain't America. Just because they're in New York studios and see one thing, the rest of us go out into the country and see something else. In that sense, it's been a rejuvenating. Again, civil society is trying to work. It's messy, it's ugly, but it's trying to work. Let's give it a chance.

    Mitchell: It's been good to keep an open mind about everything.

    HC: So what kind of advice would you have for young journalists when they're facing down the tribalism and the caricatures. How can they tell the right stories and report responsibly?

    Mitchell: First of all, try to find the humanity in the people that you're interviewing. You can connect with anyone on any level. I mean, not some of the crazy perpetrators we've seen recently, but you can connect with people about family. We all know many of us live with aging parents and took care of aging parents or had worries about our own health. So there are some issues that cut across all demographics and just find that core. Everybody is stressed out or anxious about something. So many people you would never expect have families with their big issues, health issues, health concerns.

    Look at how quickly young people changed America on the issue of LGBTQ rights, how quickly that changed in the military, everywhere. And it was really people, young and old, recognizing that not only was it a human rights and civil rights issue, but it was talking about their sons, daughters, you know, aunts, uncles, parents. So everyone is affected by these very human conditions and that's the basis on which we have to communicate.

    "Everybody is stressed out or anxious about something...everyone is affected by these very human conditions and that's the basis on which we have to communicate." - Andrea Mitchell 

    Todd: I'll Sum it up shortly: Don't get 'been there, done that' disease. That's like the number one thing that I have to remind myself. Andrea and I remind each other, you know — oh, we've seen it seven times one way, it's true. And then one time, you don't. That's why I love politics. It's why I love doing what we're doing. For some people 2016 was a wake-up call for various reasons, but it was also a reminder that, hey, voters vote. The voters speak here. People always ask 'What do you think's going to happen?' When a voter asks me that, I always say 'oh, my vote counts the same as yours. What do you think's going to happen?'

    That's something though. Always remember to re-ask that question.

    NBC News’ coverage tonight starts at 8p/7c on NBC& for more of our exclusive with Chuck and Andrea, check out @hercampus on Instagram.

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    Defining the relationship, commonly known as DTR, can be an anxiety-inducing topic for many people. In a world filled with hook-ups, casual dating, friends with benefits, open relationships and committed ones, it’s so important to be on the same page when it comes to where you and your love interest stand. We know this topic can be tough to bring up and even harder to navigate the conversation once you do, so we spoke with Dr. Patrick Wanis, relationship expert and author of Get Over Your Ex Now! and The Breakup Test, about seven ways to define the relationship. With these steps in mind, you’ll better navigate the rough waters of dating and DTR once and for all!

    1. Make it clear what you want from the relationship

    One of the most difficult parts any relationship or sort-of-relationship for many is clearly stating what you want. However, Dr. Wanis really emphasizes that it’s absolutely necessary for you to speak up for yourself and say what you want out of the relationship.

    “I teach to get clear about what you want,” says Dr. Wanis. “So, in this situation, you’ve got to get clear about what type of relationship do you want?”

    There are many types of relationships out there, but if exclusivity is something you want out of your current relationship, it’s just something that needs to be said. Emily Schmidt, a sophomore at Stanford University, offers her experience in speaking up about her expectations.

    “The last person I dated was someone who seemed to hate labels,” says Emily. “Despite asking me to be his girlfriend, he never introduced me as so when meeting his friends or even new people. I've dealt with people who were wishy washy before, so I made quite clear what I wanted from the relationship.”

    It can be scary to speak up for yourself and ask for what you want at times, but you'll never get what you want if you don't ask for it! 

    “In life, you can’t hit a target if you don’t have one,” says Dr. Wanis. “You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want. So, get clear about what you want in life, get clear about you want in a relationship, then ask for it.”

    Whether it be openness, exclusivity or somewhere in between, you’ll ultimately want to ensure that you and your love interest are on the same page. Taking a stand and making it clear from the get-go what you expect out of the connection you have can really save both of you a lot of headaches and heartbreaks later on.

    2. Ask yourself what you’re okay and not okay with

    While it’s important to make it clear what you want from the relationship right away, even when they’re not quite willing to define it, it’s also equally as important to be honest with yourself on what you’re okay and not okay with. Dr. Wanis explains that you’ll want to ask, “What am I willing to give to this relationship, and what will I accept and not accept from my partner?” in order to decide what is best for you.

    Some examples of questions you can ask yourself include, “Am I okay with us dating around, or sleeping with other people? Am I okay with not being labeled as a boyfriend or girlfriend? Am I okay with us just being casual, or friends with benefits?”

    “I really think the idea is to have a conversation,” Dr. Wanis continues. “If someone doesn’t want to define the relationship, they don’t want to commit. Nonetheless, you can still come to an agreement [on] what are you willing to give to this relationship, this friendship, that you don’t want to label.”

    If you feel that your relationship is not exclusive, then it’s a good indicator that you’ll need to be honest with yourself and ask the tough questions. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to figure out what you’re willing to give and accept—just don’t sell yourself short!

    3. Discuss your terms

    Terms aren’t just for legally binding contracts! They exist in any and every type of relationship whether you know it or not, and they need to be discussed if you’re having trouble to DTR.

    “If you find that they’re not meeting the expectations you set for yourself, you need to ask yourself, ‘Am I willing to have this relationship on their terms?’ They are offering you terms, even when they choose not to define the relationship,” says Dr. Wanis. “By choosing not to define the relationship, they’re choosing not to commit, and now the relationship is on their terms.”

    Just as asking yourself whether you’re okay with each other having multiple partners or not, for example, that also doubles as a specific aspect of a relationship that needs to be up for discussion.

    “Labeling isn’t the same as defining,” Dr. Wanis explains. “So maybe your love interest doesn’t want to label the relationship as boyfriend, girlfriend or exclusive, and yet nonetheless, you must define the terms. Because it’s the terms that will determine what type of relationship you’re actually having.”

    If your love interest isn’t willing to DTR, then you should at least ensure that you have agreed on a set of terms, including commitment, exclusivity or openness.

    4. Understand their perspective

    While it can be extremely frustrating to be involved with someone who won’t budge on defining the relationship, understanding where they’re coming from can typically shed some light on the situation. Chelsea Jackson, a junior at Iowa State University, offers up her advice as someone who’s afraid of commitment.

    “Seeing as my hatred for that dreaded DTR talk stems from my phobia of commitment, I feel like having a discussion about why the person you're seeing doesn't want to DTR could be helpful for both parties,” says Chelsea. Do you catch a running theme here?

    “I feel like a lot of people think that just because someone refused to DTR means that they're a jerk, but that isn't always the case,” Chelsea continues. “Understanding why someone doesn't want to DTR could help explain whether they never want to DTR or whether they just aren't ready to DTR at that moment.”

