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    Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are covering the most recent issue of GQ, and while the pictures are great (as is to be expected with Kylie’s level of veteran), it’s the interview that really catches our attention: Not everyone is the biggest fan of them together, but nobody can deny they’ve been one of the biggest It couples of recent times, especially with the birth of their daughter Stormi back in February. Of course, just like Kylie’s pregnancy was completely kept under wraps until after Stormi’s birth, much about Travis and Kylie’s relationship has been kept private as well, making this our first up-close glimpse of the couple. Here are five of our favorite things we learned about Kylie and Travis.

    1. She went on tour with him right after their first date.

    Kylie and Travis first met at Coachella, which is what they consider their “first date.” And it seems like the sparks flew instantly, because neither Kylie nor Travis wanted to say goodbye to each other when the weekend ended.

    “Coachella was one of the stops on his tour,” Kylie told GQ. “So he said, ‘I'm going back on tour—what do we want to do about this?’ Because we obviously liked each other. … And I was like, ‘I guess I'm going with you.’”

    That might not be everyone’s idea of romantic, and some of you cynics may be thinking there’s no way you can run off with a guy you just met and have it work out. But according to Kylie, the experience brought them much closer to each other, and they were better for it.

    “[W]e would just go to these random cities,” she said. “We got to not be who we really were. Like, if we were in L.A., I feel like it would've been way different. Everything happened for a reason. We weren't going out as ‘Kylie and Trav.’ We would just be in Cleveland, walking the street for hours. We would go on walks, and no one would bother us.”

    2. Travis hates posing for pictures.

    I know, how can you date a Kardashian and not want to appear in pictures? But during their photoshoot, Travis was noticeably less excited than Kylie, claiming he was “impatient as a motherfucker” and couldn’t deal with posing for so long. Kylie found it funny afterward, saying, “He was whispering to me the whole time. He just doesn't like taking the photos.” So I guess opposites really do attract, huh?

    3. They don’t care about the “Kardashian Curse.”

    The “Kardashian Curse” is a term originally used by Scott Disick to refer to how anybody who hooks up with a Kardashian seems to face bad luck afterward. But it looks like neither Travis nor Kylie are worried about the same thing happening to them.

    Travis just brushed off everything, showing any haters that he has bigger things to be worrying about. “I don't even be looking at motherfuckers,” he said. “I don't be looking at shit. Kylie actually likes me for me. … I'm on my own island. So hey, come over there to Astroworld. I'm not into all the other shit. I don't get involved. I'm over here. Kylie is different.”

    As for Kylie, she keeps Travis from burning out in her own way. “Well, for all the news stories, it's how I get over them so fast. Trav, for example, he's like, ‘Wait...but how do you just get over this?’ He gets more angry about things. ... I know these stories aren't going to matter, so don't even let them affect you, you know? … I don't think he's really cool with it, but he deals with it, because we love each other and we have a family.”

    That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re not at all affected—Kylie also revealed they do take measures to keep their relationship low-key. “For sure, I know he doesn't like the attention,” she continued. “That's why we just go the extra mile to keep our relationship super private, or like, if he has events or something, I won't come. Because I want him to do his own thing. I want him to be him. I don't want it to be Kylie and Trav. If people don't ever see us together, that's okay with me, because we just do our thing.”

    4. His birthday present for her was super romantic.

    Kylie was asked about the most romantic thing Travis has ever done for her, and she had an answer immediately. Considering Travis isn’t generally all hearts and flowers, this gesture is especially sweet.

    “On my birthday, he woke me up out of bed at like six in the morning,” Kylie recalled. “He was like, ‘We gotta go,’ and I'm just like half asleep, like, ‘What do you mean? What do you mean?’ And he just starts pulling me, and the sun was just coming up, and he had flowers all the way down his house and violin players everywhere.”

    Uh, when will someone do this for me? I’d like to know.

    5. They fight just like every couple.

    Despite the cute romantic gestures, Kylie and Travis are human beings like the rest of us, and they have their share of arguments. Kylie admitted at the time of the interview that they had recently had a spat that made her cry.

    “Me and Travis got in a little fight. Which is normal,” she said. “So I was just crying because I was just overwhelmed. It wasn't even about anything really specific. I was just overwhelmed. And then we made up an hour later. I just flew to Houston to see him for a few hours.”

    Of course, maybe they’re not like every couple if they can just hop on a plane to make up with each other, but still. Haven’t all of us gotten in an argument and sent a sorry text right after?

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    You already know that we’re Riverdale fans, and we stan the stars of Riverdale. Like the unproblematic fans we hope we are, we want the Riverdale cast to lead a happy life off-screen too. (Because we obviously want the best for the people we stan.) And, we’re elated to hear that Camila Mendes’ and her new beau made their coupledom Instagram official—but we’re even more excited that Camila felt comfortable enough to share this, well, personal part of her personal life with her followers.

    Cosmopolitan reports that after fans got suspicious that Camila and her high school friend Victor Houston were dating, Camila DTRed her situation with her fans at Beautycon in Los Angeles. During an interview with E! News, Camila was asked if she and Victor were dating. “I mean, connect the dots,” she replied.



    A post shared by Victor Houston (@victorhouston) on

    Clearly, Camila knows that Riverdale fans are amateur investigators, and she's been not-so-coyly leaving us a trail of social media clues about her relationship. Any devoted Riverdale fan should be accustomed to solving televised mysteries and dissecting fan theories, but Camila connected the dots for us. (Thankfully because even we need a break from fan-theorying,) “I can confirm. Sure, I don’t care,” Camila continued, in response to the reporter’s inquiry on if she could confirm their relationship.

    Teen Vogue notes that Camila and Victor might have been dating for a while, seeing as Victor posted two particularly couplely photos on Instagram two weeks ago. “Happy birthday beautiful,” he wrote in the caption.


    Happy birthday beautiful

    A post shared by Victor Houston (@victorhouston) on

    Though Victor might have just been wishing the Camila a happy birthday, fans have been sleuthing their relationship trail for a while now. Regardless, we just hope that Camila and Victor are thriving in their new relationship (or at least new-to-us relationship).

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    Unless you've been living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed how much love Ariana Grande's newly released music video for "God Is a Woman" has been getting this week. It’s no big deal, really. It’s just your average music video. Except for the fact that it’s epic.

    “God Is a Woman” is artistic, beautiful and mesmerizing - but most importantly, it includes Grande taking the most luxurious bath in the world.

    Covered in paint, Grande is lying in (what looks like) a bathtub infused with the galaxy-inspired bath bomb of our dreams. And not just our dreams, but the dreams of everyone on Twitter. Since the release of the music video, fans have taken to Twitter to beg Lush (everyone's favorite bath bomb creator) to make bath bombs inspired by the video. Even Grande supported the idea.

    One user tweeted at Lush asking them to make the bath bomb so she can “bathe feeling like a goddess.” Lush responded with non committal statement “passing it on to our teams to see what they think.” But it wasn’t until Grande put in her input with a tweet saying, “omg @lushcosmetics i’ll do anything” that things started to happen.

    Lush took these prayers seriously, and immediately started working on a prototype of a “God Is a Woman” inspired bath bomb. Jack Constantine, Lush’s product inventor, shared an image of his first attempt at the Lush Lab.  "Still needs work. Version two tomorrow," he wrote.

    Today was that second attempt. On his story, Constantine shared the process of creating Version 2 of the bath bomb. In our opinion, it might even look better than the video (if that’s possible).

    Thanks to the power of Twitter, it might not be long until we can listen to Grande while pretending we are her in the comfort of our own bathtubs. But, if you can’t wait to try until the official bath bombs come out (if they do), check out some of Lush’s other ones in the meantime. Our favorites are the Twilight Bath Bomb and the Intergalactic Bath Bomb.

    Make sure to watch the music video and prepare yourself for all the luxurious “God Is a Woman” inspired baths you’ll be having soon.

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    My hair is a lot to handle. It’s curly, but not super curly, it’s frizzy all the time and I can never get it to look the way I want. It doesn’t help that I’m not very kind to it either (i.e. washing it and straightening it every day, and furiously ripping out tangles with my hair brush).

    But don’t even get me started on summer - that’s when hair-related hell breaks loose. My hair gets so much drier and frizzier (compared to its usually frizziness) in suffocating temperatures with sky-high humidity. So when Coco & Eve sent me their Like A Virgin Coconut & Fig Hair Masque to try I could almost feel my hair screaming with excitement.

