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15 Signs You're Utterly Obsessed With Your Little


Your little—the person who might as well just be your soulmate. Having a little gives you a legitimate excuse to be super obsessed with someone, craft every waking hour of every day and spend more money than you'd ever spend on yourself. After you're officially deemed "big" and "little," you start wondering how you ever went so long without this person in your life. Friends may come and go, but a little is forever. Here are 15 signs that you are, in fact, obsessed with your little.

1. Right off the bat, you can think of at least 10 inside jokes that you share.

2. You are a firm believer that you two are actually the same person.

3. Ever since the very second you met her during recruitment, you knew she was the one.

4. You spoil her as if she's your own child.

5. All you ever want to do is craft for her.

6. Even if you absolutely hate crafting.

7. You drop whatever you're doing any time she needs you.

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8. You have your own Pinterest board dedicated to things you want to buy for her.

9. The feeling you got when you saw her on bid night is equivalent to the feeling a small child gets on Christmas morning.

10. You have no doubt that she will be one of your bridesmaids someday.

11. You're more than willing to put her Dunkin on your tab.

12. You would bail her out of jail with all of the money you don't have.

13. You finish each other's sentences way too often.

14. You can exchange heinous Snapchat selfies with absolutely no judgment.

Okay, maybe just a little judgment.

15. Pictures of the two of you have basically taken over your Instagram page.

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