    Everyone has their own story, so really taking a moment to stop and understand a different perspective can help ease some frustration that you probably have. Life happens, and commitment can be scary, especially for those who struggle with it or have had bad experiences with a past relationship. After all, we’re only human, and our own thoughts and perspectives are what make us individuals!

    Related: How to DTR (Define the Relationship)

    5. Question if this relationship is worth it

    Now that you’ve thought long and hard about what you want and what you’re willing to accept from your relationship, it’s now time to question whether the relationship is worth it. It’s certainly not easy, but just know that your time and worth are major priorities!

    “If he or she isn't willing to abide, you've got to question whether the relationship is worth your time,” says Emily.

    “If after you've talked to this person and they're still hesitant to DTR (ever) then you should really think about whether it's worth seeing this person anymore,” Chelsea explains. “If you can handle the fact that you two don't have an official title (but you both respect each other, obviously), then it might be worth sticking around.”

    You’ve already been real with yourself about what you want and expect from the relationship, so you’ll have to take that next step further and truly define your idea of self-worth and what type of relationship is worthy of your time and commitment (or lack thereof).

    6. Decide whether the commitment is there

    Commitment – it’s the C word that can send many running for the hills. If you still can’t decide whether your love interest is committed or not, even without your definition, you’ll want to consider what exactly avoiding that definition could actually mean.

    “When a person says, ‘I don’t want to define our relationship,’ usually what they’re saying is, ‘I don’t want to commit,’” Dr. Wanis explains. “Because as soon you define the relationship, then the other person is forced to make a decision and to commit or not commit.”

    As Chelsea mentioned, commitment can even be considered a phobia for some. So if your love interest isn’t willing to define anything, it may be safe to assume that they’re struggling with the commitment aspect of it all.

    “I really sincerely believe that if someone refuses to define a relationship it’s not because they don’t want to be labeled, it’s usually because they don’t want to commit,” Dr. Wanis continues.

    Commitment is a major, if not the most, important component of a relationship, so if you can pinpoint your love interest’s commitment, or a lack thereof, it can become easier to decide if commitment is what you’re looking for.

    7. Consider ending the relationship if you are unhappy with it

    Okay, so, you’ve spoken up for yourself. You’ve asked yourself the difficult questions. You’ve discussed terms. Ultimately, how do all these steps help you deal with someone who isn’t willing to DTR? Essentially, this process is the key in deciding on whether it’s time to stay together or walk away.

    “Get clear about what you want, and if [they don’t] want to give you what you want, then you have to be willing to walk away from the relationship,” Dr. Wanis advises.

    Although it’s super tempting to stick around and hold onto the hope that maybe they’ll change or eventually want to define and label an exclusive relationship, that doesn’t always happen.

    “If a relationship (whatever that relationship may be) is important to you, then you should stop seeing that person,” says Chelsea. “Not only is it immensely stressful for you to pretend that you care about having the DTR talk, it's also super stressful for the other person if you lie and say that you're alright with not having an official title (because nobody wants to be nagged about having that awkward DTR discussion).”

    Related: 5 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of Your Relationship

    Walking away from a relationship that probably won’t change will not only spare your feelings in the end, but it’ll also allow you for more time to seek out what you truly want from someone else.

    “Personally, I say run. I was once seeing someone who didn't want a title, so I thought if I proved I was worthy of a title that he would change his mind,” says Kayla Düngee, a junior at Georgia State University. “Wrong. They will take all of your kindness for granted and leave you wondering why you're not good enough. Save yourself the headache and go for someone who actually sees your worth.”

    Your happiness is everything, so if the stress of defining your relationship is weighing you down, you do have options.

    “Never accept second best,” says Dr. Wanis. “Never accept mediocrity. Go for what you want. And if this particular person isn’t willing to give you what you want, then go through another relationship with someone else.”

    Defining the relationship is not something that comes easy, and that’s okay! Relationships are messy, and rarely anything that is worth your time is easy. Just always keep in mind that there are actions you can take when you find yourself lacking definition in your current relationship, or whatever you’d like to refer to it as, and if you find that your needs aren’t being met and that you’re not happy, then walking away may be the easiest way to deal of them all.

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    A staple to some makeup routines, an untouched product in others, blush is a tricky product to master. If you over-apply blush, then you’ll look more like a tomato instead of a rosy-cheeked goddess, and if you under-apply, then well, you look like you’ve got nothing on. The biggest question is how you should apply blush? Just where is the sweet spot to place your fave pink blush pigment? Usually, the apples of the cheeks are deemed the perfect place for blush, but makeup gurus have recently shaken up this practice with something called “blush contour.” Now, blush contour is the new blush method on the block and for good reason.

    Blush contour is a technique where you apply blush in a sweeping motion upward and across the cheekbones, much like you would with contour. It seems like it would be simple, but as blush can get a little fidgety, this contour can be easy to mess up. However, with a little guidance, contouring might just be your new favorite method for applying blush. Here are five tips you need to start blush contouring like a pro.

    1. Reference your facial structure



    Praktika teine modell loomuliku jumestusega! #peritmuugafashion #softsmokeyeye #nudelips #blushcontour #naturalmakeup #ladiesnightvapiano

    A post shared by (@faceartbysarahliiis) on

    As with typical contouring, you have to take your face structure into account when figuring out where to apply the product. For blush contour, it can depend on your face shape and what kind of look you’re going for. Blush accentuates certain features by adding eye-catching color, so you have to figure out which aspects should get that extra attention. For example, if you have a round face, you usually look best with blush contour that lifts up your cheeks, making your face look slimmer. In that case, you would apply your blush just below the apples of your cheeks and bring it up toward your hairline in a sweeping motion.

    Meanwhile, heart-shaped faces look best when their blush lifts up their cheekbones, accentuating them further. So for heart-shaped faces, blush contour should go on the bottom portion of the apples of your cheek, working upward toward the temples, using a circular motion to round the cheeks out. However, maybe you have a heart-shaped face but want to subdue your high cheekbones. If you have high pointed cheekbones, and you’re looking to soften the appearance of them, then you would apply your blush a bit lower than the hollows of your cheeks. This creates the illusion of a fuller cheek, instead of sharpening your cheekbones. It's really all about which features you'd personally like to highlight. So, study your features, and that will determine your next step to blush contouring. 

    Related: Hump Day How-to: How to Contour and Highlight Your Face

    2. Use a flat powder brush instead of a blush brush

    Instead of your usual kabuki (the typical blush brush), go for a contour brush to apply your pigment. Since blush contour requires more intention in the application, a contour brush is the perfect tool. The flat powder brush gives you precision and will help define your cheekbones and cheeks. The flatter shape of the brush also gives you a sharper finish, so when you blend your blush against your cheekbones, the color will be more vibrant, and the shape of your application will be much more defined.