    Promising to revive and repair hair, it’s made with linseed and argan oils to promote gloss and tame frizz, coconut oil to promote a healthy scalp and fig and shea butters to moisturize and detangle. But what really hooked me was that it's supposed to restore my hair to its “pure virgin state" before all the heat damage. Sign me up for that baby-soft hair, please.

    So, with the hopes of curing all my hair-related troubles, I set out to get my hair looking as majestic and beautiful as a shampoo commercial.

    Step 1: Shampoo your hair like normal

    Since I’m a seasoned veteran at washing my hair every day, this step was super easy. Because of this terrible habit, my hair is simultaneously really dry and really oily (thus continuing the cycle of needing to wash it daily). But this is a problem that the Like A Virgin masque will hopefully solve.

    Coco & Eve suggests washing your hair like your normally do with your regular shampoo - preferably one that’s sulfate-free (because sulfates are one of the main causes of all that damage in your hair). 

    Step 2: Towel-dry your hair and add in the product

    This step was also really easy, I do that first part every day anyway. The instructions say to use a generous amount of product, so I grabbed a giant glob of the masque and ran it all through my hair. It felt super luxurious and I swear I could already feel it moisturizing and hydrating my severely parched hair.

    Step 3: Brush your hair with the included Tangle Tamer

    Bonus! The masque comes with a free Tangle Tamer to brush the masque through your hair, focusing specifically on getting it near the ends. This tiny brush felt so much gentler on my hair than my usual, giant one. I might just have to use it every day from now on.

    Step 4: Leave in for 5-10 minutes

    This step was the simplest part of the entire process. I plopped myself down on my bed, scrolled through my Instagram feed and waited for my timer to go off. During my scrolling, I saw a bunch of pictures of models with beautiful, wind-blown hair. But instead of my usual jealously, all I could think was “that’s going to be me in 5-10 short minutes.”

    And it was.

    Step 5: Rinse out with warm water

    Literally seconds after rinsing the masque out my hair already felt softer and more hydrated. It felt luscious, smooth and ten times better than it had before (even after just 10 minutes of leaving it in).

    Coco & Eve recommends that for really damaged and dry hair, you can leave the masque in for much longer, and you can even sleep in it if you want. You better believe that I'll definitely be doing that next time (making step four even easier).

    After all that, I can confidently say that I feel like a new woman. My frizz is gone, my hair is glossy, and I feel like I’m ready to audition for a hair commercial. The masque is available on Amazon and the Coco & Eve site, so get it now and prepare yourself for some coconutty and figgy hair goodness.

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    You may recognize identical twin sisters Veronica and Vanessa Merrell from their YouTube channel (one that boasts over three million subscribers!) or their recurring roles on the TV comedy Jane the Virgin. They’re actresses, musicians and singer/songwriters, but they’re about to add a fourth title to their triple-threat status: fashion designers.

    The YouTube stars are launching their own fashion label “TRUE IMG” full of on-trend, contemporary and affordable clothes for every kind of girl. The name comes from the Greek meaning of Veronica, “true image,” and the logo is inspired by the Greek meaning of Vanessa, “butterfly.” They’ve created a line that caters to every kind of personal style. By combining Vanessa’s love of bright, feminine pieces with Veronica’s edgier style, they were able to create looks that can work for everyone wardrobe.

    The Merrell sisters have both loved fashion since they were young, so being able to start their own fashion line (and in our humble opinion, a great one) is a dream come true. But this line is a bit different from the regular fashion lines that we’re used to.

    Rather than releasing large, seasonal collections, they’ll be dropping 25-piece capsules every month. Their first capsule dropped on July 17, and the full line is available exclusively on Each piece is super on-trend and affordable (all under $70!). With the rise of “the drop” and the phasing out of traditional-style collections in the fashion industry, the Merrell girls are right on trend with their limited-run capsule collections.

    TRUE IMG’s separates, knits and summer dresses come in the cutest patterns (think gingham, stars and even butterflies), and are classic staple pieces perfect for every wardrobe. So, what are some of our favorites? We would have to say the Check Mate Top and Pants, the To The Stars Top or the Pom Pom Dress.In the midst of their busy schedules managing their YouTube channel, acting careers, and now, their fashion line, we had the chance to ask Veronica and Vanessa some questions about their personal style inspirations, the process of creating TRUE IMG, and what their plans are for the future.

    Here’s what they had to say:

    Her Campus: You started in the entertainment industry at a young age, and have found a huge amount of success, especially on your YouTube channel. Can you talk a little bit about how you decided to start your channel?

    Vanessa: We’ve always liked entertaining people. When we were very young, we would put on musical shows for our parents with our dolls and stuffed animals. We would make all the costumes from scraps of fabric and backdrops. As we got older we got involved with musical theater at school. We started watching YouTube when we were in fourth grade and thought it was amazing that people were making videos, so we decided to make videos with our friends. They weren’t good at all but it was fun!

    One day our dad, Paul Merrell, who had already been working in video production and an editor for several years, offered to help us make a good video to post on YouTube. We filmed “What It’s Like To Be A Twin” and posted it. We didn’t expect much to happen with it so we kind of forgot about it. A few months later we were shocked to see that the video had 10,000 views and we had gotten over 2,000 subscribers. That was the starting point of our channel and seeing all the positive comments encouraged us to make more videos.

    HC: You produce all different kinds of content, ranging from original music videos to comedy sketches. What is your favorite kind of content to create?

    Veronica: Our favorite videos are the comedy sketches. We love writing our own scripts but love improvising when we’re filming. Some of our most popular sketches are the ones where we improvise. However, our music videos are favorites among our fans and we love writing funny songs too.

    HC: You’ve been nominated for two Teen Choice Awards this summer (for the second year in a row)! How does that feel?

    Vanessa: We honestly never dreamed that making YouTube videos would get us this kind of recognition. It’s very humbling. We have the most incredible, loyal fan base and they’re the ones who nominated us. We feel incredibly honored by it, especially because of the other creators who are nominated in our categories. We look up to them and respect their work. They’re all such hard working and inspirational creators.

    HC: How did you decide to transition from YouTube into breaking into the fashion industry? Have you always been interested in fashion?

    Veronica: As Vanessa mentioned earlier, we used to make costumes and clothes for our dolls when we were young. As we got older we learned how to sew and made easy apparel items for ourselves like pajamas, shirts, etc. We’ve always loved keeping up with runway trends, reading fashion magazines and seeing what all the celebrities were wearing.  We used to say, “wouldn’t it be cool to have our own clothing line one day?” We imagined it but never dreamed we could actually make it happen. Being YouTube creators has given us so many opportunities to do other things so this is really a dream come true for us!

    HC: What’s the big idea or inspiration behind this collection? Why did you decide to create it?

    Vanessa: Over the years our viewers have complimented us and always asked us about our style. We get a lot of questions about where we shop and how they can get the same clothing pieces. There are a couple Instagram fan accounts that dedicate themselves to reposting our pictures and they post where our clothes can be purchased. It’s crazy. So really our viewers inspired us to create our own line and make our dream a reality.

    HC: You both have really unique senses of style - how would you describe your personal style and where do you find your style inspiration?

    Veronica: The style in L.A. is so much more relaxed and accepting of fun and quirky fashion, so we like to experiment with all types of styles and trends. Our tastes are similar but Vanessa likes to wear more jewelry and statement earrings and mine is a bit more simple. Vanessa also likes to wear a lot of tall boots/socks while I like some clean white vans. I have an edgier style and Vanessa dresses up a little more playful and feminine.

    We find our inspirations from fashion magazines, designers, celebrities and look at online fashion sites.

    HC: Was it difficult to combine both of your personal styles (which are so different from each other) into one cohesive collection?

    Vanessa: It wasn’t hard to combine our styles and we see it more of an advantage because we can each contribute our ideas and create several looks.

    HC: Why did you decide to do monthly drops instead of larger seasonal collections?

    Veronica: The whole fashion industry is changing as this generation is adopting more of a see-now-buy-now way of shopping. When you create larger seasonal collections you show clothes you can’t wear for months!

    Vanessa: Also, since we’re direct-to-consumer we have the ability to continue designing and trend forecasting throughout the year. We can execute capsule collections with really short lead time since we’re not shipping to traditional retailers. Also, this cuts down our pricing to be accessible to our customers.

    HC: What has been the best part about the whole process of creating this line?

    Vanessa: The best part about the process is when you have an idea for a piece of clothing and then seeing it come to life. The whole creative process was so much fun. It was cool to see that there is a science and sort of engineering when creating clothes. Another great part was seeing the final entire collection together.

