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33 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You


Hook-ups are complicated. Though your relationship may just start off as a casual fling, it’s hard not to develop the expectation over time that that fling could become something more. But how can you know whether or not your guy wants to DTR? Here are just a few signs that your hook-up buddy may not be too keen on taking things to the next level.

1. He introduces you as “his friend.”

2. He asks if you can go Dutch on the dinner check.

3. He always suggests the two of you go to your place rather than his.

4. He’s regularly chatting with people he’s met on Tinder.

5. He’s still hooking up with other girls.

6. He shows no interest in getting to know your friends.

7. He forgets your birthday.

8. He’ll never make plans with you more than a few days in advance.

9. He takes hours to reply to your text messages.

10. He never calls you or texts you first.

11. He often replies to text messages with one-word answers or just “k.”

12. He spends more time scanning the room than looking at you when you’re out.

13. He has yet to introduce you to any of his friends.

14. He sees or talks to his ex regularly.

15. He claims the two of you are just “hanging out.” 

16. He has a habit of canceling plans at the last minute.

17. He says he’s “too tired” to hang out with you.

18. He’s never invited you to a social event with him.

19. He says he’s not ready for a serious relationship.

20. He never asks you questions about your classes, friends or family.

21. He’ll fall out of contact for days at a time without explanation.

22. He never spends the night, claiming he has to “be up early tomorrow.”

23. He seems to flirt with you, but also with everyone else.

24. He suggests that the two of you “keep things casual.”

25. He has no problem telling you about other girls he finds attractive.

26. He never asks you on a solo date, always initiating something as a group instead.

27. He often texts you or visits you late at night and/or when he’s drunk.

28. He avoids touching you in public.

29. He doesn’t like to cuddle.

30. He’s always running late to meet up with you.

31. He warns you that he’s not good at relationships.

32. He puts little planning into dates.

33. After several months, you’re still not sure what exactly the two of you are doing.


You may think your guy is sending mixed signals, but sometime those signals are all too clear. Our advice, collegiettes: if your guy is demonstrating these signs, then chances are your causal fling isn’t going to turn into the real thing. 

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