    3. Focus on your cheeks and temples



    When your highlight still isn’t strong enough you have to top it off with glitter Done with @maccosmetics @maccosmeticscanada new glitter in “Iridescent White” over too of @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics “Ice Cold” Skin Frost highlighter. Look done for 80’s theme for Giving Day last Friday. Loved this look way too much #mua #glittereyeshadow #glitter #makeupartist #makeup #mac #macmakeup #macartist #macartistchallenge #macartistchallengecanada #80s #macyyc #maccalgary #maccanada #maccosmetics #maccosmeticscanada #yycmua #yycmakeup #yycmakeupartist #yycmac #calgarymua #calgarymakeupartist #calgarymakeup #calgarymac #pink #pinkcontour #blushcontour @muahbcsouthcentre

    A post shared by MARISSA MILLAR (@marissammakeupartist) on

    When blush contouring, it’s important to apply blush toward the hollows of your cheeks, rather than just the apples of your cheeks. Again, intuitively we’d want to apply blush directly on the center of the apples of our cheeks.

    However, that method does not always suit your facial structure. This method makes your blush sit flatly on your face, as opposed to having the color follow the natural curves and contours of your face. Natural blush from your face (the kind that appears after a tough workout or a flirt from a crush) can appear this way. So the traditional blush application method doesn’t provide as much depth and dimension to your cheeks, leaving you with a flatter look. Blush contouring, on the other hand, lifts the face up like contouring does.

    Apply blush from the sides of your cheeks, just slightly above where you do your normal contour. Be sure to use an upward sweeping motion to bring the product from the sides of your cheeks all the way up to just below your temples. Bringing the excess blush up to your temples will also make your contour look more natural. Always be sure to focus on the sides of your cheeks to get that flushed contoured look.

    4. Go for brown, pink or peach shades for a natural look

    For blush contouring, neutral and dusty shades are ideal for achieving the classy-yet-natural look. Mauvy and rosy pinks are perfect as they suit every skin tone. The tanner blush shades usually match your skin color a lot better too, so applying browns and beiges actually makes your cheeks look naturally rounder and fuller. At the same time, peach and coral shades are also ideal for blush contour as their color can make your cheeks look more defined.

    Blush contour is what it sounds like, a mix between contour and blush to achieve a fuller, more colorful makeup look. So, going for neutral browny pinks and peaches will add that extra flush of color you’re looking for while keeping it muted enough to give a perfectly natural definition. Ramisa Chowdhury, a senior at the University of Central Florida, always goes for a mauvy pink to bring out her cheekbones. 

    "Whenever I'm stuck on what blush to wear, a brown pink is my go to. The color is subtle enough, so when I apply it just under the apples of my cheeks, it looks like a natural blush color that defines my cheeks more. It's also great because it's a very versatile color; I can use it for a party or just for everyday wear," Ramisa says. 

    For an even smoother, more pigmented and natural finish, try using cream blushes. Powder blushes can be difficult to blend in for blush contour, but cream blushes blend into your skin perfectly and can be super pigmented. They’re especially ideal for anyone with dry skin who may otherwise hurt their skin with dry blush products. A rosy pink cream blush can bring your face to life, so be sure to take a little and dab it in the area where you want the most color to show. Then, proceed to blend the cream blush out toward the hairline. Voila, you’ve got the most natural, beautiful blush contour you’ve ever seen.

    Related: How to Find the Right Shade of Blush for Your Skin Tone

    5. Top it off with a pink-toned highlight

    No contour is complete without a highlight to bring it all together. However, a pink highlight can take your blush contour to the next level. Use a highlight with a pink undertone to complement the blush contour. Creamy highlights work best as they are usually the most pigmented and won’t get lost in the powdery blush contour. Apply the highlight directly above the blush contour to complete the look. Arshi Chowdhury, a junior at the University of Florida, loves to incorporate a pink highlight to bring out her blush.

    "I notice that when I put on silver or cool toned highlights, they can overpower the blush and distract away from it," Arshi says. "But a pink highlight brings my look together because the colors overall are so warm. The blush is usually a matte pink and combining that with a shiny pink highlight makes your makeup look really put together."

    Blush contour is the trendiest new way to apply your blush, and with some sound tips, you can experiment with your technique. Feel free to test out different areas of your face to see which blush contour look best suits you.

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    In case you've missed the hundreds of posts about it, today is Election Day in the United States. This year garnered more excitement than midterms in the past with tons of lead up to the big day. Now, even celebrities are showing their political fever with endorsements, 'I Voted' selfies and family fun at the polls.

    Below are the 10 best celebrity posts about Election Day this year to get you through the anxiety while we wait for the polls to close. 

    1. Zendaya



    I voted, you?

    A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

    She can even make voting look cute. 

    2. Taylor Swift

    Her initial post about voting led thousands to the poll, but we'll have to wait to see if this endorsement has an impact. 

    3. Camila Cabello




    A post shared by camila (@camila_cabello) on

    Early voting still counts!

    4. Jake Gyllenhaal


    He made a point to endorse candidates nationwide. 

    5. Diddy


    "Vote or die" seems intense, but you get the point. 

    6. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds



    Happy Birthday to 2018’s Sexiest Voter Alive @vancityreynolds #justvoted 📬🎉#absenteeballot party!

    A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

    Significant others who vote together, stay together. 

    7. Justin Timberlake

    Please no pictures in the voting booth — just afterwards with your sticker!

    8. Idris Elba

    Some celebs were a little sneakier with their Election Day posts. 

    9. Jada Pinkett Smith




    A post shared by Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapinkettsmith) on

    The classic 'I Voted' sticker selfie. We stan.

    10. Seth Meyers

    At least Meyers' son got to to learn something about his civic duties!

    Make sure your vote is cast before the polls close today —or else your favorite celeb might be a little disappointed in you. 

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    This midterm election has brought back a lot of hard feelings from the 2016 presidential cycle. Twitter users have been doing some self-reflection on how their attitudes towards the polls have changed over the last two years — in meme form, of course.

    From wholesome optimism to disdain for the current situation, the latest trend on Twitter is to find images that embody these feelings to show the world your Election Day game face. 

    The memes have become a simple way to express the tension behind the elections this year, but still a small way to push your followers to the polls (because there's still time! If you are on line to vote, stay in line!)

    Hardest of sames.


    Tag yourselves.

    Sad but true.

    It be like that sometimes.

    The 2018 midterms election cycle has been one of the most anxiety-inducing to date, but at least Twitter has found the light side of things. 

    For more info on voting & how college students feel about the midterms 2018, check out our Youth Vote project.

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    Let’s be real, social media can be a very toxic place depending on who you follow, not to mention the “popular” accounts that Instagram “thinks” you want to see. This can make it difficult to stay positive about bodies when we feel like we're unable to live up to the ideals of the photos that flood our feeds. It’s a great thing that body-positivity is so widely accepted on social media platforms (especially Instagram), but our feeds aren't always reflecting that representation.