    HC: What are you favorite pieces from the debut capsule collection?

    Veronica: I really love our Wrap It Up blouses! They are so cute and I love the butterfly and rainbow prints on each. I’m obsessed with collared shirts and shirts that tie, so the combination of both into one is so cute!

    Vanessa: I am obsessed with all the matching sets. Matching sets are my favorite and my favorites are the Polo set and the Glitter Band set.

    HC: Currently you’re both attending college, with Veronica studying screenwriting and Vanessa studying television production. Is it difficult to balance everything that you have going on - school, YouTube, and your new label?

    Veronica: Yes, it’s difficult balancing everything we have going on but we really love being in college and trying to get an education. It can be very challenging and stressful at times. However, staying busy keeps us motivated and we’ve adopted a “never give up” mentality. We would rather be busy than not have anything to do. We make a lot of sacrifices being so busy. Our social life is affected a lot. We see our friends hanging out during the week or traveling places, and we can’t because we are either filming, going to meetings, doing homework, etc.

    Vanessa: We don’t have a lot of free time. One thing that helps is that both our parents are involved in what we’re doing. Our dad is a producer and editor and manages all our video content. Our mom is our office manager and keeps us organized. It’s become a family business and we couldn’t do this without them. Another thing that keeps us motivated is our viewers. We love meeting fans and hearing their stories about how we’ve inspired them in some kind of way. It’s very humbling but in reality they’re the ones inspiring us to keep going.

    HC: What are your plans for the future? Both in the future of the fashion line, your YouTube channel, and for your individual careers?

    Vanessa: We would love to see our fashion line grow in the future. That would be an incredible dream come true for us. We would both love to be a part of a TV show or develop our own TV show!

    Veronica: I want to write a screenplay and develop it into a movie someday. We see ourselves continuing in the entertainment industry in some capacity whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the scenes. We both still want to continue making YouTube videos and creating our own content. Our main YouTube channel is family friendly. We like to promote positivity through our funny sketches, challenges, and songs. Our hope is that whoever comes to our channel, they will not only be entertained but hopefully be inspired and encouraged to stay positive and never give up not matter what life throws at you.

    Check out the Merrell Twins on YouTube here, and buy the first collection from the TRUE IMG label here!

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    With each new semester comes the opportunity to meet new people, excel in your classes, and discover what you’re truly interested in.

    The beginning of fall semester starts after three months of forgetting about the stresses that plagued you in the spring. The fresh start holds the opportunity to meet new people, excel in classes, and become your best self. You can sign up for everything you’re interested in, possibly spread yourself way too thin, and end up with tons of things to do and way too little time.

    You want to join everything, do everything and meet everyone. You feel like you’re on top of the world, and that you have all the time in the world. You make time for all the things you want to do, but you forget to add in time for yourself. This semester, along with your work-a-holic schedule, set some goals that will help you take care of you (in addition to everything else).

    Here are five self-focused goals that you can set for yourself (and make sure you stick to) to keep yourself happy, healthy, and energized for the entire semester, not just the first week or two.

    1. Get off campus a few times a month

    Whether you go alone or with a group of friends, taking physical time away from school and the stressors that come with it is super important. You don’t even have to do anything special; you can go out to dinner, to a movie, or just to the local mall.

    Erica Kam, a sophomore at Barnard University, says, “Last year I set a goal to get off campus at least every other weekend! It can be really easy to get caught up in all the things you have to do and to confine yourself to the library or other campus spaces, but it’s healthy to make sure you take yourself away from your work for a bit to see a movie, check out a museum or even just walk through a park for a little bit to clear your mind.”

    Getting off campus can remind you that there’s more to life than just tests, assignments, and the stresses of classes. Try to get out as much as you can!

    Related: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Overschedule Your Life

    2. Schedule time for dinner (and cook it for yourself) a few times a week

    This may sound silly, and maybe even impossible if your schedule won’t allow it (night classes, sports practice, etc.) but it’s actually really helpful. If you’re running around all day trying to fit in every class, meeting, and club event while still finding time to do homework, you probably haven’t had time to eat a full, healthy meal.

    It’s also important to take both a mental and physical break during the day, and it’s even more important (especially in college) to make sure that you’re eating right. Set aside time to have something substantial to eat, even if it’s not anything special; it’ll give you time to rest and recover from your crazy day.

    Greer Brodie-Hall, a junior at Queen’s University in Canada, says, “By the time school starts I've eaten out enough to kill my bank account, so I make it a goal to cook at home. I eat out way too often, so to bring some structure to my life, I make at least five good meals a week at home. And it’s a really good study break.”

    3. Walk around campus as often as you can

    Taking walks is beneficial in so many ways: not only is it an easy way to get in exercise if you don’t have time to go to the gym, but it’s a great study break and the perfect opportunity to clear your head and refocus. Even if you only have 15 minutes, you’ll feel rejuvenated after a nice walk (especially if the weather is warm) and even more connected with yourself.

    “Walks are a great way to clear your head and relax. But I also use it to listen to my favorite music and podcasts,” says Isabelle Christie, a sophomore at Marist College. “I also use walks to talk to friends and family from home on the phone. They also allow you to discover new or hidden spots on campus,” she says.

    Making sure you take time to talk to your parents or friends from home is a really easy way to keep yourself from feeling too isolated when you’re stressed out or overwhelmed, too.

    4. Write in a journal every day

    You’ve probably heard this one a million times, but it really does work. Taking time to write down anything you’re feeling or what you’re stressed and anxious about can really help clear your head. Keeping everything trapped inside is just a recipe for disaster.

    Lauren Butts, a junior at Fairfield University, says, “I try to take about fifteen minutes each day to write in a journal to reflect on my day and myself. It allows me to relax and vent about things I may be stressed about, whether it be personal or school-related.”

    You don’t even have to write in a physical journal - you can always pull out your phone and just jot down some things on the notes app if that works better for you.

    5. Schedule personal time into every day

    It’s easy to find time in your busy schedule to meet with a professor or work on a group project, but it’s much harder to schedule time for yourself. Instead of filling up your little bit of free time with more work, take the time to force yourself to relax.

    Even if it’s only for thirty minutes every night, or an hour in the morning, find time to take care of you. "I get so busy that I schedule myself naps into my hourly planner!" says Kelsey Parmenter, a senior at Cal Poly.

    Nikki Noorian, a junior at Pace University does the same. “I like to almost micro-schedule myself, so in my planner I'll schedule in a block of 'me-time' to make sure I'm not overworking myself throughout the day. Me-time is still productive! I also like to end each night by watching one episode of my favorite show to help me unwind before bed,” she says.

    No matter if you just do one of these, or if you do them all, focusing on yourself this semester is something that should be at the top of your to-do list.

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    You’ve probably heard the Why You Should Wear Sunscreen spiel a million times, but many of us are still guilty of foregoing putting sunscreen on every single day. Sure, you know you have to wear it when you go to the beach, but if you’re just walking around your neighborhood, you’re totally fine, right? Wrong.

    If you think the SPF in your makeup products is enough to keep you covered all day, think again: you need to be wearing sunscreen under your makeup to truly protect your skin. But how do you find the right products that will take care of your skin without making your face too oily to keep your makeup in place? Lucky for you, we’ve found some of the best sunscreens out there that do the job against the sun’s rays while still making sure your foundation won’t be sliding around. Heads up, many of these are on the pricier side, but honestly? If you’re going to shell out more money for anything, shouldn’t it be the product that will save your skin from burning and peeling and make the rest of your beauty routine that much easier? We thought so, too. 

    1. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 ($32 at Sephora)

    We think the name Supergoop! alone is super fun, but this product has tons of other aspects that make it appealing. According to The Huffington Post, it’s perfect to wear under makeup because it goes on nice and smooth and even mattifies your face, avoiding that dreaded oily sunscreen-shine. The SPF 40 is the perfect amount because BTW, save your money on buying any SPF higher than 50—it’s not worth it. It also goes on clear, so you don’t have to worry about it being streaky. We can’t say enough good things about this sunscreen.

    2. VIVE SANA Daily Protezione ($55 at VIVE SANA)

    We know, $55 is quite a bit of money for a tube of goop, but hear us out: we tested this one out at Her Campus and can attest to the product’s lightweight, moisturizing feel. It’s also been recommended by Vogue and NYLON, who raved about its ingredients. And why wouldn’t they, when those ingredients include goodness like raspberry seed, licorice root and green tea?

