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17 Things Harder to Get Into Than College


When we were in high school, everything was about college; we worried about applications, standardized test scores and the dreaded acceptance letters. It consumed our lives. But now that we’ve made it past that struggle, we’ve found that our worries weren’t as big as they originally seemed. In fact, there are a lot of things that are harder to get into than college. For example…

1.  A club or a bar. Planning on kicking off the weekend with some drinks and friends? Expect to wait in line for at least an hour. Under 21? Even worse.

2.  The library during finals week. Any library. No matter how early you get there, or how late you stay, expect every seat to be filled with highly stressed and over-caffeinated students.

3.  Dreaming of a sweet scoop of Ben and Jerry’s on Free Cone Day? So is the rest of the population. Get in line—you know, the one that backs around the corner and onto the next five blocks.

4.  Or maybe you planned to go to Lollapalooza over the summer with some friends. Too bad 3-day passes sell out in minutes, crushing tons of hopes and dreams.

5.  Once you’ve made it to college, you’re ready to live it up during Welcome Week and head to some frat parties to get the true “college experience.” But all you’ll end up doing is getting blisters waiting outside while some frat stars stare at you blankly asking who you know.

6.  Office hours right before a massive paper or project is due. Everyone has messed up, and there’s only one person who can fix every mistake.

7.  Your New Year's resolution is to finally get that beach bod you’ve been putting off for years. Once you drag yourself to the gym on January 1st, you’re feeling good…until every single machine is taken. Every. Single. One.

8.  Even if you have all the grades, all the extracurriculars and a fantastic application, getting your dream internship is next to impossible.

9.  A full Netflix account. Think about the times when all you want is to watch Netflix, but your roommates are watching on the same account, so you end up getting blocked out and can’t get in until they’ve finished.

10.  Try getting into skinny jeans after eating pizza and ice cream.

11.  Or a getting into (and staying in) bed when you are very, very drunk.

12.  How about a public pool when it’s the hottest day in the summer and everyone and their grandma are searching for a place to lounge.

13.  Speaking of summer, try putting on your shorts after a winter of hibernation and tell us that it isn’t impossible to get into them.

14.  Even if you’re lucky enough to get an Uber on a Friday or Saturday night, getting into it successfully with your six best and drunkest friends is quite the challenge.

15.  You may have all of your perfect classes at the best times lined up for next semester, but getting into them is a different story; during registration, you’ll most likely sit and watch as they become full and you get stuck with a 6-8 lab (in the morning or at night, take your pick).

16.  Laundry room on a Sunday. You keep walking into the room, ready to finally wash your clothes, only to find that people keep taking the only open machines.

17.  And if you think getting into college is hard, you’ve obviously never tried to get into a hammock.


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