    Based on who you follow, you could get hundreds of photos of the same-looking people living the “glamorous” lives that we secretly wished we could have – but nothing that's real. While there is nothing wrong with gravitating towards this type of imagery, it’s good to have a bit of diversity in your feed, and to follow influencers that embrace all body types. Here's our faves that are making Instagram a more welcome and stylish place. 

    1. Megan Jayne Crabbe, @bodyposipanda

    Always one to advocate for self-love and diversity of bodies in the beauty and fashion industry, Megan Jayne Crabbe, also known as bodyposipanda on Instagram, is a great addition to your daily scroll. With a balance between memes and images that are bright and fun, Crabbe is constantly featuring herself and others in their real, unedited forms.

    Having previously recovered from an eating disorder, she details this, and the effect social media has on a person’s image, in her much-anticipated autobiography, Body Positive Power. Her unique style and love for other marginalized bodies are shown in her images, but it's her uplifting, inspirational captions that truly remind her her followers to love their bodies and love each other.




    A post shared by Megan Jayne Crabbe 🐼 (@bodyposipanda) on

    2. Shay Neary @watchshayslay

    Being transgender in the beauty and fashion industries are hard enough, and being plus-sized doesn't make it easier. But model Shay Neary topples this stigma flawlessly. Having been featured in campaigns with all-inclusive brand Smart Glamour and UK brand Yours Clothing, she consistently shows the world that being plus-sized and transgender is what makes her beautiful. And she's a badass model, too.

    Considered by most as one of the first plus-sized transgender models in the business, Neary is an icon in her own right. Besides totally killing it as a model for brands or being featured in major fashion spreads in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Neary does exactly as her Instagram handle says: She slays.

    On her Instagram, whether it's a luxe photo shoot or a spontaneous behind-the-scenes snaps, you'll find Neary embracing her body with uplifting captions. She reminds her followers, and those who just happen to come across her page, that embracing who you are on the inside will reflect on the outside as well. 

    3. Kellie Brown @itsmekellieb

    The creator of #fatfashionweek, Kellie Brown is showing everyone that being fat and fabulous go hand in hand. Her feed features her on-point personal style and iconic looks that she always manages to pull off effortlessly. Brown is a legend in the fashion community. She's unapologetically plus-sized, and isn't afraid to share that she's probably more stylish than you.

    Having been featured in publications like Essence and The Cut, Brown's no stranger to being the center of attention. She proves this in her colorful feed and reminds her followers that being big doesn't mean you can't wear cute clothes. On her personal blog, And I Get Dressed, she talks about fashion sales, trends and her current favorite pieces.

    Brown truly normalizes fat fashion and has no problem claiming her space in the industry. Her bold and inspirational attitude is infectious, and will inspire you to post that picture that you once thought wasn't good enough.

    4. Tess Holliday @tessholliday

    One of the OG plus-sized supermodels, Tess Holliday is constantly calling out the fashion and beauty industries on their lack of diversity and inclusion. She shows her followers (and haters) that she can be fat and a supermodel, as proven by her iconic and historic Cosmopolitan UK cover.

    Holliday isn't afraid to post pictures that may seem controversial--like a mirror selfie in only her underwear and bra, or a candid picture of her post crying sesh. She embraces her body like many of the women on this list, and urges open conversations on things that normally might feel difficult to talk about.  

    Being a mom of two, Holliday isn't afraid to reveal that the pressure to be a perfect mom sometimes feels to much. As any truly fabulous icon, she's been featured in so many fashion campaigns, particularly with Fashion Nova Curve and Self Magazine (which she was also the cover model for), and she is the epitome of #fashiongoals. She inspires her followers to wear that outfit they thought wouldn't look good on their body type. 

    5. Marcela Sabia @marcelailustra

    Brazilian artist Marcela Sabia’s Instagram feed is a body positivity haven. She features her own illustrations and encourages her followers to embrace their bodies for how they are. She tackles topics like mental health and self-love, and features illustrations that support those who are disabled, suffering from eating disorders, or just think their bodies are not good enough.

    Sabia's Instagram has something for everyone, and features drawings of diverse issues that many are self-conscious about. By including drawings of women, men and other non-binary people with real body's that sag or have scars, she reminds you that the things that you think are "different" are actually normal.

    Her beautiful illustrations are paired with inspirational captions that remind you what you love about yourself. She is epically real about her own insecurities and inspires others to embrace their own identities and embrace their self-image, rather than be ashamed of it. 

    These amazing women take the most vulnerable parts of themselves and share them with the world to show others that their bodies are normal and beautiful. Even though they don’t look like the bodies that are often shown in media, they are beautiful and deserve a space to exist in any industry.

    From their activism and postings, they're normalizing the body types that others say are too different to feature, and urging you to do so as well. Their Instagram posts and messages are a great addition to any feed, especially for those long days when you need a little something to pick you up or a reminder to love yourself.

    0 0

    Beyoncé, aka the Queen, just officially endorsed congressional candidate Beto O’Rourke for the 2018 Texas Senate race. The “Run the World (Girls)” singer, a Houston, Texas native, took to Instagram on Election Day, to post photos and videos, all featuring Queen Bey sporting a “Beto for Senate” hat, to endorse the congressional candidate.

    “I’m feeling grateful for everyone before me who fought so hard to give us all the right to have a voice,” Beyoncé wrote in her first post. “We can’t voice our frustrations and complain about what’s wrong without voting and exercising our power to make it right. We need you. We all need each other, because when we are truly united we are unstoppable. Sending you all love and positivity on this happy voting day!”

    “Every vote counts. Every race matters Everywhere,” the singer added.

    We love a queen, but we love a political queen even more!

    O’Rourke, who has served as a U.S. Representative for the state’s 16th congressional district since 2013, is currently going up against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz for the Texas Senate seat.

    According to Hello Giggles, Beyoncé has endorsed political candidates before. In 2016, Queen Bey and her husband Jay-Z headlined a concert for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and the singer also performed at former President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony in 2013.

    0 0

    Demi Lovato posted her first picture to Instagram since finishing her stay at a rehab last week, and the singer took to Instagram to post a picture of herself at the polls, sharing with her fans that she was glad to be home in time to vote and urging her fans to do the same.

    Lovato shared a picture of her voting and captioned the photo: “I am so grateful to be home in time to vote! One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard!🗳 🇺🇸 now go out and #VOTE!!!!”

    The singer’s call to vote is so important, but considering that Lovato has gone through a lot lately and has taken some time to care for herself, it is so inspiring to see her exercising her right to vote.

    Lovato’s last post was a few months ago, just as she was beginning her rehab stay. She posted a message to thank her friends, family and fans for their love and support, but had not posted since, according to Cosmopolitan.