    3. Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen ($25 at Glossier)

    Glossier’s philosophy is “skin first, makeup second,” and this sunscreen is no exception. In addition to the SPF 35, it uses fermented yeast and vegetal extract to protect your skin from outside pollution. What’s even better is that since it was made by a cosmetics company, you can rest easy that it’ll mesh well with the makeup you put on top of it. And if the feeling of spreading thick, goopy lotion all over your face skeeves you out, you’ll enjoy the clear watergel formula of Invisible Shield—it definitely lives up to the name. According to Elle, this sunscreen is perfect for darker-skinned ladies who have had to deal with white residue or cast left on their face after application. Plus, this is maybe one of the only sunscreens that actually smells nice. We’re adding this to our carts ASAP.

    4. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Clear Skin Dry Touch Sunscreen ($19.99 at DermStore)

    What’s the best way to deal with excess oiliness when it comes to sunscreen? Easy: Try an oil-free formula! Elle and The Strategist have both pointed to this La-Roche Posay sunscreen as the ideal for acne-prone skin, so “sun protection” and “breakouts” no longer have to be synonymous. It uses advanced technology via the chemical avobenzone—The Strategist notes that chemical sunscreens are less sticky than physical ones that use ingredients like zinc oxide, so this formula applies easy and smooth, and won’t clog your pores.

    5. EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 ($33 at DermStore)

    Holding steady at five stars with over 1,000 reviews on the DermStore website, this acne-fighting sunscreen is a fan favorite, and for good reason. Marie Claire reports that one key ingredient in this sunscreen is lactic acid, which works to keep your pores clear, and Bustle praises its hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for treating irritated skin. It also reduces shine, so your makeup will stay in place while your skin is protected by the SPF 46.

    6. CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($13.49 at Target)

    Dry skin gals, this one’s for you. This moisturizing sunscreen has MVE Delivery Technology, meaning you’ll be hydrated for 24 hours while wearing it. According to The Strategist, this goes on sheer, and has plenty of antioxidants that will contribute to your skin’s overall health. And as the most affordable option on our list, we think this one might be a favorite.

    Sunscreen doesn’t have to be a pain; with these skin-protecting options, you can spread it on under your makeup and not have to dread your foundation sliding around afterward. No matter whether you’re indoors all day or lounging on the beach, put aside your sunscreen misconceptions and start taking better care of your skin.

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    If summer had an official accessory, it would be the straw handbag.  Yes, your sunnies, SPF, and face mist are def essentials––but you need somewhere to keep them! It’s time to swap out that heavy leather tote or velvet crossbody for one of these trending styles. Whether your style is boho-chic or fashion girl-sleek, look no further for your perfect summer bag. Your #OOTD Instas will thank you. 

    1. Taco Contrast-Trim Clutch (Filippo Catarzi, $50) 

    Don’t want to go all in with a giant straw tote? Ease into the trend with this contrast-trim clutch from Revolve. The black border makes it look nighttime-ready and the curved shape is not only super comfortable to hold, but also way more eye-catching than your typical rectangular clutch. Pair it with heeled espadrilles, jeans and a lightweight black going-out top.  

    2. Large Pom-Pom Basket Tote (Xinh & Co., $55) 

    If your style is more girly than glam, go for this pom pom-adorned basket tote. Inspired by rice baskets, the tote can even double as home decor during the colder months! Style it with a vintage-inspired sundress, like this one from Reformation. The peachy floral print on the dress would bring out the pink on the bag so perfectly!  

    3. Forever Vacay Tote (Amuse Society, $66) 

    Don’t go on vacation without this striped tote. It's classic, roomy shape makes it the perfect beach bag, but the black stripes make it runway-ready and help it stand out in the sand. If you’re an oversized tote kind of girl, you’ll probably find yourself carrying this everywhere with you this summer––it looks just as good at brunch as it does poolside. 

    4. Circle Straw Crossbody Bag (J Crew, $128) 

    Maybe you really, really hate straw and think there is absolutely no way something so boho will ever make its way into your wardrobe. This black circular crossbody will definitely make you reconsider. Not only is the shape super glam, the all-over dark color adds just enough edge. Also, it literally matches everything––think of it as the warm weather counterpart to your go-to black leather crossbody.

    5. Olive Drive Straw Lottie (Kate Spade, $209) 

    Maybe you think straw is too boho for you, but you don't want to go in an edgy direction, either. The answer: This straw top handle crossbody from Kate Spade, complete with an oversized black bow. Unlike most straw bags, it zips closed and is a structured, classic shape. So ladylike and polished. Wear it with pointed toe flats and your favorite blouse.  

    6. Frayed Maxi Tote (Sensi Studio, $246) 

    Not feeling all that beige and black? Get ready for an explosion of color with this tote. There’s hot pink, canary yellow, bright green––the entire rainbow, basically. Plus, the fringe detailing is super cute and unexpected. Keep your look simple to let the bag shine, like with light-wash cropped flares and a white top.

    7. Leather Shoulder Bag (Vasic, $380) 

    This is really the perfect city summer bag. It has just enough of the straw aesthetic to look summery, but wouldn't look out of place if you’re far from the beach. The leather detailing keeps it grounded, and the shape is so sleek and modern. As if it couldn't get any better, it zips closed and comes with a removable cross body strap––two city bag must-haves. Try styling it with a black jumpsuit or romper and platform sneakers.

    Whether you love a giant tote or something more understated, we promise there's a beautiful straw bag out there for you!

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    Lay’s has always been known for its unique and interesting flavors of chips, but its new line just might its best yet. On Wednesday, Lay’s announced their latest “Tour of America” line of chips, and if you’ve always wanted to take a food tour and try the famous flavors of the various regions of the USA, this line is for you.

    The “Tour of America” collection features eight regionally-inspired flavors that represent distinct flavors from the different regions in the U.S. and these flavors are sure to remind you of home.

    According to Hello Giggles, the eight flavors are: Deep Dish Pizza (inspired by  the Heartland and mid-America), Lobster Roll (inspired by  the Northeast), Fried Pickles with Ranch (inspired by the midwest), Cajun Spice (inspired by the Central Gulf), Chili Con Queso (inspired by the Southwest), Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice (inspired by the Mid-Atlantic), Pimento Cheese (inspired the Southeast), and Thai Sweet Chili (inspired by the Pacific Northwest).

    via Lay's

    TBH, these all sound delicious!

    All eight flavors will be available in stores starting on July 30, and will be available through September 23, according to Popsugar.

    Each flavor will be available in its respective region.

    July 30 can’t come soon enough!

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    Sounds like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, aka the Duchess of Sussex may be planning a U.S. tour in the spring of 2019!

    During their first royal trip together, Prince Harry said in a speech at the British ambassador’s residence, “We’re so pleased to be here, for our first official international visit… and we hope it will be the first of many!”

    “They are so excited to head to the U.S.,” a palace insider told Us Weekly, adding that this will be the royal couple’s first trip to the U.S. since they married in May.  “Meghan is looking forward to introducing Harry to everything she loves about the U.S.”

    via Getty / Max Mumby / Indigo

    While Kensington Palace has yet to confirm the news, the royal couple is expected to make stops in New York, Washington D.C. and Markle’s native California, Popsugar reports.

    “They’re working to finalize locations and venues,” the insider said.

    Their goal for the trip is to “solidify ties between the U.K. and the U.S.,” continues the source. “They want to highlight and foster these relationships.”

    Us Weekly also reports that Prince Harry and Meghan will possibly visit San Francisco to meet with CEOs and female entrepreneurs in the tech industry to “encourage their involvement in the industry.”

    The couple is also reportedly thinking of making a stop in Chicago to visit the Obama Foundation, and possibly even visit Canada as well.

    “The Canadian Foreign Office has heard about the tour and would love to have them stop there. This may very well become a North American tour,” the insider said.

    Meanwhile, the royal couple has a busy ahead of them, with a trip planned for Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand, Popsugar reports. The trip will also coincide with Harry’s Invictus Games in Sydney, where the couple made their debut as a couple in 2017.

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    The California Supreme Court on Wednesday decided to block an a ballot initiative that would split the state into three separate states from the November ballot.

    In a unanimous order, the six judges said they decided to remove the measure from the ballot “because significant questions have been raised regarding the proposition’s validity and because we conclude that the potential harm in permitting the measure to remain on the ballot outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

    “We conclude that the potential harm in permitting the measure to remain on the ballot outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election,” the court wrote.

