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How to Throw a Perfect #TGIT Viewing Party


There is nothing like #TGIT. We spend all week waiting to find out what's going on in our favorite shows—in our free time, we obsess over what will happen this week on Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder

And what's better than curling up by yourself and enjoying all that Shondaland has to offer? Sharing your Thursday night experience with your equally Shonda-obsessed friends, of course!

Here's how you can throw the perfect #TGIT viewing party for you and your friends this season.

1. Prepare a popcorn bar

You need a snack to anxiously shovel into your mouth as you worry about Meredith Grey's life choices. Find the tutorial here.

2. Or maybe an ice cream bar

If tonight's episodes are looking particularly heartbreaking, ice cream may be a better choice than popcorn for your broken heart. (Seriously, HOW many times can Shonda make us cry?) Find the tutorial here

3. Make it BYOB

And by "BYOB" we mean "bring your own blanket." Chances are that you don't have enough blankets to offer all of your viewing party attendees, and you'll want everyone to be comfortable as they try not to freak out about Olivia and Fitz. (You should also probably enstate a "yoga pants only" policy.) 

4. Pick your poison 

Want to channel your inner Olivia and sip on some red wine? Or in true Meredith Grey for, would you prefer to drink tequila all evening? Whatever your drink of choice is, we suggest bringing enough of it to last through all three shows. 

5. Play the Shondaland drinking game 

Fitz says something sexist? Drink. A doctor takes his shirt off inside of the hospital? Drink. Someone from Annalise's past shows up? Drink. You can learn all of the rules of the official #TGIT drinking game here. (Warning: you will probably be drunk by the end of the night.)

However you choose to enjoy #TGIT this week, Thursday nights are always a cause for celebration. Thank you for somehow making a weekday even more important than weekends are to us, Shonda Rhimes! 

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