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What it's Like to Stay Home for Spring Break


All of your friends keep posting countdowns for their trips to Mexico and the Bahamas. Now you really can’t wait for your super exciting trip… home.

They halfheartedly try to comfort you about having to stay home, lying just to make you feel better. “You’ll have so much fun! Think of all of the movies you can watch!”

As all of your friends board their planes, you drive home, listening to depressing songs about being left behind.

Once you get home, you head straight to the couch and set up camp. If you have to rot in your house while everyone else basks in the tropical sun, then you're going to make the most of it.

Your mom tries to bond with you because she feels bad that you have to stay home all week.

She suggests pedicures, lunch dates, shopping and all sorts of expensive stuff that she is paying for. For once in your life, that actually sounds awful. You just want to sulk in your anti-spring-break depression.

But on that note, you are totally going to milk to this whole “mom feeling bad for you” thing as much as possible. Hello, home-cooked meals delivered to your bed (or couch) at your beck and call!

After a few days, you realize staying home isn't so bad. You get to do nothing all day, which is what you had been dreaming of the entire exam week before break.

And then… the first round of pictures go up. You scroll through Instagram and watch your dream vacation unfold before your eyes.  

You slip back into your anti-spring-break depression. Guess it’s time to watch all those movies.

You can't handle being separated from your roommates for a week. There are only so many movies to watch and chocolates to eat by yourself. 

You emerge from your couch, and something about the living-room lighting makes you look twice when you pass the mirror. There is no way in hell you are going back to school to pose in pictures next to your newly tanned friends…

…so, obviously, you do the logical thing.

As you pack up your car to head back to school, you realize that break at home wasn’t so bad. Sure, you weren’t sipping cocktails on some exotic beach, but you did get to relax... and hang out with your pets.

Plus, you saved so much money, you got much needed sleep, you got some new clothes AND you got caught up on schoolwork. Holla at your girl!

Even though you still secretly hate your friends for leaving you to die alone in your hometown for break, you are so excited to be reunited with them…

…but then begins the replay of every waking second of the entire week. “I have SO many stories for you!”

And you have to look through all 1,800 pictures. Every. Single. One. 

Of course, as your best friends, they're morally obligated to ask, “Anyways, did you have an amazing break at home or what?!”

It doesn’t take long for them to come back down from their paradise high. Reality sets in: they have no money, three projects due that they put off until the last minute and three suitcases each to unpack. You can’t help but get a sick satisfaction out of it. That’s what they get for leaving you all alone for spring break.

That's your cue - you grab a bottle of wine, because they clearly need it to get through the next week. Maybe staying at home for spring break really did pay off.

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