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6 Items It’s Totally Okay to Splurge On (& 4 You Never Should!)


As collegiettes on a budget, we’re always looking for ways to look super chic without breaking the bank. (Student discounts, anyone?) Even still, sometimes a collegiette fashionista has to treat herself to just a little bit of luxe. The key to savvy splurging? Spend big bucks on investment pieces you’ll keep in your closet forever. Below, we show you the investment splurges that are totally worth it—and a few that you should always pass up!


1. A luxe watch

A classic statement watch ($168.75 at Nordstrom) in gold or silver is a piece that will never go out of style and can dress up and add a sophisticated touch to any look!

2. A go-to carryall

A well-made tote ($295 at Zappos) or satchel big enough to hold all your daily essentials will last you ages, making it the ultimate investment piece! Look for a classic shape that'll stand the test of time and buttery leather in a neutral color like camel or black, to ensure it has ultimate staying power!

3. Leather jacket

A trusty leather jacket ($189.99 at Mango) can be worn nearly year round and is a piece that adds a bit of edge to whatever you wear it with! Style it with a striped tee and your favorite jeans for the ultimate easy uniform to throw on for those “I have nothing to wear!” days.

4. Jeans you feel great in

Few articles of clothing are as confidence-boosting as a pair of ridiculously flattering jeans ($125 at Madewell), so spending a little extra on a basic pair you can wear with everything makes it worth the splurge.

5. The perfect LBD

If you’ve ever seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you know the power of a LBD. Not only will the little black dress ($198 at Reformation) be a staple for years to come, but the right shape and fabric can be dressed down for day or up for night, making it one of the most versatile and wearable pieces in your closet.

6. Classic flats


While we all love our sky-high heels, sometimes our feet need a break, and that’s where the perfect pair of flats ($130 at Shopbop) comes in. Splurging on a goes-with-everything flat ensures they’ll hold up for ages and will keep you super comfy when you need a stylish stiletto alternative.


1. The season’s It-bag

Sure, we all want to look like we just stepped out of a NYFW street style photo, but splurging on this season’s latest It-bag, only to be tired of it by next season, is never a good idea. Opt for an equally trendy, cheaper lookalike bag ($29.90 at Forever 21) now instead to avoid major buyer’s regret later!

2. Trendy pieces

It’s no secret that fashion moves fast—’70s-inspired chic may be the look now, but are you really going to love that expensive suede skirt a few seasons from now? A good rule of thumb is to choose your investment pieces wisely. If you won’t wear it for more than two or three seasons, skip it and look for a cheaper alternative elsewhere. To get the trendy ’70s look for cheap, try a faux suede skirt ($46 at ASOS) instead of a real one to save your well-earned dollars on something that'll last you longer.

3. Winter or rain boots

We love a pair of rain boots or snow boots that are as chic as they are functional, but it’s probably not a great idea to invest too much in a piece that’s going to get covered in mud, salt and snow. Besides, there are plenty of super stylish options, like these ankle wellies ($36 at ASOS), that won’t break the bank!

4. Jewelry (most of the time)

While we’re all for splurging on a piece of sentimental, classic jewelry every now and then, it’s a great idea to buy the majority of your jewelry on the cheap. While jewels are a great way to dress up a look, they’re also super easy to loose—we’ve all been victims of that lost earring (or several). Buying a set of inexpensive statement jewels ($32 at ASOS) makes it NBD if anything gets lost. 

Which of these fashion splurges will you be saving up for, collegiettes?

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