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How to Snapchat Flirt Like a Pro


What better way to rope in a certain cutie you’ve been eyeing for ages than Snapchat (which, according to Business Insider, has about 30 million monthly active users)? The app is a fabulous tool for snagging the guy who’s been ruling your fantasies for the past month, because it’s the perfect way to showcase how amazing you are. If you’re not quite sure how to make your snaps sizzle, you’re in luck! We talked to the experts, and we’re laying out the dos and dont’s for creating flirty snaps to capture the dude of your dreams.

1. DO Show Him Your Authentic Self

While you may think you need to be super sexy for every snap you send, that’s actually not the case, according to dating coach and founder of Sexy Confidence Adam LoDolce.

“Make them so much fun,” he says. “Include yourself in the picture, so that he can feel the emotion when he sees you.”

So take a goofy snap: get your girls together and strike silly poses, or take a video clip of your glorious karaoke rendition of K.P.’s “Dark Horse.” Or put on adorable, bright pink lipstick and make the best fish face he’s ever going to see (FYI, those make your cheek bones really stand out). He’ll love your sense of humor.

“Be YOU—your open, loving, flirty, weird self,” says NYC-based love coach Lindsay Chrisler.

Showing him your funny side isn’t the only way to flirt! Express the stuff you’re into via awesome snaps.

“[Send] a photo of you after you just did something that totally lights you up: a yoga class, honest conversation with a friend or just thinking about your crush,” Chrisler says.

Snap a pic of you in all of your glistening glory post-Pilates workout. It’ll show how hard you work to keep your body fit, and he’ll dig that. If you’re a huge coffee drinker, take a quick vid of your favorite downtown coffeehouse. If reading is your thing, take a pic of your fave book, be it Gone with the Wind or a Stephen King thriller. It’s important for him to learn about what makes you happy (and vice versa). Snapchat is a superb start.

2. DON’T Be too Sexual

Showing off your hot bod to a dude who isn’t yours yet is a seriously bad idea: you definitely don’t want to give him the impression you’re only in it for the hook-ups.

“[The] best ways to flirt with a guy over Snapchat is to send flirty pics that aren't too racy,” says matchmaker and dating coach Suzanne K. Oshima. “If you send photos that are too sexy or racy, then you're going to be sending him the wrong message.”  

Never, ever forget that while snaps aren’t supposed to be permanent, they can be.

“Keep in mind that he could do a screen shot of the photo before it magically disappears in 15 seconds or less, so leave more to the imagination than to the mobile app,” says Julie Spira, online dating expert and founder of Cyber-Dating Expert.

If you do want to show him just how gorgeous you really are, take zoomed-in selfies instead.

“Send fun, flirty pics, like a close-up of your beautiful eyes winking at him, or a close-up of your beautiful smile,” Oshima says. “The close-ups of your full face will make it somewhat mysterious. Trust me, you’ll get his attention quick."

Doll up those pretty eyes of yours with a smoky-eye look. You’ll immediately lure him in with your seductive, enticing eyes—and it doesn’t send the wrong message.

Don’t forget to pick out the perfect outfit; you may be surprised to learn that the color you wear matters.

“Girls shouldn't wear black; they should wear color,” Oshima advises. “Color attracts—specifically the color red. There was a scientific study done that actually proved that men are attracted to the color red.”

3. DON’T Take too Many Selfies (Only a few Here and There!)

While it’s perfectly okay and even encouraged (see no. 2) to take pretty selfies, make sure you don’t go overboard.

“Anyone can take selfies in the mirror,” says Tyler Young, dating coach and owner of Attractology. “Be mysterious, draw the guy out and let him pursue you.  Try a picture of a menu of your favorite dimly lit restaurant, posing the question, ‘Happy hour soon?’”

Guys love a good mystery! Another way to appear mystifying is by snapping a pic of your turned-on TV screen in a darkened living room. Caption it: “Watching a movie all by my lonesome. Come join?”

4. DO Steal His Heart With Amazing Cooking

We simply can’t stress it enough—guys lovefood. Always have, always will. Nothing wrong with charming him by means of the kitchen.

“[If you’re] cooking him dinner, why not snap a shot of what he'll be getting for dessert; perhaps a sexy chocolate soufflé or chocolate-covered strawberries?” Spira says.

One word: yum. What guy wouldn’t zoom over to your place pronto after receiving that kind of snap?! And don’t limit yourself to dessert; give him a peek of the main course, too. You’ll have him eating out the palm of your hand (literally).


Snapchat is a modern, totally cool way to flirt with your crush. Heed the advice of these experts and start sending spectacular snaps. He’ll be yours before you can say, “Did you like my snap?”

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