    According to Hello Giggles, Dianna De La Garza, Lovato’s mother, recently confirmed in an interview that the singer reached 90 days of sobriety, and we are so happy to see Lovato looking so happy and healthy (and exercising her right to vote!).

    We’re sending lots of love to Lovato right now. And remember, if you haven’t already, vote!

    0 0

    Welcome to Her Campus’ 2018 Midterm Election Live Blog! Your favorite news team will be hanging out here tonight — first in New York City’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza with our pals at NBC News and then around the country — to cover the results of this most intense midterm election night.

    We know y’all are going to be stress-y, depress-y and glued to your twitter feeds anyway (because of who you are as people) — so why not do it with us? Use the hashtag #HCElectionNight to share your insights, anxieties and best reaction .Gifs or to chat with our reporters, writers and editors about the races and issues you care about.

    With us we have HC News Bloggers and Interns past & present including Lauryn Higgins (@laurynhiggins22), Sawyer Stephenson (@sawyer_l_s), Morgan Mullings (@morgancmullings), Haley Creech (@hscreechh) and potentially more throughout the night! You’ll also hear from Nights & Weekends Editor Emily Veith (@emilycveith) and News Editor Katherine Speller (@kathriller) coming at you from @hercampus on Twitter and Instagram.

    Grab your favorite wine glass and put on your coziest crying/laying around leggings — because it’s gonna get weird and political tonight.

    @Kathriller 8:55 pm EST:  I am just about to head out to 30 Rockefeller Plaza to hang with our friends at NBC for a bit. So here's a brief "hello" and a reminder for everyone to stay hyped and stay hydrated (in addition to whatever vice-y coping mechanisms y'all need to get by. I see & feel you) as we cover everything going on tonight. It's going to be wild. 

    @emilycveith 9:03 p.m. EST: I’m covering the Missouri Senate race. In what has been considered a tight race for the Missouri Senate seat, this race will be a good test to see if a Democratic candidate will be able to push through based on a promise of bipartisanship and cooperation, or if a Republican who has run as a close ally to President Donald Trump will be able to win with the president’s support.

    Sen. Claire McCaskill, the Democratic incumbent, said Monday that she doesn’t "really care" if the Democratic Party gains a majority in the House.

    "Honestly, I don't really care what happens nationwide. That's not how I look at elections. I care about what happens in this state," McCaskill told reporters, according to USA Today. "I care about whether or not the people of this state have a representative that is willing to work in the middle. You know, whether the Democrats control or the Republicans control, it takes 60 votes. So, it doesn't change that much."

    McCaskill has worked to distance herself from her party during her campaign for a third term in a state that Trump handedly won in 2016. The senator has insisted that "she’s not one of those crazy Democrats."

    Her opponent, however, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, has run as a close ally of the president.

    McCaskill currently leads Hawley in the polls 51.1 percent to 46.5 percent, respectively.

    @sawyer_l_s 9:09 p.m. EST: I’m covering the governor races for both OK and TX, along with the TX senate and Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner races. Both Texas and Oklahoma are typically red states, but Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke and Oklahoma governor candidate Drew Edmondson have excited constituents across the political spectrum.

    Ashley McCray is also a standout candidate from Oklahoma — running on the Democratic ticket for State Corporation Commissioner.

    With 21 percent of precincts reporting in Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt (R) leads Drew Edmonson (D) with 54 percent of the votes.

    Across the Red River, O’Rourke (D) leads Cruz (R) with 51.3 percent of the votes.

    @laurynhiggins22 9:15 p.m. EST: I’m covering the #NorthCarolina midterm election and the historic #Georgia Senate race. Both longtime battleground states have seen record turnout in voting this year.

    In North Carolina there’s no Senate or Governor’s race but with 49.8 percent of Tarheel’s voting for Trump in 2016, many voters are hoping to turn the state blue as much as they can.

    Public school teacher, Kelly Taylor says, “I honestly can’t believe we let it get this bad. Students are scared to come to school and I’m scared for them. We have to change things and we do that by voting, and more importantly voting for politicians who support gun control.”

    @hscreechh 9:15 p.m. EST: Tonight, I’ll be covering the Tennessee Senate race between Republican Marsha Blackburn and Democrat Phil Bredesen. Just a few minutes ago, CNN officially projected that Blackburn will win and keep the seat red.

    CNN analysts discussed on their livestream just how critical this race was, saying Blackburn’s win means Republicans only really need two more wins to maintain control of the Senate. Blackburn will be the first female Senator Tennessee has ever had, according to CNN, in a state where Donald Trump won by 26 points in 2016.

    Voxreported that Bredesen was “making a bet that voters are tired of the Trump era of politics … hoping people want politics to be boring again.” Unfortunately, this under-the-radar strategy didn’t pay off, and the Democratic party still has a very uphill battle to win, if they want to gain the majority in the Senate.

    @laurynhiggins22 9:36 p.m. EST: In Georgia, history could be made tonight. Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams could become the first female African-American governor, but she’s going to need a strong finish to win over Republican nominee Brian Kemp. Current results show Abrams down 11.7 percent according to CBS News.

    @morgancmullings 9:38 p.m. EST: I may be in New York but this Florida resident is covering the Florida Governor and Senator races tonight. Both are a close call and getting ready to be fully counted, but it’s not over yet.

    The potential first African American governor of Florida, Andrew Gillum (D), is losing by less than a percent right now to Trump-endorsed Ron DeSantis (R). Meanwhile, Twitter users (Florida residents or other) are practically begging Florida not to turn red in the Senate election. The seat is up for grabs between former governor Rick Scott (R) and Democrat Bill Nelson. Scott leads by about 75,000 votes, according to The New York Times.

    In all this vote counting, it’s important to note those who didn’t vote, or rather, couldn’t vote. While my absentee ballot was sent Oct. 24, I never got it. I’ve also received texts and DMs from other Florida registered voters who never received their ballots, and hopefully we’ll hear more from them later. If the missing ballot count rises, we may be looking at a very suspicious election.

    @laurynhiggins22 9:41 p.m. EST: In #breakingnews the NAACP in Georgia just won a lawsuit that will allow voting times to be extended for an additional three hours near Spelman and Morehouse precincts. Polls will now close at 10 p.m. per courthouse orders.


    @Kathriller 9:45 p.m. EST:  Okay, wait, so you all know that big board that Steve Kornacki uses on NBC? They let me play with it! 

    Some of the wizards behind "The Big Board"told me how their team started working on it as early as January and that it's been tweaked and perfected literally up until today to make sure it was perfect for election night. Featured on, they've also got interactive features (powered by the same technology that makes Kornacki and Todd's board work) that lets viewers make their own predictive maps and play out various scenarios. (That version probably doesn't carry as much anxiety as playing with a very expensive, very nerve-wracking touch screen toy — but it probably comes close.) 