    According to The Huffington Post, the Planning and Conservation League, an environmental group based in Sacramento, California, filed a lawsuit in the state Supreme Court last week, arguing that the measure would amount to a revision of the California Constitution, and amendments to the state’s constitution would require a two-thirds vote approval from both chambers of the state’s legislature before the measure could go onto the ballot.

    The Planning and Conservation League argued that the initiative was too serious of a proposal to be simply approved by a ballot measure, and could result in weaker environmental protections in the state, The Hill reports.

    via Getty/CAL3

    The initiative, known as “Cal 3,” proposed to divide California into three separate states: California, Northern California and Southern California, each with similar populations.

    The measure was championed and funded by Tim Draper, a Bay area venture capitalist. Draper argued that California was ungovernable due to “poorly performing schools, crumbling infrastructure and a political system controlled by powerful special interests” and needed to be broken up into “three smaller, more manageable states.”

    “Apparently, the insiders are in cahoots and the establishment doesn’t want to find out how many people don’t like the way California is being governed,” Draper told HuffPost on Wednesday. “Whether you agree or not with this initiative, this is not the way democracies are supposed to work,” he added

    The Planning and Conservation League praised the court’s decision to block the initiative.

    “Proposition 9 was a costly, flawed scheme that will waste billions of California taxpayer dollars, create chaos in public services including safeguarding our environment and literally eliminate the State of California ― all to satisfy the whims of one billionaire,” the group’s Executive Director, Howard Penn, said. “It would have dismantled the world’s 5th biggest economy without solving a single challenge facing Californians today.”

    Fabian Nuñez, a member of the opposition group OneCalifornia Committee and a former speaker of the California Assembly, said the fact that the initiative was even placed on the ballot to begin with “gives direct democracy a bad name.”

    “We are hopeful that Tim Draper will end his attempts to split up our state and use his resources to help California meet its challenges and become an even better place to live and work,” Nuñez said.

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    The real world doesn’t seem so hard at first… until it is.

    For many people, the transition from college to post-grad adulthood hits them like a truck. You’re trying to navigate your new city, a new job or school, your new social life and financial responsibilities. That’s a lot to take in at 22 years old! However, you don’t have to go at it alone. Here are some of the biggest struggles you’ll face your first year out of college, whether to prepare your or to provide some comfort that you’re not alone:

    1. Adjusting to your new surroundings

    When you leave the comfortable boundaries of your college town and enter into post-grad adulthood, your new surroundings will feel strange for a little while. If you’re moving to a new city, you’ll feel the obvious anxieties of learning the subway system, discovering new restaurants and sights that will eventually become your common stomping grounds and overall embracing your newfound independence.

    However, even the thought of moving back to your hometown or home state can feel incredibly foreign. A lot can change in four years, and you might immediately feel like a tourist in your own town, unsure of how to readjust when you’ve changed so much.

    Kristen Perrone, a recent graduate of Siena College, is already experiencing the awkward growing pains of moving home after living out of state, versus her friends who still lived close by during college. “I have a lot of hometown and high school friends who either stayed home for college or were close enough to still maintain regular social lives at home, while I was in an in-between phase for so long going back and forth between home and school. I've found that while I'm struggling to make a post-grad lifestyle for myself, some of my friends don't exactly understand what I'm going through because they've had pretty uninterrupted lives."

    To avoid this sentiment, try finding things in your environment that make you comfortable, such as a favorite coffee shop, a hobby or your friends. By surrounding yourself which that which makes you feel at home, you’ll eventually start to feel like you are at home. Additionally, if you find yourself living back at home with your parents, you can make the space reflect your new adult status by redecorating your room and create an environment where you'll feel comfortable bringing people over, even if it is your childhood bedroom.

    2. Cultivating a new group of friends

    It’s easy enough to make friends in college when you’re constantly surrounded by people your age. The same is not necessarily the case once you’ve graduated.

    Whether you know a handful of people in your new city or you don’t know a soul, it can be daunting to start from scratch when it comes to your social life. What will you have in common with people? Where do you go to make friends? Do people even want to make friends outside of their existing circles?

    Start small by befriending your coworkers or grad school friends, and then meet their friends and so on. Join networking groups in your city to branch out and expand your horizons both socially and, as an added boost, professionally. Grab coffee with people from college also living in your city who might have only been acquaintances in school, but could blossom into something more. It’s not as daunting as it might seem once you take the first step out of your small bubble.

    Related: The Most Common Post-Grad Freak-Outs (& How to Deal)

    3. Figuring out next steps in your career

    It’s challenging enough to nail your first post-grad job. It’s even harder to figure out what to do with it and how to make the most of it in the long term.

    Whether your first job is in your industry of choice or you accepted it out of desperation, it’s impossible to not start thinking about how to utilize it as a jumping-off point as you get closer to the one-year mark. Are you ready for a promotion? Should you take a breather from the corporate world and go to grad school to sharpen your skills? When there’s no one-size-fits-all rule book for how to perfectly navigate one’s career, it can feel as though you’re destined to screw up.

    Allie Gaines, a 2014 graduate of Cornell University, felt the pressure of not having a pre-determined next step. She says, “All of our lives we’ve always knew what the next big milestone was going to be—elementary school, high school, getting into college, graduating from college, getting a job. Now you realize you have to decide what’s next for you. There’s no logical next step. I have to decide what I want to gain from my current job and how I want to proceed with my career.”

    If you think about your future as a daunting concept, it will be stressful. Yet if you think of your future in smaller chunks, like month to month, you will be able to check off smaller goals that make you feel accomplished and as if you’re heading in the right direction. It can be helpful to create a visual representation of your goals, from writing them down to creating a vision board for your room.

    Related: 10 Post-College Struggles That Mindy Kaling Gets

    4. Casting self-doubt and questioning your path

    In the same vein, you also might find yourself questioning the choices you’ve made thus far that have led you to the one-year mark post-college. Did you choose the wrong major? Should you have listened to your parents and done something more practical with your life? Should you have NOT listened to your parents and sought out the career of your dreams instead? Are you where you’re supposed to be?

    Soon enough, you’ll become paranoid as you let these thoughts marinate in your brain. You’ll dwell on those small choices you made in college—from your major to the internships (or lack of) you took on to the clubs you joined to whether you should’ve studied a little harder for that biology exam that demolished your GPA—and whether they’ve made the impact they should have on your real world endeavors.

    However, this is a destructive way of thinking. You can’t change the decisions you’ve made in the past; rather, you can only control your future. As cliché as it sounds, you wouldn’t be where you are without those decisions, so it’s healthier to accept them and make the most of them in the short period you’ve experienced adulthood.

    5. Managing romantic relationships

    Gone are the days of the casual college hook-ups and relationships. When young girls are first thrust into the real world, that's the time for them to start thinking about what they truly want romantically.

    Relationships can be a struggle for a number of reasons. If you're still single after college, you might be trying to figure out if you should put yourself out there again and if so, how. Do dating apps really work? On the flip slide, if you were with someone in college, you might face the dilemma of whether to stay with them or start fresh post-graduation. If you do stay together, there's the chance that you won't live in the same city, and managing a long-distance relationship can be incredibly difficult and stressful.

    It's important to understand that you're still in your early 20's, and have plenty of time to figure out what you want out of a romantic partner. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to find "the one" just yet and simply have fun while you're young! Whether you're in a relationship or not, put a good amount of your energy into things that make you happy and excited, such as your career or hobbies. The drama you're dealing with will feel like a big deal right now, but is only as stressful as you make it.

    Every 20-something goes through these struggles, and then some. However, you don’t have to let them consume your life. By focusing on the positives in your life and being proactive about the things you’d like to change, you’ll find that your struggles aren’t so bad or uncommon.

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    Good morning, Her Campus! With a break-neck news cycle, there is no possible way for you to stay on top of every story that comes across your feeds—we’re all only human, after all.

    But, life comes at you fast. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this quick and dirty guide to stories you might’ve been sleeping on (like, literally. It’s early.)

    Former FBI Director James Comey Urges Vote for Democrats This November

    Former FBI Director James Comey is urging voters to go for Democrats in this year’s midterm elections.

    Comey, took to Twitter to say that the GOP, which holds the majority in both chambers of Congress, has failed to adequately check on Trump, The Huffington Post reports.

    “This Republican Congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the Founders’ design that ‘Ambition must ... counteract ambition,’” Comey wrote.

    “All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall,” Comey urged.  “Policy differences don’t matter right now. History has its eyes on us.”

    President Donald Trump fired Comey last year, and have shared a few bitter words over the past few months as Comey went on his publicity tour for his book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, a tell-all book about Comey’s interactions with Trump.

