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9 Times Amy Schumer Got Way Too Real


In Trainwreck, the movie loosely based on her life, Amy Schumer is perfection. But the actress is just as hilarious IRL and in her show Inside Amy Schumer. Here are 9 times Amy proved she was in fact our spirit animal.

1. When she was a die-hard sports fan

2. When she was all of us on a dateless Friday night...

...and after a really rough week

3. When she was the image of maturity

We don't want to grow up either, Amy.

4. When she imagined the worst thing that could possibly happen to someone

And it was terrifying.

5. When she understood the struggle

6. When she was our kind of fashion girl

Yeah, pretty much.

7. When this happened


8. When she flaunted dem moves

9. When she was so much more than just a funny lady...

...and used humor to point out actual serious issues

We are NOT cool with the gender wage gap.

Seriously, how? Keep doing you, Amy!

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