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10 Movies that Definitely Need Sequels


Some of the best movies of all time have been released with no sign of a sequel anytime soon. Because we tend to become attached to movie characters, we came up with a list of successful films that are in desperate need of a second run!

1. Forrest Gump

How cool would it be to see how Forrest Jr. turned out after having such an awesome dad?

2. E.T.

Ah, such a classic! Aren't we all wondering what happened to Elliot, and if E.T. ever came back?  

3. Inception

Although we don't need any more of a reason other than the desire to see Leonardo Dicaprio in another movie, having a sequel to Inception would clear up a lot of confusion people had about the final scene!

4. Titanic

Speaking of Leonardo DiCaprio, there was a joke floating around the internet that the beginning of Inception could serve as a continuation of the end of Titanic. You know, the whole Jack floating to the bottom of the ocean, but then waking up years later in a frozen block of ice thing? Eh, it could work!

5. Hancock

Are we the only ones who think Hancock should be an actual superhero with his own movie series? We are hoping that Marvel or DC will pick up on this and create a sequel!

6. Matilda

If you hated Matilda’s parents as much as we did then you’ll understand why she needs a sequel! But only if the gorgeous Ms. Honey is in it.

7. I Am Legend

We all know how great of an actor Will Smith is, which is why a sequel is definitely needed to tell the rest of his story. But maybe this time, continue from the alternate ending version?

8. Avatar

Can you believe it took ten years for Avatar to be created? Good thing those ten years produced an amazing and touching movie about blue human-like creatures having their land almost completely destroyed by actual humans, right? We were all left with one question though: how long will their world be left untouched by other civilizations? 

9. The Iron Giant

Who knew we could feel so deeply about a gigantic robot? Is it just us or have cartoon movies been giving us the feels for quite some time now? Come on, it's been 16 years and we still have no idea if Eli and the giant ever reunited!

10. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

You didn’t have a childhood if you don’t remember Roger and Jessica Rabbit. They taught us that anything can be loved... even a clumsy rabbit who happens to be framed for murder. 

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