    Comey was also critical of Trump’s performance at the joint press conference in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin following the Trump-Putin summit. At the press conference, Trump appeared to side with Putin over the U.S. intelligence community, even though the intelligence community has concluded that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election.

    “This was the day an American president stood on foreign soil next to a murderous lying thug and refused to back his own country,” Comey wrote afterward. “Patriots need to stand up and reject the behavior of this president.”

    President Trump Has Ordered a New Red, White & Blue Air Force One

    It appears that Air Force One will be getting a patriotic makeover.

    According to ABC News, President Donald Trump said that the next generation of Air Force One planes will be red, white and blue.

    via Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images, FILE

    “Air Force One is going to be incredible,” said Trump. “It's going to be top of the line, the top in the world, and it's going to be red, white and blue, which I think is appropriate.”

    Back in 2016, Trump criticized the former contract with Boeing to replace the aging Air Force One fleet, arguing the cost was too high.

    According to ABC News, the White House says this contract is only for $3.9 billion, $1.3 billion less than the previous $5.3 billion dollar proposal.

    The planes are not expected to be completed until 2024, however, meaning that they will mainly be used by future presidents.

    FBI Director Wray Says “Russia Attempted to Interfere in Last Election”

    As President Donald Trump continues to backpedal on some of his comments from the joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, FBI Director Chris Wray had made it very clear: “Russia attempted to interfere in the last election.”

    “My view has not changed, which is that Russia attempted to interfere with the last election and that it continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day,” Wray told NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt at the Aspen Security Forum.

    via Daniel Bayer / Aspen Security Forum

    Wray also reaffirmed his his position backing the U.S. intelligence community in their conclusions that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, and said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian interference and possible collusion with the Trump campaign is not a “witch hunt.”

    Wray discussed how Russia will identify divisive issues with the U.S. and use propaganda to “spin people up on both sides of the issue and then watch us go at each other.”

    He said that he has not seen any sort of attempts by Russians to interfere in the midterm elections, but said “it’s a threat that we need to take extremely seriously and need to respond to with fierce determination.”

    When asked if he had considered resigning amid all the attacks on the FBI, Wray said, “I'm a low-key, understated guy, but that should not be mistaken for what my spine is made out of. I'll just leave it at that.”

    What to look out for...

    Shuri, aka Black Panther's genius sister, is getting her own comic book series, and YAS!

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    Peace has a somewhat fluid definition. While peace can mean tranquility, concord and kindness for most people, choosing and actively maintaining peace in your daily life can fluctuate from person to person. After all, finding peace within yourself—whether you’re looking to find harmony in your new-found-singledom or your physical appearance—can mean something entirely different than making peace with your friends and family. But, how do college-age women define peace? And, what does choosing it look like for them?

    Seeing as Peace Tea launched its Choose Peace campaign to drive awareness for kindness in conjunction with the organization’s Random Acts of Kindness, to better understand what peace means to college-age women, we asked them for an interpretation.

    What does choosing peace look like to you?

    “I think that 'choosing peace' means focusing on being your own definition of happy and healthy, and making choices each day that help you continue to work towards the goals you have set for yourself.” – Audrey Lent, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

    “I have always appreciated this definition of peace and it has helped me in many situations. I would also add that respect of the other person's ways of peace, or the larger situation, helps to make peace for me. I think the process of making peace, for me, is: identifying what I'm struggling with, naming it, hearing another person's side (if possible, as it isn't always), internalizing the info, then doing what I can to come to terms with it, and letting go.” – Allie Carville, Graduate

    “I find peace boring. People try to chase happiness, but I don't think a perfect life exists. At the end of the day, you're chasing the right to choose your own problems. I might be alone with this opinion, but I had a relatively peaceful life while working a stable job in finance. I had a good job in finance, an apartment, and very little problems... other than boredom. Eventually, this is what lead me to quit my job and travel the world. Despite the chaos of my new life (moving around, cultural differences, sometimes drama), I've never felt more at peace with who I am and my place in the world.” – Tessa Clare Endencia, Graduate

    “How can we live in a world of peace and happiness? If we all could get away from the idea of drama and jealousy and choose kindness and humility, this would be a sure path to peace. A path that has women uplifting one another, a path of marriages that last, a path where children can grow up in a household with both of their parents. It starts with the women...What does our life look like choosing a path of peace? It does not mean becoming mother Teresa. It means showing kindness and peace in our everyday life. Choosing kindness daily towards our loved ones, and strangers you see on the street. Making peace a daily habit will make life easier and calmer. Sooner or later you won’t have to focus on this lifestyle and it will become your new routine.” – Emily, Graduate

    If you want to learn how you can get involved in the Peace Tea{m}’s mission to choose peace and bolster kindness, visit Peace Tea’s website to learn how you can choose peace and spread a little more love too.

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    This article has been syndicated from Eyeliner Wings & Pretty Things, an InfluenceHer Collective Member. Read the full post here.

    Each summer since I turned seventeen has been spent at an internship in NYC. I love being busy, and gaining experience was always a priority for me throughout college and beyond. With each internship I’ve definitely made my share mistakes, but grown from them. I’ve had summers with miserable lows and exciting highs, but hopefully you can avoid making the same mistakes I did. Looking back on it, here are just a few ways I wish I would have acted differently in each position. 

    1. I was super quiet.

    During one internship, I was a mere freshman and I guess I let that fact get the best of me. I’m usually incredibly talkative and social but with that position, I was so nervous that I couldn’t even say "good morning” or “goodbye” – I would just leave like a ghost. This was a huge mistake because I didn’t let my supervisor or fellow interns get to know who I really am. I seemed like a timid, boring person, when it reality I’m not that way. During your internship, you always want to showcase your best, authentic self, because those connections will help you get a job later! 

    What I wish I’d done: I wish I had been more talkative and had gotten involved in conversations. I should've made a point to let my personality come through.

    2. I didn’t try to socialize with other interns.

    I liked them enough and we’re now friends on Facebook, but I wish I’d tried to get lunch with them or maybe grab dinner after work. It’s always nice to have friends and people in the same field as you, and again, those connections you make during the internship will prove so valuable when you're networking and applying to jobs later on. 

    What I wish I’d done: I wish I’d connected with other interns, whether that be inviting them to check out the new dessert place down the block or simply grabing lunch. 

    3. I didn’t keep in touch.

    My supervisor was really sweet and knowledgeable, but after the internship (aside from a thank you card a few days after it ended) I didn’t stay in touch. I genuinely couldn’t figure out how to do it, also considering I hadn’t made it a point to forge those crucial connections during the actual internship period. 

    What I wish I’d done: If I had practiced being social and talkative the whole time,  keeping in touch wouldn’t have been nearly as hard! Staying in touch is so much easier when you have common ground to send Instagram messages and quick emails about.

    4. I didn’t track my progress.

    By the time the internship ended, it was hard for me to see just how much I’d done. I ended up leaving out figures and numbers that could’ve looked impressive, simply because I forgot to log them.

    What I wish I’d done: Made a spreadsheet to track all the work that I had done, the articles I created, and the statistics for social media and pageviews. All of this is important to put on a resume or showcase in future interviews, and measuring your growth and impact is a wonderful thing to have in your pocket. 

    Read the full post here.

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    When you can't snatch a monthlong vacation because of your internship or summer classes, a weekend getaway is a great breather from stress. But no matter how brief your retreat is, there's always some summer style must-haves you've got to take along with you. Here are seven summer style essentials you've got to pack to ensure you look and feel gorgeous on your mini-vacay.

    1. Dry hair shampoo


    A post shared by Her Campus Style (@hercampusstyle) on

    Dry hair shampoo is a must-have if you want to maintain beautiful locks while you're on the go. We all love how our hair looks unwashed, but for a weekend-long vacation, keep clean and stylish for all the Instagram pics you'll want to take. Be sure to carry a small travel-size bottle of dry hair shampoo in your purse and spray your hair at least once a day to get a flawless finish.

    2. A cute scarf 

    We know what you're thinking: why wear a warm scarf in the middle of July? Well, a small neck scarf can be used as a cute accessory for any outfit, and not just as a coverup for chilly days. Scarves can level up your outfits in tons of ways: tie your scarf around your waist as a chic new belt, or up into your hair as an adorable headband or scrunchie. You can even tie it to your bag to add a pop of color. If you switch up the use for the scarf, no one can even tell that you're reusing one accessory. When you want to pack light for a weekend trip, a multipurpose accessory is a real lifesaver.