    @emilycveith 9:45 p.m. EST: I will also be covering California's 22nd congressional district for the House of Representatives. In has been an intense race between longtime Republican U.S. Representative and current House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and Democratic Fresno County prosecutor Andrew Janz.

    According to ABC News, Rep. Nunes has held the seat since 2003, and per his website, he has fought for issues such as water shortages, tax reform, health care reform, and transportation, including redirecting the federal funds from the state’s high-speed rail project to finance improvements to highways.

    Janz is a deputy district attorney for Fresno County, and he has promised to bring more water to Valley farmers, an important concern in the Central Valley, as well as fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare.

    The two candidates have raised and spent obscene amounts of money during this race, but we shall see if Janz will be able to unseat the longtime congressman.

    @morgancmullings 9:50 p.m. EST: So far, we’ve heard stories of voter suppression in U.S. in multiple forms; According to an article in The Washington Post, there have been “broken machines, rejected ballots, and long lines” reported by many voters. “A coalition of civil rights groups reported receiving more than 29,000 complaints of voting irregularities as of 8 p.m. — a higher call volume than in any recent midterm voting,” the Post writes.

    While something going missing in the mail doesn’t seem fishy at first, 5 missing ballots among one group of associates starts to raise eyebrows. Vanessa Alvarez, a Barnard freshman, is registered to vote in Florida and never received her absentee ballot.

    “And I requested a little over a month ago and made several calls asking for it,” she said. She also told me she thinks it was intentional, and that whoever is responsible may be targeting Democrats or people of color in the Florida community.

    Rick Scott leads by 69,534 votes, with about 200 more precincts left to count. The latest tweets on Florida are from users begging Florida not to turn red. While it isn’t necessarily a red state, it’s history as a swing has not been favorable for those resisting Trump.

    @emilycveith 9:53 p.m. EST: The race between Sen. Claire McCaskill and Missouri A.G. Josh Hawley is still a close race, with McCaskill currently having 52.8 percent of the vote share and Hawley taking 44.6 percent. This is a tight race, and even McCaskill feels it could go either way, telling MSNBC tonight, "I’m gonna be really honest with you — I have no flipping idea what’s going to happen tonight. We could win and we could lose."

    @laurynhiggins22 10:02 p.m. EST: In North Carolina, Democrats are looking to overturn Republican majority rule. Republicans have held a supermajority in the state legislature and controlled 10 of North Carolina’s 13 U.S. House seats, but all of those seats are up for election.

    In short, Democrats needed to flip four seats in the state House and six in the state Senate to break the Republican supermajority.

    @hscreechh 10:13 p.m. EST: In Iowa’s fourth Congressional district, incumbent Republican Steve King has barred The Des Moines Register, the state’s largest newspaper, from attending his election night event, The New York Times reports. Carol Hunter, The Register’s executive editor, said King’s campaign called the paper a “leftist propaganda media outlet with no concern for reporting the truth.”

    The Register apparently isn’t the only outlet banned from King’s event. Tony Leys, a reporter with the paper, tweeted that staff from The Storm Lake Times and The Weekly Standard were also turned away. Christopher Mathias of The Huffington Post also said he was kicked out for the same reason given to The Register.

    This isn’t the first time King has ruffled feathers. Just yesterday, The Washington Post reported that King said he hopes Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor will “elope to Cuba” so the Republicans could have full control of the Supreme Court. This one statement somehow manages to be simultaneously racist, sexist, and homophobic — talk about a triple threat.

    As results start to come in, it’s clear that this will likely be a close race — King currently has just over 50 percent of the votes.

    @laurynhiggins22 10:20 pm. EST: I’m covering the #NY senate race. To get things started, in an early upset, Democrat Max Rose defeated Republican Dan Donovan in NY-11.

    With only 35 percent of precincts reporting, Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand has 79.4 percent of votes. The Associated Press projects her to win over Republican nominee Chele Farley.

    With only 53 percent of Georgia votes reported, Abrams is down 10.3 percent to Kemp. Abrams served as the minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives for 2011 to 2017.

    In her victory speech for Democratic nominee she said, “I'm running because I want every Georgia family to have the freedom and the opportunity to thrive. You deserve nothing less, and I know Georgia can deliver a whole lot more."

    As the 9th congressional district in NC wraps up, The Associated Pressreports that Republican Mark Harris has defeated Democrat Dan McCready by a small margin of 0.8 percent.

    @hscreechh 10:28 p.m. EST: Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has officially lost her seat, TIME reports. Davis became infamous after she was arrested in 2015 for denying a federal order to grant a marriage license to same-sex couples.

    Even when faced with the prospect of going to jail, Davis said “I didn’t have to think about it [denying the licenses]. There was no choice there,” The New York Times reports

    According to HuffPost, Davis was defeated by Democrat Elwood Caudill Jr. Earlier this year, Caudill was accused of using anti-gay slurs by David Ermold, a gay man who was denied a marriage license by Davis in 2015, and who then ran against Caudill in the primaries.

    While Ermold said he had no personal experience with Caudill using slurs, he says others confided their experiences in him, which he then shared on Facebook.

    Caudill denied the accusations, saying he was hurt by them and that “We need to take that office into the 21st century where it needs to go and just treat everyone, regardless of anything, the same.”

    Apparently, the people of Kentucky agree. Let’s just hope the accusations aren’t true.

    @emilycveith 10:39 p.m. EST: Vote totals are showing that Missouri A.G. Josh Hawley is running strong in rural areas of Missouri, which proved to propel President Donald Trump to a 19-point lead over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    The Missouri Secretary of State’s Office, however, has said that it is keeping the official tallies secret until the last vote is casted tonight, and per its Twitter post, the office is "estimating the final vote cast will be after 9:30 p.m."

    It has been reported tonight that voters are waiting were waiting beyond the close of the polls to cast their votes, and one of those places is Washington University in St. Louis.

    @emilycveith 10:48 p.m. EST: According to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office, all Missouri voters have cast their ballots, and unofficial results are now out.

    It looks like Sen. Claire McCaskill will be unseated, with Missouri A.G. Josh Hawley receiving 59.861 percent of the vote share and McCaskill receiving 36.799 percent.

    @emilycveith 10:57 p.m. EST: It has now been projected that Democrats will gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, surpassing 218 seats in the House of Representatives. ABC News projects that Democrats will be picking up 23 seats. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi immediately becomes the frontrunner for the next Speaker of the House, as the legislative authority for Democrats. According to ABC News, Democrats are expected to hold leadership elections on Dec. 5, potentially allowing other Democrats to challenge Pelosi for the Speaker position. Meanwhile, Republicans are projected to retain control of the Senate.

    @laurynhiggins22 11:59 p.m. EST: With the majority of votes in for North Carolina, the state keeps its Republican control, with only three Democrats taking 12 of the House seats.

