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21 Signs You Live in a Sorority House


When pop culture tries to capture what it's like to live in a sorority house, they usually get it wrong. You know it's not all pillow fights and crazy parties; it's just you and your sisters, driving one another crazy and making memories. Is it anything like what you see in the movies? Not at all. Is it the best decision you've ever made? Absolutely. 

1. You've forgotten what it's like to have people knock before entering a room.

Sweet privacy, how we miss you. 

2. And personal space is a thing of the past, too. 

How many times do you have to say, "I'm gonna go to bed" before your sorority sister decides to get out of your room?

3. You know that even though movies love to show sororities throwing huge parties, the house is usually completely dry.

As in, totally alcohol free. 

4. And boys are only allowed in certain parts of the house. 

Your room? That's off-limits. 

5. Even though you share a bathroom with a bunch of other girls, you're extremely territorial when it comes to your preferred shower stall.

It actually has water pressure that can rinse the shampoo out of your hair. 

6. Someone is always awake in the house.

She's either studying or watching Netflix, so feel free to join. 

7. Quiet hours? What quiet hours?

On the bright side, you've learned to sleep through almost anything. 

8. There are always people asleep on the couch.

And you're never sure if you should wake them or not. 

9. You know that good news travels fast and gossip travels faster. 

You know exactly who lives for the drama.

10. You can always find yourself a ride off campus. 

Just say the magic words: "Please" and, "I'll buy you Starbucks."

11. You've been woken up by the fire alarms in the middle of the night because someone burned popcorn. 

No matter how badly you want to be angry, it's way too funny watching your sisters scramble out of bed to wait for the fire department to arrive.

12. Any time you dress in anything other than Nike shorts and an oversized shirt, you get 1,000 compliments. 

It's a serious confidence booster.

13. On the flip side, be prepared for your sisters to tease you if you come home for brunch in last night's outfit. 

They tease you because they love you. 

14. You've got that one sister who is really great at pep talks.

Who you will hunt down if/when you need to vent. 

15. And you can always count on at least one sister who makes some... interesting life choices.

She's the one you'll hear coming in at 4 a.m. and feel compelled to check on. 

16. You know how important it is to be nice to your kitchen staff. 

How nice you are directly correlates with how many leftovers they will save for you.

17. And how quickly your house mom becomes your stand-in mom.  

She loves you, but she also makes sure the house doesn't burn down. Everybody wins!

18. You know that girls can be pretty gross. 

Just try sharing a bathroom with 40 women and see for yourself. 

19. But at least you know that you'll never run out of clothes. 

Because you can beg from every girl who lives in the house. Just be prepared to return the favor.

20. The temperature in the house is either as hot as a hot yoga studio or cold enough to be considered a tundra. 

You've just got to deal with it. 

21. You're surrounded by people you love 24/7, and you wouldn't trade your experience for anything in the world.


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