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7 Social Media Struggles Every Collegiette Faces


We collegiettes LOVE social media--but that doesn't mean we take it lightly. From Facebook creeping to coming up with the perfect Instagram caption, we spend a lot of time online, so mistakes are inevitable. If you haven't made one of these social media mistakes, trust us, you will. 

1. Liking a Photo from Weeks Ago (or Months Ago….. Or Years Ago)

Often a consequence of Facebook stalking, this social media struggle is all too familiar to many of us. By Facebook stalking, we mean creeping on our crush’s profile page, scouring to get a good look at any and all photos, when accidently we like a pic from eons ago, ultimately signaling to our crush that we have been creeping.

We wish we had never gone on the page to begin with.

2. Finding the Perfect Selfie Angle

Trying to achieve the perfect selfie is an art form and in order to create a beautiful masterpiece that even Kim K herself would be at awe at, it takes work. Trying to find the perfect angle can be physically exhausting, and after about 150 of the same pictures stored in your camera roll, your arm is screaming for a break.

Might be time to break down and just go for the selfie stick. 

3. Picking an Instagram Filter

With Instagram, we are looking for the most gorgeous way to share our photos, and picking just the right filter can mean the difference between your best Instagram pic or a photo that should never have been shared in the first place.

The struggle between Valencia and Nashville is so real.

4. Facebook Profile Pic Not Getting Enough Likes

After trying to find the perfect angle for that selfie, we may decide to make it our Facebook profile picture, hoping it will receive rave reviews. However, when we post it, the amount of likes is disappointing, especially after five hours have passed by and there have only been five likes. 

That's when you message your besties to go like it so people don't think you're lame. 

5. Mixing Up Your Passwords for Different Social Media Sites

When there are so many different social networking sites, it can be hard to make sure that you didn’t enter your Facebook password into your Pinterest log-in or put your Twitter username into your Instagram log-in. Even though you click the “Remember Me” checkbox when you log-in to your networking sites, when it expires, it means disaster.

6. Tweeting the Wrong Tweet

 Your social media followers are not the world’s greatest therapists, so tweeting that not-so-subliminal tweet after you just had a fight with a friend is not a good idea, because once something is on the Internet, it can’t be taken back. And, even if it is deleted, chances are at least one person saw your mean tweet.

So you start rapidly retweeting everything in sight to push the offending Tweet down. 

7. Not Being Able to Fit Everything into 140 Characters

We’ve all seen Twitter & Instagram essays from some of our friends and even our fave celebs, however, when we become the person who needs and wants to rant, the inability to send one tweet out with all we need to say becomes the most frustrating thing imaginable. Especially when it is just one letter from letting us Tweet!


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments, collegiettes! 

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