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15 Things Every Girl with a Big Personality Knows to Be True


Every collegiette can't be blessed with a big personality, but thankfully, you are. That's why you know these 15 things are nothing but the truth.

1. Walking through the quad on campus means saying hi to just about everyone you see.

You're used to waving for so long that you prefer to call it the "Forward Nae Nae." It’s like roll call for college. You’re basically a celebrity, and a stroll down University Avenue is like being chased by the paparazzi. They might as well start greeting you with, “Hey, Queen Bey!”

2. Pop culture icons like Lady Gaga and Dolly Parton are your heroes.

While the other kids on the playground pretended to be cowboys and supervillains, you were busy perfecting your Christina Aguilera impression. Others might find Miley Cyrus’s antics too outrageous, but to you, she’ll always be that small town country girl from Tennessee living the best of both worlds.  

3. There’s nothing better than being fashionably late.

Pulling a Serena van der Woodsen every now and then never hurt anybody. A personality as big as yours needs its own entrance. That way you can flutter around like the social butterfly you are without stealing focus from the host.

4. Being friendly is your best quality.

It’s worked for you thus far, and you don’t plan on becoming a recluse any time soon. People gravitate towards you, and you wouldn’t dare turn away a possible friendship. You realize firsthand that it’s true: you really are never fully dressed without a smile!

5. You are always the team leader when assigned random group projects.

Some people cringe at the thought of taking charge, but you’re a natural born leader. You can’t help but break the ice and get the job done.

6. Center spotlight is your home away from home.

Is that an open mic? Not for long. You've probably performed in at least one theatrical production in your lifetime, but if you haven’t, that's okay. Your whole life is practically one huge theatrical production! Being a diva on-call is second nature to you.

7. You have no idea what it’s like to lay low when there’s an issue that needs to be resolved.

Looking the other way is not in your skill set. You always have your two cents ready to throw down in the face of problems. Bullying? Discrimination? Injustice? You shut it down in seconds flat.

8. When you meet another person with as big a personality as you, she will either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Twice the power, twice the fun? It depends, and you’ve dealt with your fair share of attention seekers. You’ve experienced enough to know how to tame your competitive side and spot a fellow big personality from a possible archfoe.

9. If you’re anything but completely out there, people think something must be wrong.

Being on 110 percent of the time can be exhausting. On those rare days when you’re feeling less than stellar, everyone with whom you come in contact immediately assumes that you are either gravely ill or that a terrible misfortune has occurred. Being anything other than your usual vivacious self is cause for alarm.

10. Public speaking is your jam.

Presentations, competitions and performing in front of large crowds are just a few of your favorite things. Your true talent lies in giving speeches and remaining poised under pressure, and you know it. When it’s your time to shine, you sparkle!

11. You're a natural matchmaker.

Plan on a 27 Dresses situation, considering the amount of weddings you'll be attending. You're the ultimate wingwoman. No matter what it takes, you're ready to make a love connection for your BFF and her #MCM or #WCW. 

12. Speaking of #WCW... 

Hey, what's up, hello? When you walk in the room, all eyes are on you. You're not afraid to flirt. In fact, you love it. 

13. Your reputation precedes you.

You meet plenty of people, and although you may not know them, they know you. 

14. Advice flows from your lips like the River Nile.

You're known on the streets as "The Fortune Cookie." Even the greats like Oprah and Dr. Oz have nothing on you.

15. You're a big supporter of the phrase "Love yourself."

A big personality comes from confidence and a soothed state of mind. You realize that in order to love your life you must first love yourself, and you're happy to spread the word of positivity. 

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