    3. A sleek pair of glasses


    A post shared by Her Campus Style (@hercampusstyle) on

    Is it really summer vacation if you aren't rocking a sweet pair of sunnies? A nice pair of glasses can really transform your whole ensemble, so make sure you pack a pair that you love and will want to wear the whole trip. Sunglasses with a funky lens design can definitely spice up your simpler outfits, or if you're into the subdued, classier look, a transparent pair of round frames can make your look more delicate and whimsical. Of course, sunglasses are protection from the sun's harmful rays, so be sure to take a pair that will shield your eyes properly (safety first, style second). 

    4. White sneakers 


    A post shared by Her Campus Style (@hercampusstyle) on

    Nothing says summer vibes like a pair of popping white kicks. White sneakers are the perfect pair of shoes to wear on a weekend retreat because of their comfort and versatility. Wherever you go, sneakers will give you the support you need to travel with ease. And fashion-wise, white sneakers match with so many outfits that you can wear them anywhere and not have to worry about them clashing with your ensemble. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

    5. A red lipstick 

    Taking your entire makeup collection with you for one weekend might not seem like the most sensible packing choice, so bring the most flexible cosmetics you have that will match whatever look you sport. A classic red lip will complete and even embolden your outfit, no matter how intricate or simple it is. It's also the best lip to wear when you want to transition from day activities to nights out. So be sure to pack your favorite shade of red lipstick for a trusty makeup look you can put together in minutes. 

    6. Your best crop top 

    Crop tops are the hottest clothing item of the year, so don't forget to bring your cutest ones along for your trip. Crop tops come in a variety of styles nowadays and they can pair with almost any bottom. A simple t-shirt style crop top with your best pair of blue jeans can make a comfy yet stylish outfit for your trip. Or pack some frillier crop tops to pair to with a midi skirt or some denim shorts. Not only will your best crop top keep you looking cute, it'll definitely keep you cool in the summer heat.

    7. A pretty sundress 

    If your weekend trip calls for a fancier occasion, make sure you pack an elegant dress with you in case. An airy sundress and some flat sandals (thankfully easy to fit in your suitcase) are all you need for a nice night out or Sunday brunch before you head back home. Pick a dress that's comfortable but chic. Also, go for options that are easy to dress up or dress down.

    A weekend getaway can be just as relaxing and rewarding as a monthlong vacay when you're well prepared. If you want to look your very best as you travel along, you don't need to overpack to put together the best summer looks; bring along these summer style essentials to get the most out of your closet, so you'll worry less about heavy luggage and more about the fun you'll have on your weekend vacay!

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    A few days ago I finished reading the bookWorn Stories by artist and writer Emily Spivak. In it,  Spivak discusses the meaning that clothes can have for those who wear them. From a grandmother’s sweater to a necklace or a favorite pair of shoes, clothes can bring you back a special time or place, memory or person.

    Spivak shares the as-told-to stories of others artists (and authors, directors, fashion designers, and writers) and the clothes that hold special meaning for them. There are shoes that walked the length of the Great Wall of China, a handmade tie passed down through generations and a t-shirt donated to a thrift store by one friend and bought by another. Although each of these articles of clothing may seem meaningless to an outsider, each one carries a unique story - and these are the ones that Spivak shares.

    Even though I’ve never hiked 13,000 miles in one pair of boots or owned something from a great-great-great grandparent, I do have many things in my closet that have a special place in my heart. Some are more interesting than others, but they’re important to me all the same.

    Like Spivak, I agree that clothes have the ability to transport you back to a certain time, place or feeling. I vividly remember my outfit on my first day of fifth grade - a blue Jonas Brothers t-shirt and matching seersucker Bermuda shorts - and how excited I was to have picked it out for myself. It was the first time that I can remember starting the ritual of picking out the next day’s outfits the night before (something that I still do religiously to this day). That outfit is ingrained in my memory as a big moment in my fashion-centered life. It was the first time I really cared what I was going to wear (however sartorially misguided the outfit itself may have been).

    Aside from that outfit, there are many more pieces whose stories I could share - I could talk about the sweater I wore when I found out I got into my dream college or the first pair of expensive sneakers I ever bought. But somehow I narrowed them down to three, and this is my own “worn story.”

    1. A floral sundress

    My mom wore this dress for her and my dad’s (second) marriage ceremony. After their real wedding (you know, white dress and veil), they spent their honeymoon in Hawaii. While they were there, my dad surprised her with another ceremony, and this is the dress she wore.

    Fifteen years later I got to wear the same dress on our family vacation to Hawaii. And it fit like a glove. It was so special to be able to wear something that meant so much to my mom. I haven’t worn it since, but every time I look at it I’m reminded of the sentimentality it holds for her, and now for me.

    If I think about it for too long though, I get a little bit weirded out about it. Either I had the body of a 32-year-old at age 14, or my mom had the body of a 14-year-old at 32. But maybe it’s just one of those dresses that fits any body type. Either way it's still special. Maybe one day my brother can wear that super stylish shirt my dad has on in the picture. He's known for never throwing away old clothes (or buying new ones), so I’d bet money that he still has it.

    2. A black onyx ring

    Another sentimental one - my mom gave me this ring when I turned 18, a ring that she got from her mom when on her own 16th birthday.After getting it, I wore the ring every single day (it helped that my closet is almost entirely black and white, so it goes with everything). I stopped wearing it when I went to college, choosing to leave it at home rather than risk it being lost or stolen. But I wore it every day over winter break, and have worn it every day of summer break. My hand feels naked without it.

    Even though it doesn’t trace back generations and generations, it’s still special nonetheless. One day I’ll pass it on to my daughter, she’ll pass it on to hers, and eventually it may reach that coveted 100-year-old status.

    3. A cozy sweater

    I bought this sweater on sale for 75 percent off, it’s technically three sizes too big and now has a mysterious orange stain on the sleeve, but it’s the best sweater I own.

    I wore this as many times as I could without it getting ratty during freshman year of college. (You could even argue that I may have worn it too often). I’d be it every weekend and almost every weeknight, and it was the warmest thing to wear in the buildings that were always painfully cold. 

    I never really thought about what this sweater meant to me, but it turns out it actually means a lot to one of my best friends. The first week of school, she came up to my friends and I in the dining hall asked to sit with us. She’d never interacted with or even seen us before, but she had the confidence to come ask to sit down. I remember that day not only because I was floored by her confidence, but because it was the beginning of a friendship with one of the best people I’ve ever known. She remembered that day because after a week of meeting people she didn’t click with, she finally found a group of friends she loved.

    She reminds me every time I wear the sweater: “Hey. You were wearing that on the day I met you.” Although this sweater doesn’t have a ton of sentimental value to me (although it is my favorite sweater right now), it illustrates how clothes can hold such important memories inside of them. Every shirt’s stitching can carry a story, a ring can be more than just a piece of jewelry, and a dress can have so much more meaning than first meets the eye.

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    Runway fashion has always been a huge point of intrigue for me, because it generally falls somewhere between “cutting-edge” and “just plain weird.” (Okay, maybe closer to the latter.) But designer and photographer Joel Alvarez, who calls himself the “King of Tape,” must have decided that a body bag dress or sweaters that cover your head weren’t pushing the envelope enough, and took matters into his own hands.

    May I introduce you to these metallic masking tape “bikinis”?

    Designed as part of the Black Tape Project, these debuted at Miami Swim Week, Cosmopolitan reports. They are artistic and intriguing, I’ll admit, but the first feeling I have when I look at them is concern—what is the removal process like? How long does it take to put on and take off? How much does it hurt? I can’t even fathom the answer to the last one.

    The strangest part of all of this is that, according to Teen Vogue, the tape is available for sale in two colors on the Black Tape Project website, but it costs upwards of $20 (TBH, couldn’t you just to go to Michael’s?). You’ll also never be able to recreate any of these looks, unless you have enough crafting skill to come for Alvarez’s royal tape art title. And even if you do all that… I highly, highly doubt these will last in the pool.

    So I’ll be getting my next bathing suit from Target, but if you decide to take on this behemoth of a DIY fashion task, let me know how it works out for you.

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    @ Balenciaga… what are you doing? The high-fashion brand has created a Croc-inspired stiletto heel (yes, those Crocs), and have been posting about it on their Instagram since late June. This is their second stab at a revamp of the functional shoe we all love to hate on, after their $850 platform Crocs debuted on the runway last year. Those shoes caused quite a bit of controversy because people couldn’t decide if they were actually cute or not, or if they were worth the money.

