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15 Things We Love About Olivia Pope


Are you ready for the return of Scandal on Feb. 27? Here at HC, we’ve been missing Olivia Pope like a sister who’s been away on a study abroad trip to Costa Rica. Fortunately, the hole in our TV-loving hearts will be mended soon enough, and then we can all get back to marveling at OP day in and day out. In honor of Scandal’s homecoming, we’ve listed 15 reasons why Ms. Pope is basically the coolest and fiercest TV character EVER.

1. She said the one line every woman dreams of being able to say.

2. The look she gets when she knows it’s handled.

3. Two words: this dress.

4. And this one.

5. She can one-up anybody.

6. She’s not afraid of expressing her emotions.

7. Her love of TV and wine.

8. This. Just, this.

9. When the rest of us need a whole day, she only needs one minute.

10. Her self-assured strut. Just look at the way her hair bounces. Ugh.

11. Her insane ability to rock anything white.

12. The blunt bangs that won our hearts.

13. Her incredible work ethic.

14. The way her smile lights up the room (and captures the POTUS’s attention).

15. And, finally, the grand exits she makes.

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