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11 Times 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Totally Got You


In no time at all, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has invaded your Netflix queue and your life in general, at least for as long as it took you to finish the 13-episode series. Between her witty attitude and brazen outlook on life, what's there not to totally love about her? Do you sometimes (read: always) identify with her? Because you're not alone! Chances are you saw yourself in these 11 Kimmy moments:

1. Whenever she broke out some old-school hand gestures.

Yep, we've all done it.

2. When she couldn't figure out how the sink turned on.

We weren't even trapped in an underground cult and we still can't figure out how some of those sinks work. Or, you know, appliances in general.

3. When she shamelessly ate candy for a meal.

Raspberry candies - that's gotta be at least a serving of fruit, right?

4. When Kimmy tried to imagine a happy place while working out.

The struggle is real.

5. When she implored everyone to realize that inner beauty is what counts.


6. When she wasn't afraid to have some good, old-fashioned fun.

Who said swings were just for kids?

7. When she got sheepishly excited about trying something new. 


8. When she tried her hand at rapping... while alone, of course.

Because we all want to be rappers in our next life.

9. And then when she tried to play it off like no big deal.

Nobody saw that, we promise!

10. When she impressively brushed off being called a not-so-nice name.

Ooh, burn...

11. When she stopped in her tracks to do some window shopping.

She must've read our minds.

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