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What Your Favorite Netflix Show Says About You


We’ve all done it: binge-watched and obsessed over a show until it took over our lives. But what does that show say about you as a person? We’ve selected some of our favorite series currently on Netflix and (only somewhat in jest) analyzed their fans. Check out our list below to see what your favorite Netflix show says about you!

1. Friends

Your life is a series of quotes about being a twentysomething. No matter the situation, these six best friends have been there. Whiten your teeth to the point that they glow? Ross feels your pain. Get stuck in a pair of leather pants? Yep, Ross gets it. Totally botch your attempt at a spray tan? That would be Ross again. These buds will always be there for you!

2. Greek

You’re already nostalgic about college, and you haven’t even graduated yet. You don’t need to be a member of Greek life to appreciate the value of this show. From love triangles to procrastination, you’ll find yourself relating to these characters every time you watch a new episode.

3. Parenthood

You need a good cry. This family drama addresses cancer, death, divorce and a lot of other heavy topics. But you’re prepared to stock up on tissues and let it all out.

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

You’re looking for the latest cult hit that everyone is talking about. You love things that make you laugh until you cry, and you wish Titus Andromedon could be your roommate. Because you’re also like beef jerky in a ball gown.

5. Parks and Recreation

Your every day consists of waffles, friends, and feminism. You appreciate shows with a lot of heart that can make you laugh and cry within the course of a single episode. Also, Ron Swanson is your spirit animal.

6. How I Met Your Mother

You love having your heart broken. This sentimental series is a go-to if you’re looking for a tug on the ol' heartstrings, but you know how to brace yourself for a major disappointment. Like the series finale.

7. Gossip Girl

You live for the day when Chuck Bass will whisk you away for a life of luxury and debauchery. There’s no match for the exploits that take place on the Upper East Side. You frequently hit up Henri Bendel and know that every proper lady loves peonies. And you’re probably a little bit paranoid that one of your closest friends is writing a salacious blog filled with secrets about your life.

8. House of Cards

You appreciate dirty politics. While you wouldn’t personally push someone in front of a train, you’re captivated by the devious high stakes surrounding Frank Underwood.

8. Scrubs

You don’t mind a medical show… as long as it’s filled with laughs and dream sequences. Maybe you’ve got a weak stomach or you can’t handle the life-and-death drama of most medical procedurals. Regardless, Scrubs helps you fit in with all your pre-med pals.

9. Once Upon a Time

You’re a Disney princess at heart. The whimsy and fairy-tale atmosphere of this show—along with living representations of your favorite Disney characters—fulfills your every desire. Not to mention, it fills the void in between Disney’s slew of recent live-action films.

10. Saved By the Bell

You want to relive your childhood. Sure, Zack, Kelly, and the rest of the gang weren’t exactly in high school when we were, but although the fashion may have changed, shows set in high school are timeless. Whether you’re thinking back on the glory days or trying to forget the time when you were a Screech, every collegiette can relate to this show.

11. Pretty Little Liars

You love a killer mystery, and you’re willing to stick with a show—no matter what it puts you through. PLL and its never-ending “A” storyline have dragged you around so long you have permanent whiplash. But you’re not giving up until they settle this mess once and for all.

12. Scandal

You like wine. Okay, that’s not the only appeal to this show. You probably watch this along with your friends and chat over Twitter during every episode. You’re not afraid of a relentless binge-watching session to catch up to the live episodes and the super-fast pace of the storytelling matches your level of addiction.

13. House Hunters International

Are you feeling nostalgic over an amazing study abroad experience? Or perhaps planning your departure from the U.S. upon graduation? Either way, this reality show gives you the opportunity to ogle international landscapes and see if living abroad is for you.

14. Law & Order: SVU

You love true crime and you want to stay informed about it. This show can be haunting, but it's also educational... it's practically like going to law school, right? Chances are, Taylor Swift’s cat had something to do with your sudden interest in the series.

What does your favorite Netflix show say about you, collegiettes?

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