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The Top 17 Disney Channel Original Movies


Disney Channel Original Movies, also known as DCOMs, came to define our childhood. We laughed, we cried and we blatantly disregarded flawed plots and bad acting, because at the end of the day they were perfect just they way they were. Here's a definitive ranking of Disney Channel Original Movies to end the debate once and for all.

17. Jump In!

Maybe Disney was like, “Hey, High School Musical did really well - let’s take one of the secondary characters and give them a different movie and see what happens…” Either way, this jump rope movie starring Corbin Bleu was definitely all hype. Don’t get us wrong, the jump rope skills were cool and all, and we were still on that HSM high, but Jump In! was a somewhat forgettable DCOM.

16. The Thirteenth Year

There’s definitely nothing wrong with The Thirteenth Year, but forgive us if we’re just a little bitter that a boy gets to turn into a mermaid and not us. And like quit complaining dude, you get to be a mermaid. You’re living out our wildest dreams!

15. Johnny Tsunami

This one is just such a classic. There’s a good chance you can barely even remember what the plot of the movie consisted of, but when you think 'Disney Channel Original Movie,' you think Johnny Tsunami. Surf’s up, dude (or whatever it is they say).

14. The Even Stevens Movie

Shia LaBeouf before he got super hot/kinda weird. This was easily the best movie spin-off of a Disney Channel series. And Ren’s love interest? Total babe. The plotline of them being tricked by this hidden camera show and the cliffhanger when you think for a second that Louis died… it’s almost something close to cinematic genius.

13. Gotta Kick It Up

Si, se puede! Si, se puede! Yes we can! (Which is not an accurate translation, btw, Disney.) Who doesn’t love a classic cheer movie where a team of misfits comes together and beats the odds? This almost-knock-off of Bring It On does not disappoint. Plus the sass is unbeatable.

12. Double Teamed

Twins who play basketball – let’s make it into a movie. The fact that it’s based on a true story is very cool. And the girls’ struggle to fit in and win over the b*tchy girl (which they ultimately do with their dad’s grilled cheese a.k.a. grilled cheese is bae) is the exact amount of girl drama to keep us interested in a sports flick. Plus there’s something so mesmerizing about tall people.

11. Motocrossed

First off, hella respect to this girl for cutting off all her hair just to prove that she’s good enough to compete with the boys and step in for her brother. That’s real dedication right there. But much more importantly, her love interest is real hot. Like we’ll happily just stare at him the whole time, thank you.

10. Brink!

Erik von Detton and his beautiful golden locks were the golden nugget of Disney. Soul-Skaters over Team X-Bladz any day… those kids were total tools, not to mention sellouts. Even when Brink has a lapse in judgment, a flip of that gorgeous hair makes us forget his disloyalty to his team.

9. The Luck of the Irish

Starring “that kid who was in every DCOM and later went on to become a Pretty Little Liars villain” you can’t not watch The Luck of the Irish when it’s on TV. Why exactly is he turning into a leprechaun? Who knows. But every time we’re still on the edge of our seats when he’s trying to beat the bad guys in that basketball game. Will he win??

8. Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off

Perhaps the best DCOM cameo of all time when Bobby Flay comes into the picture, there is just something so satisfying about this movie. That purple goop that gets Eddie into the competition looks so gross yet so so good. We were all inspired to be chefs. And Eddie was pretty hot… right?

7. Camp Rock

It’s slightly painful to have something involving the Jonas Brothers this high up in the list, but whether we’d like to admit it or not, they really did steal all of our hearts (even if only for a short period of time). And Demi Lovato in her prime? Not to mention the catchy songs of a DCOM musical with cheesy romance mixed in between? What’s not to love?!

6. Cheetah Girls

“'Cause we are sisters. We stick together… Cheetah Girls Cheetah Sisters.” Try not to sing along. Just try. Enough said.

5. Cadet Kelly

Hilary Duff. She basically ruled Disney Channel and, in her free time, dated Aaron Carter. Teach us your ways! When she and Ren from Even Stevens finally became friends and loosened up during the gun dance thing (whatever that is), our hearts melted. Got us every time.

4. The Zenon Series

We all wanted to be Zenon. She was the total supernova girl and everything was just so “zetus lupetus.” Not to mention outfits just seemed so cool in the future. Metallic miniskirts and vests with color-coordinated scrunchies? Sign our eight-year-old selves up.

3. The Halloweentown Series

These movies definitely peaked early on, but we still can’t deny that these are a staple of Halloween time. Kalibar is still the ultimate villain and Grandma Aggie is still the ultimate bad*ss.

2. Smart House

Let’s be honest, regardless of the psycho digital woman who tries to make herself the family’s mom - which is extremely concerning and creepy - we’d still risk it to get to live in that house. Those TVs! The food! How has that house not been recreated in real life yet?

1. The High School Musical Series

Whether you hate to love it or love to hate it (or maybe are still singing “Stick the Status Quo” alone in your room), you have to admit the High School Musical series took the prepubescent world by storm. Troy Bolton may have been all of our sexual awakening.

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