    @hscreechh 12:08 a.m. EST: With 77 percent of Iowa’s fourth congressional district reporting, Republican Steve King has an 0.9 percent lead over Democrat J.D. Scholten. The men currently have 49.2 percent and 48.3 percent of the votes, respectively.

    King was ahead as the results first started to come in, but Scholten held a decent-sized lead for most of the night. Only recently did King take back the lead with such a small margin, less than 3,000 votes, in between the two candidates. This is not the only race tonight that will come down to a relative handful of votes. Hopefully this will dispel the “my vote doesn’t matter” myth, and even more people will come out to the polls in 2020.

    @emilycveith 12:21 a.m. EST: Republicans have flipped Missouri’s Senate seat, as Sen. Claire McCaskill goes down in Missouri. Missouri A.G. Josh Hawley wins another Senate seat for Republicans, garnering 52 percent of the vote share, while McCaskill only received 44.9 percent.

    In her concession speech to supporters, McCaskill said, “I want you to keep that fire burning, because there is justice around the corner.”

    Interestingly, we have seen Democratic Senators who had voted against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination lose their Senate seats tonight in their competitive races, including McCaskill and North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

    @Kathriller 12:25 EST: Even if the results look grim in a lot of much-hyped races, there's definitely some silver linings — and some history being made tonight.

    For women of color, queer women and young women, we are seeing several victories that finally hint at the kind of representation that could (and should) be possible in our government.

    @emilycveith 12:29 a.m. EST: Results are starting to come in for California races, including California’s 22nd congressional district for the U.S. House of Representatives. It looks like Rep. Devin Nunes, the longtime representative for the district and current House Intelligence Committee chairman, is holding a 15 point lead over his opponent Fresno County prosecutor Andrew Janz.

    Nunes currently has 57.3 percent of the vote share, while Janz currently has 42.7 percent. Nunes has typically held at least 61 percent of the vote in his previous races.

    The congressman has recently gained more national attention, and has been seen as a close ally to President Donald Trump.  

    @hscreechh 12:55 a.m. EST: The Associated Press reports that Republican Steve King has defeated Democrat J.D. Scholten in Iowa’s fourth congressional district.

    Vox says that King’s slim 3 percent margin of victory represents an important shift in his constituents, who may be growing tired of his inflammatory remarks regarding race and immigration.

    Though things didn’t quite pan out for Scholten, it appears that this shift is occurring across the nation. Several races that might’ve been considered easy victories a year ago were very close tonight.

    CNN analyst Van Jones said in the network’s livestream that a whole new type of voter, such as women and young people, assumed Hillary Clinton would win in 2016, so they didn’t push too hard. Now, after spending the last two years “shocked and upset,” they’ve been out working to change things. “They didn’t get everything they wanted, but they got a lot done,” Jones said. “It may not be a blue wave, it’s a rainbow wave.”

    1:10 a.m. EST: Texas darling Beto O'Rourke conceded his bid for the Senate to Sen. Ted Cruz late Tuesday night in an emotionally raw speech to his supporters. 

    “I’m so f-cking proud of you guys," O'Rourke told his supporters after it became clear that his opponent had pulled ahead in the narrow race. "...I’m as inspired, I’m as hopeful as I’ve ever been in my life, and tonight’s loss does nothing to diminish the way I feel about Texas or this country."

    Cruz, a sitting Texas Senator, also called out O'Rourke in his victory speech (with some "boos" from the crowd). “I also want to take a moment to congratulate Beto O’Rourke. He poured his heart into that campaign. He worked tirelessly...It’s important. He worked tirelessly. He’s a dad, and he took time away from his kids. And I want to also say, millions across this state were inspired by his campaign. They didn’t prevail, and I am grateful the people of Texas chose a better path.”


    @laurynhiggins22 1:15 a.m. EST: With the votes still being tallied, Georgia is too close to call at this time. Maricopa County is up for grabs and Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams needs a little over 100,000 votes to turn the state blue and make history as the first female African-American governor.

    In a speech to her supporters, Abrams emphasized how necessary it was for all votes to be counted — absentee and affidavit ballots included — in order for Democracy to truly work. 

    "To all of Georgia's voters, including the 1.2 million that haven't shown up before, welcome aboard," Abrams said. "... I need you to know that it is my mission to serve you, to serve Georgia, to make you proud." 

    Thank you for tuning in to the Her Campus News Midterm Election Live-blog. With its highs & its lows, we sure hope it wasn't as emotionally exhausting for you as it was for us! 

    0 0

    In the age of social media, we tend to allocate a ton of our times toward curating the perfect Instagram feed and making sure we always post the funniest tweets. But what if this social media savvy could get you connections with the very people who might hire you after you graduate? (Spoiler: It can!) As most of you probably know, LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for professionals. With a little know-how, it can be just as fun as Instagram (with about a million times the benefits). Here’s everything you need to know before you become the LinkedIn queen.

    1. A good profile picture is worth the effort

    LinkedIn is not the place to be sloppy or silly, so your profile picture should be a high-quality professional headshot. The whole point of LinkedIn is for potential employers to compare you to other young professionals. So if you’re equally as qualified for a job as another candidate, but her profile picture is a professional headshot, and yours is a picture of you in your backyard wearing a sweatshirt, guess who’s more likely to get the job? (Hint: It’s not you.) This isn’t because employers are shallow, but because they know that the professionalism and attention to detail the other person demonstrated in their profile picture will carry over to the workplace.

    You should also be mindful of the image you want to project. Amy Homkes-Hayes, the Lead Innovation Advocate for the Digital Innovation Greenhouse at University of Michigan, says, “If you, for example, are an artist, you may want to use a more artsy picture. If, conversely, you are practicing law, typically anyway, you will likely use a traditionally professional photo.” In addition to your career path, your personality and the type of workplace environment you desire will also impact your choice: “Some folks want to project a formal image, and others are aiming for something more casual. Either is a fine choice if you make it in a deliberate manner based on your understanding of the type of professional image you are trying to project, and responsive to the type of audiences you're trying to reach. In either capacity a high-quality photo is preferred over a low-quality one.”

    Related: 9 Ways to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

    2. Take time with your job descriptions

    Your goal is to convince employers that all of your professional, extracurricular, and volunteer experiences have provided you with skills that make you a more valuable employee. So think of your job descriptions as a persuasive English paper. They should be well-worded and to the point. For example, if you were a camp counselor over the summer, don’t write, “Did arts and crafts with kids, sat with kids at meals, etc.” That won’t apply to any jobs except childcare jobs. Instead write about how you provided constant leadership over 8-10 children, demonstrated enthusiasm and organized a one-hour interactive cabin activity each day.

    Still at a loss for words? There’s nothing wrong with using others for inspiration! For example, if you worked as a sales associate, Google “sales associate resume description.” Read the resumes that are available online, and choose words and phrases that apply to what you did. It’s also helpful to look back at the job description that you read when you were first applying for the job. Make sure to focus on the parts of the job that you want employers to know about! For example, if you’re applying for a customer service job, emphasize the customer service you did as a sales associate.

