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What it's Like to Go to a Pregame, as Told by Olympians


You text your friends to go out with you because you just got invited to what sounds like the best pregame of the weekend.

But when you arrive at the pregame, the guy at the door says you have too many guy friends and that he needs to "keep the ratio fair."

But you see a friend inside who, through his awesome social connections, manages to get all of your group into the pregame.

So you and your friends walk in casually and try to blend in, like:

And when one of your girlfriends sees a cute guy, you take the opportunity to wingman her, like:

It looks like it's not going well at first, but she pulls the best recovery out of nowhere.

And when she gets his number, she thanks you, like:

You walk around to scope out the crowd and run into the life of the party, who always greets both friends and strangers like:

She turns up the music, pulls out a deck of cards for drinking games and you know the pregame is in full swing!


People start loosening up as they mix more drinks and reach that nice, exhilarating buzz.

The ultimate party song comes on, so everyone lets their guards down to bust out dance moves usually reserved for the privacy of their own bedrooms.

When you look around the room, you can pick out which partiers are going too hard too fast (usually freshmen).

And in a half an hour, when someone is officially riding first class on the Hot Mess Express, you're just like:

By now, people are getting a little careless with spilling drinks all over the floor, which annoys one of the super-clean hosts, who's like:

And as the pregame winds down, people are scrambling to head to the bar...

...to the dismay of the DDs and sober patrol in charge of taking care of them that night.

It looks like the pregame is dying down, so you and your group of friends decide that it's time to head over to the party. But when you're almost out the door, you're stuck waiting on that one friend who is never ready.

The rest of you head out anyway and stand impatiently in the cold...

...until your late friend strolls out of the house, like:

His timing is perfect, because as you leave the pregame, you see the dreaded red and blue lights of a cop car coming up the street.

So you and your friends make a timely getaway (as fast as you can on the dangerous black ice)...

...and arrive fashionably late to the next party destination, like:

Because after a successful pregame with your friends, you know the party and rest of the night will be as exciting and unpredictable as the Olympics.

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