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13 Supplies Every Collegiette Needs on Her Desk


As you move back to campus, you’re probably stoked to see your friends again and eat all the great food in your college town—but buying a bunch of pens and paper clips? That sounds much less exciting. But we're here to help make shopping for desk supplies fun with these adorable (and sassy!) essentials

1. Girl Talk Pen Set

Turn up the sass in class with this awesome pen set ($14 at Ban.Do).

2. Personalized Laptop Sleeve

A laptop case with your name on it ($19.99+ at Etsy) might be just the motivation you need to start writing that paper.

3. Bling Binders

Store all your old assignments and FAFSA paperwork in these stylish binders ($5.99 at Office Depot). We recommend throwing a quick pic of Ryan Gosling in there as well—you know, for good measure.

4. Cork Desk Organizer

This desk organizer ($26 at Urban Outfitters) will make your desk look that much more grown-up.

5. Necessities Pencil Set

Okay, these pencils ($14 at Miss Poppy Design) have “Necessities” in the name, so we’re going to go ahead and take that as a sign that we need to buy them ASAP. Plus, they all say different things that we love!

6. Alma Otter Tape Dispenser

We guarantee that this tape dispenser ($14.99 at ModCloth) will turn your stress levels all the way down.

7. Expletive Paper Clips

These paper clips ($12 at Kate Spade) accurately describe how you feel while doing those assignments, but at least you get to make them look cute once you’re done!

8. Floral Notebooks


Say no to generic notebooks and go for these floral ones ($2.99 each at Target) instead.

9. Dino Skull Staple Remover

You have to remove those staples somehow, so why not let this helpful dino ($10 at Urban Outfitters) do the job?

10. Friends Stationery

Notecards like these beautiful ones ($22 at Rifle Paper Co.) are such a great thing to have on hand in college. You never know when you’ll need to write a thank you note to your roommate for cleaning your living quarters.

11. Patterned Erasers

These erasers ($14 at Kate Spade) are probably (definitely?) too pretty to use, but decorations still count as an essential, right?

12. Hamburger Notepad

Juno may have a hamburger phone, but soon you’ll have a hamburger notepad ($4.99 at Target). Not so smug now, huh, Juno?

13. Get On It Clip

This jumbo clip ($14 at Urban Outfitters) serves both as a filing device for all your papers and as a reminder to get on that assignment already. Here’s to the most productive year ever!

If your workspace makes you happy, you will be more productive and less stressed. Boom, science. So get to shopping, collegiettes—you need these desk supplies in your life!

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