    3. Make sure that your most important experience is front and center

    As students, it’s likely that a lot of our relevant experience comes from student organizations. However, the format of a LinkedIn profile doesn’t cater directly to students, so it doesn’t give extracurricular activities a large spot on your page. Say you are the president of a community service organization at your university. LinkedIn gives you the option to list this under “Activities and Societies” in the Education section. However, if you do this, then the community service organization will essentially be hidden on your profile. (It will be part of the description of your university, rather than an activity listed on its own.) There’s a simple way around this: if a student org is important to you, then list it either under “Experience” or “Volunteer Experience”. That way, it will be listed front and center on your profile for everyone to see, instead of hidden somewhere in Education.

    4. Be selective about who you endorse

    LinkedIn allows you to provide a list of skills, such as soft skills like “communication” and “leadership”, and hard skills like “C++” and “Java Script.” You can also endorse people’s skills, which is cool, because that means they might endorse one of your skills back. These endorsements are important! Homkes-Hayes says, “Employers do review endorsements when they review LinkedIn profiles, so it makes sense then that they may look for endorsements critical to the job or to skills you highlighted in other aspects of your professional presentation (e.g. resumes, cover letters, etc.) If you are applying for a job where public speaking is a critical component,  for instance, you could see where several endorsements on your public speaking skills could be a value-add.”

    Be careful whose skills you endorse, though, and only endorse people if you’ve actually seen them in action. (So don’t endorse your roomie’s public speaking skills if you’re not even sure she’s ever given a speech!). “I do encourage students to make and seek endorsements thoughtfully," Homkes-Hayes says. "If, for example, someone endorses you for a skill set or ability you don't feel completely proficient you may hide relevant endorsements. Conversely, if there is a skill you would like to highlight and do not have any endorsements in, you may ask connections on Linkedin to endorse you, and I encourage it.” Jeff Harshe, an executive at a real estate company, who has often used LinkedIn to recruit and hire staff, adds, “It’s okay to endorse friends, but don't get carried away. Quality is important, and multiple endorsements from one person start to look cheap. It’s better to be honest and let them grow organically over time.”

    5. Once you’re ready to network, use it as a learning experience

    If you’re confident in your page and feel that it portrays your best self, then you’re ready for the really fun part: networking! Homkes-Hayes says, “Networking is a critically important job searching and professional development task. And frankly, building a professional network before you're looking for an internship or job enables you to leverage it once you start.”

    Think about people whose jobs sound relevant or interesting, and use LinkedIn as an opportunity to learn from them. Once you’ve built that relationship, who knows what could happen down the line!

    How do you get started? Homkes-Hayes says, “The good news is everyone already has networks. The goal is to brainstorm how you may use existing contacts from all areas of life (friends, family, community, etc.) towards your professional goals. It could be that one or more members of your communities are in the field(s) you are interested in. It could also be that even if none of your strong ties are in fields you want to pursue, they know folks (weak ties) who are. Linkedin is one particularly effective tool for networking because you may join groups of mutual interest, use the University tool to search for alumni who are in industries you are interested in, and because the system tells you how you are mutually connected, and at what level (i.e. 1st, 2nd, etc.), so you may leverage your 1st level connections (strong ties) to introduce you to 2nd level connections (weak ties) and so on.”

    6. Always use a personalized message

    When you request to connect with someone, LinkedIn provides you with an automated message that you can send them. As Homkes-Hayes says, “When you send a connection request via Linkedin you are typically not only asking to connect to that person, but you are also asking to access their profile-most often including their connections as well. Most folks are reticent to offer up access at this level unless there is a good reason to do so. So, including a personalized message when sending an invitation request substantially increases the likelihood someone will accept it.”

    Harshe adds, “A personalized message is very important. I'm willing to connect with nearly anyone who wants to, and asks - but I don't like the invites that feel like they’re just fishing. I don’t like it when someone who’s clearly not on my level just says, ‘Do you want to connect?’ You’re not my friend. You’re a kid. But if you’re candid about who you are, you’re aspirational, and there’s a little bit of deference to my position, and you say you’d like to learn how to get somewhere near where I am, then I’d love to help you.”

    You don’t need to write a full-on letter or anything. Simply say, “Hello! I’m a student pursuing a career in sports management (or whatever field) and I am very interested in your work. I would love to connect and learn more about what you do!” That simple message speaks volumes about why you want to connect with them.

    This personal message can be a tool to connect with professionals who are otherwise “out of your league.” Homkes-Hayes says, “It is okay to add someone you've not personally encountered, a current or former supervisor, etc. if you provide a personalized connection request, and you provide context for your request. Again, LinkedIn's value rises as your number of connections do, so don't be afraid to invite people to connect.”

    7. Use these connections to network outside of LinkedIn!

    It sounds scary, but one of the most valuable things you can do when it comes to networking is to meet up with local professionals in person. If you come across someone from your area on LinkedIn who’s working at a company you might want to work at after college, message them and ask if you could meet at Starbucks sometime to learn more about what they do! Just make sure that you do so thoughtfully. Homkes-Hayes says, “The reality is first impressions do matter, so generally I advise to start more formally than casually in how you approach new connections. This includes using formal tone and language in things like email introductions. If your contact responds in a casual way, then by all means mirror their communication style, but generally starting a bit more formally shows that you care about that person's time. Other aspects of impression include articulating a specific request (i.e. what kind of information or interaction do you want), showing appreciation for the person(s) time, providing context for your request (i.e. this is how I found you or who we mutually know), and finally clearly indicating next steps (i.e. scheduling a meeting or phone call, etc.)”

    Harshe emphasizes the importance of having the right attitude when connecting with a professional: “I’m in real estate, and I’m a graduate of University of Michigan, so if I get a LinkedIn invite from you saying, ‘Hi Mr. Harshe, I’m a U of M student in the real estate club, I noticed what you do and I’d love to connect,’ then, it’s done. Great invite. And if there’s a follow-up saying, ‘Would you mind answering some questions for me about my career aspirations?’ then that’s great as well. There’s no false pretense, they’re honest, and I’d love to help you. Don’t pretend you’re something you’re not. You’re a nineteen-year-old kid, that’s okay, we all were there. Appeal to that part of the high-level executive, and that will resonate far more than saying, ‘Hey buddy, I’m one of you now!’”

    It’s intimidating to think that we’re at the age where we need to start making business connections, but if any generation has the potential to thrive on LinkedIn, it’s us! Just like we learned to stop posting “LMS for a truth is” on Facebook every single day, we’ll eventually catch on to this whole LinkedIn thing. If we do it right, by the time we need a job, we’ll already have all the connections we need!

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