    I’m sure the same debate will happen with these stilettos, and I hate to say it, but… they don’t look that ugly. (I’m not sure who this model plans on calling, though.)


    A post shared by Balenciaga (@balenciaga) on


    A post shared by Balenciaga (@balenciaga) on

    The pink color is pretty adorable, and even if they are still a rubbery texture, the cute (and expensive-looking) little giblets add some fun to the shoe. I don’t hate them, I just don’t understand them.

    Considering the original point of Crocs was to be a functional shoe that you could wear when you were gardening or at sleepaway camp or when you were, like, five, the stilettos as a concept just don’t make sense. I’m going to take a wild guess that the price tag on these will have a number big enough to make my eyes pop out of my head, so I doubt I’ll catch anyone wearing these while working in a garden. Not to mention, the main appeal of Crocs, which sometimes even outweighs their horrendous appearance, is the comfort. I dare you to find me anyone who’s actually comfortable in high heels.


    A post shared by Balenciaga (@balenciaga) on

    I have no idea who came up with this, but I have many, many questions for them. What market is this meant to target? Are they just doing this for the shock factor? How many pairs of these do they actually expect to sell? Regardless, I bet we’ll be seeing many more models wearing these soon.

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    Networking is a fundamental part of getting into just about every industry, and unfortunately for the shy girls out there, it’s almost completely unavoidable. You might dread showing up to career fairs or grabbing coffee with a possible mentor because you don’t know how to approach the situation, or because getting to know people in general is harder for you than for most. But since you also know you want to do everything in your power to gain the success you deserve, we’ll help you out here: we talked to Tom Dezell, author of Networking for the Novice, Nervous, or Naïve Job Seeker, and got all the tips you need to make the hardest parts of networking just a little bit easier.

    1. Start online, and work your way up to in-person networking

    Sometimes your words come a bit easier behind the screen than when you have to make direct eye contact with somebody, and that’s okay—at least at first.

    You can use an app like Bumble Bizz or LinkedIn to start conversations with others in your industry of choice. Once you make an intriguing profile and start connecting with people in your industry, presenting yourself as an accomplished and eager young career woman will be so much easier.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean you should let your shyness translate to online, too; don’t be afraid to be the one who reaches out to someone else you find interesting. If you’re unsure of where to start, an alum of your college can be a great first person to reach out to, since you know they’ve been in your position before.

    No matter who you’re talking to, once they get to know you online and learn more about your passions and skills, you can show up to that lunch or coffee meeting feeling more confident about what you bring to the table.

    2. Don’t make it scarier than it actually is

    Career fairs can be awful for the shy girl—there’s so many people, and you have to introduce yourself over and over. Um, no thanks. But when it comes down to it, networking with somebody is just a conversation. And yes, conversations with new people can still lead to a sense of dread for the introvert, but there’s a couple things you can remind yourself of before you let your nerves blow that job fair out of proportion.

    “These events are similar to things you’ve done already, like interviews when applying to colleges. Think about what you did for those that helped relax you,” Dezell suggests. We’re sure that after doing those college interviews back in high school, you realized they weren’t as horrible as you had originally thought, and it’s the same with networking. All you have to do is talk about what you like and what you want—when you think of it that way, it helps take some of the pressure off.

    Also, even if the person that you’re talking to is super-accomplished and shows up in a crisp suit with a super-firm handshake, remember that they’re still a human being, and deep down, they probably have many of the same thoughts you do. “It’s far from just college students that find networking events intimidating,” Dezell says. “Professionals of all ages struggle as well. Too many only have to network during the periods of their careers when looking for a job, so they get little practice.”

    We know this sounds an awful lot like that time your mom told you the spider in your room is just as afraid of you as you are of it, but luckily, you’re not dealing with a spider this time. You’re simply dealing with talking to another person. That’s not so bad, is it?

    3. Prepare a spiel beforehand

    If you’re hoping to avoid stumbling over your words in front of a possible future employer, writing down and rehearsing an intro before you arrive can help you get into the groove of talking with people more easily.

    So what should be in your introduction?

    “As a student, this should include information about your major and what types of jobs you’d like to explore,” Dezell recommends. This should be easy enough—after all, you’ve probably sat through enough orientation icebreakers in your time to have this down pat anyway. “After this, ask for feedback on other potential fields your contact might think you could explore. Indicate that you’re interested in speaking to as many people in those fields as possible to learn as much as you can. If your contact hasn’t thought of it already, that will prompt them to suggest you reach out to some of their own contacts.”

    Just saying your introduction in the mirror or to a friend (more on that later) will help you work out any kinks in coming across as authentic, enthusiastic and sure of yourself. Doing some light research on the person you’re talking with can also help you figure out what kind of knowledge they have and exactly what they can share with you, too.

    As for career fairs, your introduction will come in handy as well, because you can make a memorable first impression just by looking put-together. If you don’t walk into the room feeling great to start, Dezell has a tip to get in some extra practice. “Start out at the booth of a company you have limited to no real interest in,” he says. “This allows you to practice your questions and introductions to work out any bugs before seeing employers you have greater interest in.”

    4. Know your worth

    A lot of your shyness and reluctance to network might stem from that nasty thing known as “impostor syndrome.” It’s easy to feel like you don’t offer anything to the more accomplished person you’re working with, but avoid this type of thinking.

    If you’re hesitating on reaching out to someone because of this, Dezell advises, “Focus your conversations on asking for advice. People love to give their expertise, especially to students about their careers.” If you share the same interests, why would they not want to talk to you about it? But if you still need an extra reminder to keep up your confidence, remember that you do bring something to the table.

    “As a student, you do have something to offer,” Dezell says. “You have current knowledge about what’s being taught now.” This is especially true when you’re networking with someone from an older generation—you provide insight about social media, the Internet and your generation. Use that to your advantage and be confident in your own experiences and skills.

    Looking for the perfect place to get started? “One area to attend networking events at is professional associations in the fields you want to work in,” Dezell says. “Assisting in a job search is a great way to attract members. That’s something else you offer.”

    5. Do it with a friend

    Rehearsing networking with your friends may sound silly, but we promise that it can help, and come across more naturally when it’s the real deal. You know how a lot of sororities practice before recruitment? Think of this as something similar—by learning how to master small talk just by doing it a lot, you won’t end up floundering for something interesting to say during an awkward silence.

    The best plus of this is that practice has no harmful consequences—if you mess up now with your best friend, all you have to do is start over and try again. Even better is the fact that you can switch off being in the hot seat with others, so that everyone gets a chance to improve their networking skills.

    This strategy works for job fairs as well, Dezell points out. “Something I’ve found that helps many is planning to attend [a job fair] with a friend or colleague,” he says. “Practice introductions with each other ahead of time, then split up to meet some people. Meet back up every 30 minutes or so to compare notes.”

    Having a friendly face with you as you start putting yourself out there can help you relax during the process and feel more comfortable. Plus, you can both be each other’s voices of encouragement and positivity, when you might normally have a negative view of networking, so you won’t dread it as much.

    6. Make it a year-round activity

    We guarantee that many, if not most, of people aren’t all that great at networking. Why is this? According to Dezell, it’s because they simply don’t do it enough.

    “Don’t limit your networking activity to only times you’re looking for a job,” he warns. “This is a big reason many people are uncomfortable networking. Many occupations don’t require it, so we get little practice at it. Plus when it becomes associated with job hunting, which is often an unpleasant experience, it’s easy to see why so many don’t have positive views about networking.”

    So even if you’ve already scored that internship, don’t brush off the opportunity to meet someone for coffee or to head to a networking event in your area. It would be a waste of an opportunity that could help you down the line, when you are actually on the lookout for new work.

    Plus, a job opening shouldn’t even be the center of your conversation, Dezell says. “As counter intuitive as it sounds, in a networking meeting, you shouldn’t ask about job openings. Trust that if you’ve made a good impression on your contact as a student with a plan for her career and eager to learn as much as possible, you’ll find out about any openings they have. The key is that it will be making that strong impression that will make your contact want to refer you.”

    If you’re focused less on the job and immediate consequences of your networking meetings, and more on simply getting to know about the people you’re talking to and their experiences, networking will feel less life-or-death for you, and thus less intimidating. Also, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it, and soon enough it can become second nature for you.

    We know that even just hearing the word “networking” probably makes you want to run and hide, but you don’t have to drag your feet going into it. By using these tips, you can make networking less of a stressful situation and more of an opportunity to learn about your field and to let people know how accomplished you are.

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