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7 Reasons Why We Want Ariana Grande to Be Our BFF


The undeniable It Girl of the moment is Ariana Grande. This adorable 20-year-old got her start on Nickelodeon, playing Cat in Victorious. Since her Nick days, Ariana has exploded onto the music scene, collaborating with artists like Mac Miller. Recent singles such as “The Way” or “Baby I” are the literal definition of catchy, and her voice is soooooo good (think early Mariah Carey). Apparently the rest of the world thinks so too, as Grande was nominated for (and won!) Favorite Breakout Artist at this year’s People’s Choice Awards. Basically, we are obsessed with this girl. here are some reasons why!

1. She loves animals.

She's a professed vegan, she frequently posts pictures of her sweet puppies on Instagram (she has three!) and she loves anything cute and cuddly… can we come play with your puppies, Ariana?

2. She’s super stylish.

From her gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana gown at this year’s Grammy’s to her quirky, hippie-inspired outfits that she wears on a daily basis, we can’t get over how chic this gal is. We want to raid her closet and ask her for style advice, like, every day.

3. She knows what’s important.

Ariana loves her family, and she has often thanked her mom and grandparents for their support and love. In the crazy world of Hollywood, it’s super refreshing to have a girl who is so down to earth and has stayed true to her values!

4. She’s so freaking talented!

How have we not mentioned this yet? Grande has one of the most amazing voices we’ve ever heard. It’s a little pop, a little R&B and a little mesmerizing. She really does sound like Mariah Carey... but is it bad if we actually like Ariana’s voice more than MC’s??

5. On that note... it’s all about the music.

Ariana is hardworking and gracious, and she makes her career an absolute priority. She often tweets about how hard she is working at her music and how much she cares about it. Sounds like a genuine girl to us!

6. She likes a good laugh.

We love to be goofy just as much as the next girl… who just so happens to be Ariana, who readily admits she's just as socially awkward as any other teenager-slash-20-something. She’s actually hilarious on TV, and just as funny in real life. 

7. She’s not afraid to eat!

FINALLY a celebrity to isn’t afraid to admit she loves food! Grande is a total foodie, and will eat almost anything, but she loves ice cream and cake especially. Want to grab dinner with us sometime, A?

Don’t you guys agree that Ariana is the ultimate girl crush? She’s gorgeous, talented and fun… we couldn’t ask for anything more in a BFF! Please be our friend, Ariana! 

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